• Network: TNT
  • Series Premiere Date: Jun 19, 2011
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 90 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 67 out of 90
  2. Negative: 12 out of 90

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  1. Jul 2, 2012
    I'm persisting with falling skies hoping it would get better but it's not. Its a soap opera with skitters. The dialogue is corny and the acting average at best. I keep trying to like it but I keep finding myself cringing.

    The skitters in season 1 were something to be feared, now they knock them off as if they are ****
    Where walking dead maintains a feeling of dread regarding the ever
    present thread of the zombies Falling Skies has managed to lose any sense of impending doom when they come across the aliens.
    I'll see the season out but its a good concept poorly executed as a melodrama.
  2. Jul 15, 2012
    (UPDATED: After watching more episodes, I have to agree, this season is definitely better than the last season, whole religion crap is largely gone (god thanks), also the actors took some acting classes (thanks!), CGI is still bad, concept/story is still unrealistic and stupid. But I have to change my review now from 0 points to 1 because it is definitely an improvement, congrats!!) The original review follows:
    Until now, (after two episodes) it is just as bad as the previous season. Watching it is a huge waste of time. Some people might like the CGI, but compared to Battlestar Galactica it is lame.
  3. Sep 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished watching season 2 and I still haven't really been sucked in yet, sometimes It pains me to watch this show and I know what people will say to that statement "why don't you just stop watching it?" The only reason I still watch this show is because I'm waiting for it to pick itself up and become one of those series I'll never forget but it's not, and here's why :

    - The fake-outs are terrible, I know Tom will not die, he's essential.

    - I find it hard to believe that the 2nd Mass still exist, shouldn't the invading alien forces be superior to them? I mean, they have space crafts and mechs with rockets, the humans? they've just got survivors, a lot of them are children and not able to fight, sure they got good weapons and enough firepower, somehow, but in nearly every gun fight the aliens seem out numbered and utterly useless and you're telling me they have completely destroyed almost every city on the planet? I don't believe it.

    And skitter rebels? So an Overlord of a large alien race manages to have a bunch of rebels in his army?
    How did it not know that? And these 'rebels' just happened to come along when things looked bad for the humans. Has everyone forgotten that these Aliens came from outer-space? and now that they're on Earth they can't seem to win a fight? - Enough with the cliches.

    -Somebody important needs to die sometime, or else I really am going to give up.

    And Charleston? what was the point in Charleston? they go there and find out there's something wrong with the people, that they're trying to forget the Aliens are even there, ok why not? and of course the General will be a thorn in Toms' backside, I knew he would be when I first saw him, really? no guns allowed in Charleston? what a stupid rule. I hate how everytime in some shows the Military are the bad guys, I didn't expect them to be like that in this show, of course the 2nd Mass knows best and everyone else are useless, The Aliens just need to sit back and wait for the Humans to kill each other, no seriously, they should've just forgotten about the Humans and focused on the rebel skitters, without these rebel skitters the 2nd Mass would've stayed in Charleston, alot of them would've still been in lockdown and they'd continue hating the General and that guy from Lost, the elections would've gone down and a new democracy would've been born, all the while having an army of Aliens above their heads wondering where they are and why their still on Earth.

    I wonder what is happening in France? CONCLUSION
    I've seen worse shows than this but Falling Skies didn't have to be bad, in fact it could've been great with a little bit of editing.

    Before I finish I'll note all the positives, because this show deserves it.
    Here's why I still come back to watch this show :

    - Visual effects, best I've seen in a long time, really makes me feel like they're in an apocalyptic environnement.
    - Characters are classic, each with an interesting backstory, like Weavers', I actually enjoyed the episode when him and Tom found his house.
    - Matt Mason, Toms' son, is actually quite funny and Ben too is quite good, he brings serious to a new level.

    That's all I have to say.
  4. Jul 3, 2012
    Falling Skies started out as the quintessence of "Aliens invade and all survivors are idiots" and so far it has not improved much. The show is so full of inconsistencies that it hurts and the inconsistencies are actually getting worse. Second season does a lot to improve the flair of the scenery and seems more solid in the props department, but the CGI is still as bad as it was first season. While the acting is still more or less solid and the characters are still nicely cast, the authors still have no clue what to do with them and the character behavior tends to shift between crazed lunacy and lobotomized stupidity. Questions that every half-sane person would scream all over the place by now are simply not asked by the characters, things that anyone with survival instinct would do are not done. The authors simply fail completely to get their own minds into the characters and instead do it the other way around.

