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  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 20, 2010
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
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  • Summary: Season two sees the Five-0 team with a new member as internal affairs investigates what happened last season. This season includes a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles and Terry O'Quinn is introduced as Lt. Commander Joe White, a Navy SEAL who trained Steve.
  • Genre(s): Drama, Action & Adventure, Suspense
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  1. May 16, 2012
    After the successful reboot, Hawaii Five-O returned to our screens following the cliffhanger season 1 left us pondering. The first season was complemented with the right balance of action, comedy, fun and drama and succeeded far more than anticipated so I personally, was looking forward to Season 2. The result, however, is a mixed bag. There are some excellent episodes throughout the second series but there was some failures in with the good stuff. The overall theme and storyline of the season revolved around 'Shelburne' and Steve McGarrett's quest to fight out who or what exactly Shelburne was. This brought John Locke, I mean Terry O'Quinn to our screens as Joe White, McGarrett's mentor, a great addition also on-board was Masi Oka thus time in a main cast role as Max and the introduction of Lori Weston portrayed by Lauren German who herself was the talk of much anger and she bowed out after Episode 16. The season kicked off very well resolving how Five-O would return to the fold. A jailbreak!! It was action packed leading to McGarrett ultimately clearing his name but with a nice twist in the shape of Steve's nemisis Wo-Fat. He himself is a constant nuisance and a thorn in Five-O's side whilst Joe White (O'Quinn) had you continuesly questioning his motives regarding the mystery of 'Shelburne.' That's were one problem arises. The whole 'Shelburne' angle was drawn out to much. It was consistently brought up and initially was intriguing but after a while it just became a bore-fest if i'm being honest! Another problem was with Lori Weston. The hate was a bit heavy but understandable as she never quite made the connection with the audience i'm sure the guys behind the camera had imagined rather she got in the way leading to her exit, her character mind you didn't do her many favours. Thankfully, the main man, Scott Caan was once more in fantastic form as Danno Williams. The one-liners, saying are effortless and the bromance moments him and MCGarrett share are awesome, it doesn't matter if it's the joking or complaining, it's something that they should include more often. He's even the lead in the crossover episode with NCIS:LA called Touch of Death in what is one of the better episodes. Although it did miss McGarrett's presence. His real-life father is also a guest star, James Caan, as an ex-NYPD bomb expert in Radio. Edward Asner reprises his role as August March from the original HFO series as an ex-convict smuggling diamonds, a nice touch. The finale, Death In The Family, was a good end to the season it had plenty of twists and turns as well as the death or possible deaths of some central characters and finally revealed Joe's true motives as the mystery of Shelburne is revealed! All in all a safe season by the H50 team. They used the formula that delivered the business in the first season without ever really expanding on it and when they tried to it didn't play out how they would have liked. The whole Shelburne drama was played upon to much and I hope they can draw a line under it, which seems the logical solution given how the season ended, lets hope they can learn from the mistakes because it was by no means a bad season, just not as good as it could have been nonetheless still another fun and dramatic outing that will have us returning in the fall for more of Danno and co! Expand
  2. Dec 30, 2011
    The addition of a new, weak character has not improved this already mediocre show. The actor so lacks on-screen charisma that fans have begged for the character, Laurie, since her first appearance. . Although lead Alex O Laughlin is easy on the eyes, his wooden performance drags down every scene he inhabits. Daniel Dae Kim gives a strong performance but is hampered by a marriage that is so hasty that it kills the viewer's willing suspension of disbelief. Finally, the sidelining of a consistently strong actor, Grace Park, brings the level of the talent to new lows. Expand