• Network: HBO
  • Series Premiere Date: Apr 17, 2011
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
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  1. Oct 9, 2013
    Now I can't claim to be an expert on Game of Thrones because I have only seen the pilot episode, however, that one episode alone was enough for me to not want to watch a second, and develop a rather strong disliking for the acclaimed series. Game of Thrones is disturbing. Very, very disturbing, and not in a good way, if there is one. In the pilot episode alone there was so much sexual violence and cruelty to women that I felt sick to my stomach. I have heard from friends who watch the series that this never gets any less. So you take a woman, make her a victim based on her gender and then give her the ability to control dragons and now you have a "deep" and powerful heroin. No, you have a victim who has been abused and now has the ability to control dragons. I cannot condone sexual violence in entertainment media. When you have writers capable of creating a show as original and with as much depth and story as Game of Thrones, it bewilders me how they have to resort to sexual violence and the demeaning and objectification of women in order to enthrall theirs viewers. Tell me, anyone who watches the show, what exactly would Game of Thrones be losing if it did not incorporate such hideous acts of violence against women? Are these central elements to the show? Well, I couldn't get past them, and I wasn't about to stomach any more of it when there are plenty of other shows that don't have it. Expand
  2. Nov 22, 2013
    Highly overrated series. 91% of its viewer's are only there for the nudity, sex and violence. This show is pretty much LotRs mixed with a bad porno. Garbage series
  3. Apr 18, 2011
    Coming from the perspective of someone who hasn't read George R. R. Martin's novels, but who is a massive fan of high-quality TV drama, I have to confess that, for me, Game of Thrones started in an underwhelming way. Not only that, it shows many worrying signs of being a bit of a stinker, in spite of the effort put into its undoubtedly fancy production design.

    Having read my fair share
    of fantasy series in years gone by, in the run-up to the Game of Thrones debut I found myself deeply curious as to what it was that made this series sufficiently distinct as to be worthy of a big-budget TV adaptation. So far, I'm not sure. Cliché abounds in the first episode, from unfunny jokes about fat kings to the awkward acquisition of symbolic familiars, from steroidally-enhanced, woad-daubed barbarians (wearing mascara) to rumblings of trouble 'brewing in the north', there's little to set the subject matter apart from the legion of other fantasy universes out there which readers swear blind to be 'brilliant' but that, to many outsiders of the genre, typically seem a little bit silly.

    Clearly a great deal of money has been lavished on the series however, with lots of candles, beautiful haircuts, distinctly cut leather armour and fur-trimmed cloaks aplenty. I do have to query why all this pageantry been assembled though - beyond providing a sort of Hercules: The Legendary Adventures for grown ups. And certainly the pilot boasts symbols of maturity - topless ladies appear every fifteen minutes or so, and brooding men with swords frequently use naughty words - but the whole thing, to me, seemed overbearingly camp and, unfortunately, riddled with adolescent preoccupations. Admittedly, there is serious subject matter here, with baddies engaged in incest and hints at the severe duties involved in courtly life, but I ultimately couldn't believe in the universe that the series-makers had fashioned for me, and as a result felt rather like I was watching people play dress-up rather than an exploration of the genuine issues to which the characters were party. So far then, the next big thing in the current Golden Age of TV this ain't.

    I'm not suggesting that fans of the swords and sorcery genre won't enjoy Game of Thrones - I imagine that many will - but I would suggest that few viewers who don't will be won over by this pilots' limited charms. It is refreshing to see Peter Dinklage given a central role in a series, and it's also great to see Joseph Mawle receiving some prime-time exposure, but the cast are hard-pressed to convince while discussing such clangingly unreal topics as orphaned dire wolf pups or their eagerness to sell family members into sex slavery. And on that topic, the pilot's eagerness to see women sexually exploited is, to me, a little worrying, and risks alienating many potential viewers before it's even got going.

    Undeniably, creating 'grown up' fantasy series' is a tough business, and Game of Thrones' pilot does seem to hint that there will be more depth to proceedings as things develop, but to put Game of Thrones on a level with other top-tier HBO or AMC output is unthinkable. Even The Walking Dead, the subject matter of which many might have thought beyond the interest of the average viewer, managed to fashion itself into a series that was, for the most part, mature and intriguing. Likewise, Mad Men's debut introduced us to a sexist culture in ways that left viewers reeling, and The Soprano's spent time exploring how counterproductive its characters' regressive views were, encouraging us to look at its characters as incredibly dangerous buffoons, and anything but stereotypes.

