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  1. Apr 9, 2016
    The more I watch Hey Arnold!. The more I crave to watch more! At this point, Hey Arnold! is one of the best Nick Toons ever made, a trueThe more I watch Hey Arnold!. The more I crave to watch more! At this point, Hey Arnold! is one of the best Nick Toons ever made, a true classic! Before I get into the review, here is a brief setting of the show in case you don't know.

    Hey Arnold! Takes place in the fictional city that depicts Brooklyn, New York. Arnold lives with his grandparents and other people of different culture in a boarding house. During each episode, Arnold comes across challenges which he must overcome in his daily life.

    Characters: Once again this season offers great character development like the other 2 seasons. However this season seems to focus more on other characters then Arnold himself. We learn more about characters like Helga's mother Miriam Pataki, Arnold's teacher Mr. Simmons, Harold, Sid, Phoebe, Patty and even introduced to a new rich kid to P.S 118 called Lorenzo. That not to say Helga, Gerald and Arnold have their own episodes, Helga especially gets lots of episodes that of course involve her love conquest for Arnold, but this season focuses quite a bit on the supporting characters. As this series goes on the characters all become more 3 dimensional and I'm excited what they add for more of the characters.

    Episodes: The interesting plots of each episode still flow strong and we get some great episodes from this season! Helga's episodes are just a joy to watch and the 30 minute episodes are still fantastic! They still have the positive messages and the characters don't screw up the good messages (like season 1 and a bit of season 2). This season has 20 episodes in total, which is already a big improvement over season 2. 17 of them being 2 15 minute plots and 3 30 minute long plots. This season had some great episodes and a critical one that explains a lot about Arnold and his current life. Overall the episodes are probably the best so far in the series in this season and I'm curious if season 4 can match the quality of the episodes in this season!

    Animation: Just like the other seasons, the animation is very nice and music is still excellent.

    Verdict: Overall, this is probably the best season so far and I'm actually going to be dreading the day I get to the very last episode. I still feel so hyped just to find out what's going to happen next with the characters and pick up key things about Helga and Arnold. I'll just have to keep watching!

    Characters: 9.5/10 Episodes 8.5/10 Animation 9/10
    Hey Arnold! Season 3: 9/10
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