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  1. Apr 9, 2016
    It's sad to say that each review I do about Hey Arnold! means the closer to the end of the road with this show. However my addiction for thisIt's sad to say that each review I do about Hey Arnold! means the closer to the end of the road with this show. However my addiction for this show is still strong and I'm loving this show! Before I start with the review, here's a quick setting of the show.

    Hey Arnold! Takes place in the fictional city that depicts Brooklyn, New York. Arnold lives with his grandparents and other people of different culture in a boarding house. During each episode, Arnold comes across challenges which he must overcome in his daily life.

    Characters: Unlike seasons 2 and 3. Season 4 focuses back more on the three main characters of the show, Arnold, Helga and Gerald than the supporting cast that season 2 and 3 seemed to focus on primarily. Helga and Arnold get quite a bit of time when they are together in a episode. Not so much Arnold, but Helga gets more episodes focused on her shy and nice side towards Arnold. Granted she's still mean to Arnold to hide her true feelings for him, but she shows us that she can be a very nice person this season and develops more to the already heavily developed character of Helga. But I like how Arnold and Helga actually spend an episode with each others company and maybe, just maybe foreshadowing the future that they get together. Supporting characters get their episodes too like Eugene, Oskar, Rhonda, Harold and even Gerald's dad Martin gets his own moment to shine that makes him an even more interesting character then previous seasons. Overall, character development is still outstanding and can't wait to find out more about the characters!

    Episodes: Episodes still involve a challenge for a certain character to overcome and entertaining and fun plots. The season has 20 episodes, the same as season 3. With 16 episodes having 2 mini stories that are 15 minutes long and over 4 30 minute long single stories episodes. Once again these episodes are entertaining with good messages. However my complaint I had with seasons 1 and a little bit of 2 where characters would ruin the message the show had has seemed to have reoccurred in this season. It's not as bad as it was in season 1 but it's still happens.

    Animation: Once again the animation is very good to look at and the music is still great. I will mention that the theme song has changed in this season a little bit. The new theme song is still good, but I don't find it that catchy compared to the first theme song. It's a very minor negative that doesn't ruin the series in any way, but the old intro gets me humming along every time.

    Verdict: This season gives us some more great moments and entertainment. I'm hoping season 5 will bring a great end to a great TV show. I hope Helga and Arnold get together. I hope we find out what happened to Arnold parents and above all, an overall epic conclusion to one of Nicks greater shows!
    Characters: 9.5/10 Episodes 8/10 Animation 8.9/10
    Hey Arnold! Season 4: 8.5/10
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