• Network: HBO
  • Series Premiere Date: Nov 25, 2013
  • Season #: 1 , 2
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 33 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 33
  2. Negative: 4 out of 33

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  1. Dec 22, 2013
    I'm loving this new dark horse by HBO, the writing, the cast, the atmosphere; just simply amazing. Metcalf, Borstien, and Nash are all incredible and should be commended significantly for their performances. This is a must-see.....
  2. Dec 16, 2013
    Amazing show! Great to see such talented characters excelling in slightly different roles-brilliantly casted. I love everything about this show right down to the lighting and focus of the cameras, the uniforms, the constant flow of "crap" trickling down hill, the "corporate propaganda, the dynamics between the characters, etc. We had to live through this during my dad's last 6 months when his dementia required him to be in a geriatric, rehab place like this. This show makes you laugh at the sad reality that so many of us have to face as we &/or our family member(s) live longer and end up having to visit or live in these places. Like Molly Shannon, we would be vigilant advocates for our dad, slather ourselves with hand sanitizer on the way out for fear of MRSA or C-DIFF infection, and then find some humor about it in order to find the strength to go back. I hope this show stays on!! Expand
  3. Dec 11, 2013
    Working in an ALF with residents of all cognitive levels and primarily in their 80's and 90's makes this show so relevant to me. I find it brilliantly written, hysterically funny and poignant as well. Anyone who is not afraid to watch shows with the elderly will gain much from watching this. I also think Nicey Nash's character is exceptional and her kindness and dedication to her job add credence to this show.
    Well Done!!
  4. Dec 7, 2013
    I'm afraid this show is too good to last. Everything about it is superb–the look of it, the cast, the writing. Laurie Metcalf's character is the best character I've seen on TV in a long time. So glad someone wrote such a great part for such a talented actress. The show also boasts the best opening titles I have ever seen.
  5. Dec 1, 2013
    It's interesting. The self absorption.. is odd....especially since this is about the care of people in their end years. There is some startling things in that we see ourselves...and faving yhis is awful, but yet the fecal sample running joke.... the subtlies of the patients... I think this will win.
  6. Dec 1, 2013
    I am a physician and I rotated in these facilities as a medical student and resident. The scene is intensely familiar and accurately portrayed. I found the humor more dark than humorous (although the argument over turds was precious.) Some scenes were profound and moving and yet nothing seemed at all forced sentimental. It was marvelously done and with perfect pitch. I am going to watch the rest of this.. no doubt. Expand
  7. Nov 29, 2013
    Pretty mixed emotions about this new HBO series. I have seen only the pilot and I can certainly conclude from that episode that "Getting On" is very well written and generally excellently acted. The initial episode was biting in its portrayal of bureaucracy rampant. I will be following the development of this show with interest.

    Now for the mixed emotions. I am about four months
    from turning 80 and I do have to admit that the background of the show a near terminal ward in a major hospital strikes me just a little too close to home. I find that I can view the twilight of life with humor, keeping in perspective, so I'm just going to have to swallow these aspects of "Getting On" to be able to enjoy the overall intent of the show. Expand
  8. Nov 26, 2013
    I've only seen one episode, but it's the first time in awhile, that I was rolling around laughing at a half hour comedy. The absurd silliness doesn't let up. It oddly manages to be touching at the same time.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 21
  2. Negative: 2 out of 21
  1. Reviewed by: Tom Gliatto
    Nov 25, 2013
    Flawlessly done, but a tough sell. [2 Dec 2013, p.50]
  2. Reviewed by: Bruce Miller
    Nov 25, 2013
    In a sea of formulaic comedies, this stands out as a lifeboat worth clinging to.
  3. Reviewed by: Gail Pennington
    Nov 25, 2013
    Getting On is for mature audiences only, with uncensored language and outrageous behavior all around. If you like comedy with more cringes than chuckles, Getting On could be for you.