    In its own pilot however, Game of Thrones fails to show any of this promise, or that, in this post-Gladiator, post-Lord of the Rings world, that 'fantasy' has grown up. Although fans of Sean Bean's work in The Black Death, or such similar efforts as Nicholas Cage's recent The Season of the Witch or Michael J. Bassett's Solomon Kane, might lap up Game of Thrones as a big step forward for the genre, those of us looking for nuance, tension, believability - or even plausibility - in a drama set in an imaginary world full of axes, horses and mud... well, it looks like we're destined to be disappointed by this one.
  4. Dec 1, 2013
    This is a sword and sorcery soup opera, not an engaging fantasy or adventure. If you like soap operas, and apparently a lot of people do, you'll like this. If you think soap operas are trash, you'll want to steer clear of this little chestnut.
  5. Jul 18, 2012
    Okay so this doesn't deserve a "0" but I had to balance out some of the delusion around this show. Perhaps I was oversold on the show after reading rave review after rave review on every fan blog and being told by my friends it was the most amazing thing in the world. But I quickly found myself bored out of my mind. Things start to pick up a little by episode 5 but even at that point I wasn't at all invested in any of the characters (and there are A LOT of them!). Aside from the little girl, none of the characters are remotely likeable. Her father is okay, but there wasn't enough development around him for me to really feel the need to root for him or be interested in what happens to him. Everyone else just simply sucked and it sucked even harder seeing them continue their streak of suckage episode after episode.

    With that said, the scenery, set design, and costumes on the show are absolutely breathtaking. I'd rather watch a video tour of one of the kingdoms than have to keep watching any of the many **** characters ever again though.

    Tip: If you haven't read the book before watching (which I didn't), it is recommended to at least read up on the plot synopses on Wikipedia or something to get a better grasp on the plot. With the many different characters, locations, and mythology within the show, it gets rather complex. For me it ultimately wasn't worth the extra effort though.
  6. Apr 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game of Porcelain Thrones

    Art thrives on limitations, or it can also thrive on big budgets. But I have never seen art push so far to these two extremes that it becomes an overdone and overbearing nightmare that never gets to the point. It’s a chess game that never ends. I thought Law and Order was dull.

    I truly believe that this book series would work better as Films, because cuts would be needed, and believe me, I would cut out a lot of scenes in the HBO series. Hell, I’d cut characters out altogether, Rob and Arya Stark, and the other Stark kid who has noodles for legs, and others. You can retire these characters with no warning right now and I would not have caught on. Until they do something important, I won’t care. Sorry, Mother of Dragons.

    This show takes itself too seriously that there grey characters and grey persona's matches there grey on grey suits and landscapes, even when you see red and gold, its lies. It’s hard to care about The Kings Slayer when the biggest things he has done in the series is his sister, pushed a kid out a high window and had his stranger hand chopped off.

    The only character that stands out in anyway is The Dwarf character, as he is the only person, character development wise, that actually is going places. He is not a good character, but he is the only hint of a character we have, and thank god for Peter, as he seems to be the only actor in the cast that genuinely enjoys his roll.

    This show needs to learn to leave well enough alone, when to not drag and when to move on, learn to be comfortable with edit, and being serious and grey does not make this show epic or deep, let alone smart, it is just underwhelming. The Walking Dead isn’t this serious.

    I’ll still watch GOT like a sports fan who still sticks with their bad team, but I’m hoping as the show goes on, it will dewrinkle all the issues I have had and finally make a story that is worth a damn.
    Put you pieces where they need to be and stop dicking around.
  7. Jun 4, 2014
    Just too much female nudity purely for the sake of female nudity, just completely ruins it for me. And don't even tell me that's because it's an attempt to be somewhat historically accurate, because there is too much well shaven stuff in there. I feel like the gratuitous amount of female nudity just thrown in shows a complete lack of artistic integrity and originality. I know some people like this kind of thing but if I want to watch a porno (which is what a significant amount of this show constitutes) then I'll watch a porno. I don't want it shoved in my face every time I watch a historical/fantasy genre. Just kills it. Expand
  8. Jul 27, 2014
    this show blew me away. cause its a fart. it stinks. its just about dungeons and dragons playing with swords. seriously? the only character that isnt complete bull is joffrey. at least he isnt insane. unlike mr tyrone lannister. and wtf is ned stark. he is the most bland extra in the whole show. my fav main character was joffrey and that one bald guy in the episode where mr stark watches the girl fight with the swords. Expand
  9. Apr 21, 2011
    I don't feel in the mood to try to awe everyone with my extensive flourishing vocabulary as most of the reviews I have read. I just want to put it plain and simple: Distracting editing clips. If I wanted to watch one set of boobies after another I do believe there are channels, and internet sites dedicated to that. The overall appeal of the storyline, was yes slow as Fantasy goes, but it very well set the stage for an interesting and heavy politicking scandal. Despite what some say, I generally like the acting by the main characters and feel that like most fantasy within the first few episodes we will be able to connect with them. I hope I get that far with the show.....after all if there isn't more STORY, less T&A, better scene changes, and yes better dialogue.....I highly doubt that in a world not our own the cuss words would be identical to ours....some Creativity would be appreciated. Or did HBO use up all there creative people in the set design, and costuming....which were much appreciated.