    Overall, the show has improved in some parts but by such little margin that I am surprised it did not go down the same drain that Terra Nova went.
  5. Jun 19, 2012
    So far in the first two episodes the quality has really increased. The new season takes a far more dire and apocalyptic tone which makes things much more interesting to watch. A must see.
  6. Aug 20, 2012
    The season has now ended, and in the end, they haven't really disappointed me. It's been a great TV show, and I just can't wait until Season 3. It looks like new Aliens are here on Earth, and we won't know if they're friend or foe. Finally, Season 3, instead of the regular 10 episodes, will feature 24 episodes happily. It's an awesome series, and I hope the plot intensifies over time. All in all, the last 2 seasons have done some actual good compared to some other ridiculous shows that make no sense. Expand
  7. Jun 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ho hum! Season 2? I'm surprised this was renewed! Although I do like to watch Noah, and Will and the other young actors emote! You'd think that this invasion show would be more like the Terminator with humans living underground amidst rubble and destruction. Or humans acting like the refugees in the holocaust of the last horrible world war, hiding and scurrying to survive for food and water! In other words, acting desperate for themselves and their children and other refugees. People walk around, in daylight, as if they don't have a care in the world. Where are the alien "scout ships" patrolling the skies? The aliens look too shiny and fake. There was one good scene - when a group of humans are released from the space ship on an open field, and then, killed, shot in the back, as they ran. It was sort of like what the Nazis did!. The show is somewhat boring. Hey Spielberg, take another look and War of the Worlds I and War of the Worlds II and remember what real panic is! Expand
  8. Sep 13, 2012
    Now that Season 2 is over, it's time for me to look back and say: It is getting better.
    Season 1 was a slightly above average sci-fi action/drama with a servicable plot, characters and dialogue. The season ended definatelly on a strong note and left me wanting more.
    Season 2 is essentally Season 1 but better in pretty much every respect. The story is stronger (but there are still some
    problems with it), the characters show growth and change (not as much as I'd like but still more than I expected), the dialogue hasn't changed much but then again it really didn't need to (I really wasn't expecting Joss Whedon levels of witty dialogue here), overall it changed and it was for the better. Unlike the last season the heroes actually have a clear goal to achieve and seeing their journey towards attaining it was satisfying. It does suffer from a couple of cliches especially in the season finalle, the secondary characters are still pointless and the overall story arc needs to pick up the pace (and it's already moving at break neck speed).
    Even so an overall better story coupled with a fantastic season finale and a genuinely out of nowhere twist ending that instantaneously got me hooked for Season 3 makes this a season worth a watch.
  9. Jun 20, 2012
    Do not listen to the trolls on this page. It's okay if you don't like a show but to hate on it, and write a two sentence line on how it had bad CGI is, clearly you are just a troll. FALLING SKIES season 2 is fantastic. Give it a chance. Season 2 definitely becomes darker and more interesting. It's much better than shows like The Walking Dead. Nuff aid.
  10. Jun 20, 2012
    It is annoying to see trolls who come on here just to hate. Get a life!! Anywho, FS Season 2 has, so far, surpassed my expectations. The performances of Wyle and Patton are particularly brilliant and i'm excited to see where this season goes.
  11. Aug 29, 2012
    The show is a bit too "american" pushing on the family buttons way too much.
    And the characters are either good or bad making it hard to care for them.
  12. Jun 24, 2014
    I watch this show as a comedy because it is so bad. The show makes literally no improvements over the last season and it is so stupid. I love making fun of this show. I watch to just see how bad it is.
  13. Jul 2, 2012
    i love this show and so far all those episodes are my favorite. And second season is much interesting to watch. Can't wait to see what the rest of the episodes lead us to.
  14. Aug 29, 2012
    S2 has been a very lacklustre, average season. Awful plots, poor dialogue and so-so acting add up to a programme that I wouldn't miss if I never watched it again, but they're lucky that nothing else is on at it's timeslot. Falling Skies has so much potential that is never realised, such as the episode where the woman arrives by plane as a messenger from Charleston. What they should've done was check her back to see if she was harnessed, and if she was they could've gone from there. They did nothing. The penultimate episode where they arrive in Charleston was a waste of my time; a power mad dictator who wants to stay hidden with a general who wants to fight the skitters. The general sticks with him for no reason until the end, where they seemed to run out of time, so he randomly goes against the bald guy from Lost. Yet another 'Spielberg show' that even with his name is just poor. Skies is slightly better than Terra Nova, but at least that show had a great premiere and two fantastic last episodes, whereas Skies is consistently average. Expand
  15. Aug 18, 2014
    season 4 is utter nonsense. This series lost its way with bad bad writing , watching any episode is like watching paint dry. My 2 cents avoid this crap and try out legends or the last ship......... they are not epic but better time spent watching
  16. Jul 25, 2012
    The first season of Falling Skies was decent but ultimately a means to an end. It was Spielberg trying to create something epic with one-hour time slots in the sci-fi genre, but only partially delivering. With its second season, Falling Skies begins to take shape into a real series with substance. The cast become more engaging, the aliens become more feared, and the direction of the entire series only becomes slightly clearer, leaving much to mystery that makes you wonder what can happen next. It's still not perfect, but the skies certainly are looking brighter for this series. I only hope they can build enough steam to warrant keeping things going, as summer TV doesn't give much to stay tuned to. Expand
  17. Aug 7, 2012
    The second season is way better than the first one. I know the plot is not perfect and there are some things kind of unrealistic, but still makes more sense than The Walking Dead. I can't wait to watch the season finale!
  18. Sep 4, 2013
    Falling Skies opening season was a mixed bag. It certainly did a few things right featuring very good special effects for a TV show and containing just enough plot twists to keep things fairly interesting. For everything it did well however it did something else equally as poorly and I found it more difficult to ignore these issues this time around to the extent that I suddenly realised, about midway through this season, that I didn’t particularly care if I continued watching the show or not.