    Well anyway I would really enjoy this series playing out in its fullest (that's why I signed up to write this review after all).....But if it doesn't move away from selling to teenage boys fantasies towards a Real Creative Work of Art I doubt it will.
  10. May 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ok, so I'm a newcomer, I never read a George R.R. Martin novel, but I got interested in this TV series commercial. Here comes the big day first episode starts, and I get ... board. Seriously what we understand from the firs episode, very little! The world of Martins books isn't described , the purpose of the Wall isn't explained except that some" live" there zombies and kill people. Well for writers credit we can say that they tried to get audien's to all battle for the throne staff and tel us about relations in the royal family. Also it's annoying that they tray so hard to show that this movie is for adults buy hard language and sex sines. So in mz opinion main minuses are: lack of world Description THAT RAISES MANY QUESTIONS, very slow pacing.
    Main pluses: great costumes,great sets and good actors.
    This is my opinion, I don't think that it's 100% right I will continue to watch this show and maybe change my mind.
  11. Jun 27, 2011

    Maybe all the hype and fanboy-ish "professional" reviews have clouded people's minds, or maybe the world of "Idiocracy" has finally arrived, because I'm not sure how anyone can think this is really a good show. Allow me to explain: Point 1: Most of the characters are not really that interesting. Although it does have some good qualities, Game of Thrones' characters are not
    one of them. They're mostly trite, predictable, 1 dimensional genre stereotypes with very simple, blatantly obvious motivations. With yawning regularity anyone paying attention can reliably predict what they are about to do next. The actors are good, for the most part, but their characters taste like cardboard... no flavor. Point 2: The whole "Dothraki" thing is totally boring
    Was anyone else yawning when the story steps over the sea to the Dothraki? The Tagerian twit is so over the top with his "evil" that it's a relief when his character is finally offed, in a perfect example of the yawning predictability of this show, in a yawningly predictable way. The Drogo character earns Jason Momoa a 2nd award as "worst character on a TV show cast" since his Ronon Dex character ruined Stargate Atlantis. The eye makeup makes him look like a cross dresser and his delivery of lines is so bad that the camera doesn't stay on him when he gives them most of the time. In fact all the Dothraki characters are the most 1 dimensional of the cast. You could cut the entire Dothraki storyline from the show and nobody would notice that it's missing. Forgettable acting, bland characters, and pointless, trite, boring story. With one exception: the dragon chick. She's one of the more interesting characters. Too bad she's stuck in the worst part of the story. Point 3: The overall plot is just insanely predictable. Did anyone feel surprised by the unnecessarrily heavy handed foreshadowing of the invaders from the north? Was anyone shocked when the character that announced "I can't be trusted" in his dialogue betrayed the main character? Were you intruiged by the conflict emerging between the Starks and the Lannisters? The answer to all these questions is of course "No". Nothing in the basic plot of this show is even remotely as intruiging as the ancient history of the place: dragons, knights, wars and magic? Hell yeah! But dissapointingly we're told that all that good stuff died out 300 years before the petty and pedantic squables of the cardboard characters that the show focuses on today. In closing I have just one thing to say that should jolt some sense into all the irrationally appreciative yes men who've given this piece of forgettable work a great review: At any point during Rome, were you surprised by what happened? Hell yeah you were! Did you care when something bad happened to Varenus or Pullo? Hell yeah you did! Were you truely surprised by any of the plot developments of Game of Thrones? Nope. Did you feel the same when the main characters in Game of Thrones got banged up? Nope. If you want to see this over-hyped, over-fanboied show in it's true light, just compare it to something good. Kragen
  12. Jun 7, 2013
    I'm reading the first book and I'm about 200 pages in, so all of this plot is still very fresh in my mind for what I just saw on Episode 1. I don't understand why this show has such high reviews...perhaps the obscene amounts of gore and nudity? I only watched Episode 1 of Season 1 and that is all I will watch, for reasons I will make known below. Before that, I would like to state that this series may reflect the book, but it taints the reputation of the book and the reflection is not accurate in the least bit.