    For me the biggest of these issues, caused partly by the often very wooden dialogue, is that the show is rarely, if ever, able to bring any real sense of tension to proceedings. Anyone that has been also been watching shows like Breaking Bad or even Game of Thrones will hopefully understand what I mean as both feature multiple scenes in most episodes were it is just impossible to take your eyes off the screen. For me at least that is just never the case with Falling Skies.

    If you are fan of sci-fi, or alien invasion stories in particular, you will likely enjoy Falling Skies (I did at times) but with so many other critically acclaimed shows on my ‘to watch’ list I won’t be sticking with the show any longer.
  19. Aug 13, 2012
    Midway through the second season, the show has definitely improved. The acting has become somewhat bearable for most of the main stars, however certain characters, namely Matt and Lourdes, are consistently and irritatingly poor. There are still too many plot points being thrown around and then not mentioned again, making it hard to really get into the series. In other cases, characters are being improbably reintroduced, as in the case of Pope, and many of the "sentimental" scenes where characters are killed off just do not click. Due to the large numbers of actors, not all of them are properly introduced and integrated, making their deaths largely meaningless for the audience. Anyways, there has been an increasing sense of urgency amongst the 2nd Mass, as well as significantly heightened danger, which has helped move the plot a bit. Much improved from the 1st season, and is worth sticking with as there is immense potential in this show. Expand
  20. Nov 10, 2012
    Season 2 was an improvement over season 1. However it is still a middle of the road tv show. None of the characters are remarkable. There aren't any compelling story arcs or subplots. Many of the logical problems persist from season 1. For example, no matter where the 2nd Mass travels they always have unlimited power and gasoline. Their only attempt at explaining this is they always have people out scouting for supplies. Lucky for them "supplies" are always there to be found. The show has found it's niche though and I don't expect it to crawl out of it. It sounds weird when I actually write it down, and this is probably a reason I have so much trouble liking this show, but Falling skies is a family-friendly doomsday fantasy. Obviously there will be awkwardness when trying to mix such disparate genres of TV. Since the show is a mixing of these two Genres, the writing suffers by being watered down for friendliness. It still has times when the darker elements take over and somebody die, but its mostly black and white. A situation / action / character is either wrong or right. Moral quandaries that make survivalist / doomsday fantasy compelling are not present and because of the lack of ethical dilemma's, the story is quite predictable. Even the "plot twist" change of allegiance stuff is predictable. I probably wouldn't give this show a 5 if there was any other "Scifi" shows on tv. It's a shame too, because science fiction has historically been a lens through which writers can critique societal values and norms. Expand
  21. Apr 1, 2013
    This is a decent show, but I would highly recommend you look to The Walking Dead for your post-apocalyptic kicks. The actors are more than capable but the writing is melodramatic and cliche. The show takes itself a little too seriously to merit a more forgiving review. On the plus side, the special effects are pretty good for basic cable.

    I will never know how they got Noah Wyle to
    participate in this project, but I am thinking they must have had something on him. Expand
  22. Jun 26, 2014
    A excellent continuation from the previous season that expands and widens the seconds masses story. Definitely the best Si-Fi series on t.v. with some great drama, excellent characters and some mediocre acting. Season 2 is full of twist and the last scene cliff hangs the whole series. CQI has improved from the last season as the budget has become bigger, I hope to see more improvements with the next season! Expand
  23. Sep 23, 2014
    Falling skies is a preview of post apocalyptic life under the thumb of Chairman-O but with much more entertaining, over the top, budget sucking CGI


    Season TWO adds an increased CGI budget with much SLOWER plot progression ala Battlestar

Generally favorable reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. 40
    Falling Skies is better than it used to be, but it's still whiffing the allegory, the action, and the characterization: three strikes and you're out.
  2. Reviewed by: Matt Roush
    Jun 22, 2012
    Falling Skies has amped up the dramatic stakes this season, even offering a glimmer of hope when an unexpected visitor drops into their midst, balancing the earnest family values with a visceral survival saga that keeps the hokum mostly at bay.
  3. Reviewed by: Rob Owen
    Jun 18, 2012
    It's not deep, meaningful TV, but Falling Skies is OK summer entertainment for fans of breezy, things-blow-up-easy programming.