    Characters: First of all, the ages of all the children are older than in the books...which I'm assuming will make nudity of the girls...more acceptable to the audience??? Jon Snow is not at ALL what I pictured him to be...I mean it gives a physical description of him in the book...so there's no excuse for that. However, most other characters do look a lot like I would have imagined (esp. Arya and Ned), just not Jon.

    When the show began it completely butchered the scene of the Night Watch men who encountered the Others. The wildlings on the ground were not butchered and the man who deserted after the encounter only survived because he climbed up a tree. I know that seems like a small deviation, but for a series that claims to be so close to the book, the opening scene was screwed up. The execution of the deserter was handled well, but what about Bran's big question? Following the execution, the direwolves scene was mishandled as well. The actor playing Jon did not look as though he was caught off guard by finding the runt. Speaking of that, all of the plot was rushed much too much. The actors failed at capturing the nuances, pauses, and facial expressions that these characters make. I was frustrated throughout the whole episode because it seemed to rush to the nudity, which is FAR LESS IMPORTANT than, say, the scene where Ned and Robert were underground paying respects to the dead. That scene deserved more than it was given. They didn't bring Robert and Ned's relationship to life, instead they make Robert look like a man-whore and they made him look soft (as in fat is whole life). The king should be hardened, but with a softness that only Ned can bring out in him...Mark Addy is NOT Robert Baratheon. No, no, no. I'm so mad at myself for watching this because now all of the faces of the characters will be associated with the actors...Boo!

    The sex scene with the Imp and all of the whores was completely fabricated...I mean that was just completely unnecessary. So many people are stating that this series handles sex maturely, but it takes something sacred and makes it absolutely disgusting. The book did not handle sex this way at all! Also, Daenerys is supposed to be a 13 year old virgin and the show had the actress who played her take part in two obscenely long nude scenes. I'm sorry (not really), but that actress does not act very innocent or afraid and I don't think she can because she is too willing to pull her drawers down. The sex scene between her and Drogo was not handled well either because it made Drogo seem way more barbaric than he actually is in the book (according to that specific scene in the book). They didn't have time to throw in the fact that he tenderly asked her for permission? I mean, really? That scene in the book ended in mutual agreement...(well as much as possible considering the circumstances). Now, the sex scene of Cersai and her brother was pretty much dead on for the book...I will admit that much.

    Pros: The costumes, props, and scenery are somewhat nice. That's it. You can't build up a show on nice backdrops and cool clothing though.

    Overall impression:

    -The necessary scenes were rushed.
    -Important details were completely neglected.
    -Some characters are all wrong and the ages of the children are fudged.
    -Sex has devolved into a barbaric act of overpowering women.
    -Most of the nudity is unnecessary and is OVERWHELMINGLY uneven (all full-on naked women)
    -Props and scenery are nice.
    -Whorehouse scene completely fabricated.

    PLEASE READ THE BOOK. You'll understand why so many of the people who read the book are angry.

    Now I'm off to read the book some more, but I think I've made it quite obvious that this show has dragged down my overall "A Game of Thrones" experience. I don't even know if I'll finish it now, but I definitely won't be back to watch this ridiculous adaptation of it.

    Last words:
    The actress playing Daenerys is so beyond wrong. I actually feel bad for the made-up character in the book!

  13. Jul 25, 2013
    If you want a show with 4 zillion charters set in some fantasy middle evil ages game of thrones if for you.
    I'll admit I've only watched a few episodes. Personally I find it to slow and it has to many charters. Maybe it makes more sense if you have read the books. But each to there own.
  14. Dec 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Song of Ice and Fire books are really good and this show is really bad. Just read the books and skip this show. Worst mistake I made was watching Season 1. Expand
  15. Mar 3, 2014
    If you like to spend time on one-adjective-characters, good looking and clean costumes and nice landscapes and buildings: welcome to game of thrones.
    But if you want anything beyond that: leave it and don't even start.
    The simplicitiy of the plot and characters is stunning.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. Reviewed by: Hal Boedeker
    Apr 25, 2011
    The epic fantasy series is lavish, violent and often quite nasty. Most crucially, this adaptation of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" book series is unnecessarily difficult to follow.
  2. Reviewed by: Glenn Garvin
    Apr 18, 2011
    The gloriously bloody and depraved spirit of the novels is intact and even enhanced.
  3. Reviewed by: Rob Owen
    Apr 18, 2011
    A grand soap opera of epic proportions, Game of Thrones can be a bit talky in some episodes, but the series draws a viewer in with well-defined characters and a multitude of simultaneous stories whose plot turns are generally unpredictable.