• Network: Showtime
  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 2, 2011
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
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Universal acclaim- based on 575 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 52 out of 575

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  1. Sep 2, 2014
    La primera temporada estaba bien, solo bien. No era mala pero le faltaba algo de emoción, la cual solo llegaba en los últimos 3-4 capítulos.
    La segunda temporada es bastante superior en ese aspecto, los actores siguen siendo correctos pero aquí la trama es mucho mas dinámica e intrigante que antes. Es emocionante desde el primer capítulo hasta el último, el cual quizás sea el mejor de la
    serie hasta ahora.
    Ahora estoy viendo la tercera y de momento tiene un ritmo mas pausado. Veremos.
    De momento, me quedo con esta temporada.
  2. Jul 27, 2014
    Homeland returns with a bigger, badder, better season. The scope has widened, and the spotlight is on Brody. If Season 1 was an indication was how tense and suspenseful the show can get Season 2 will leave you glued to your seats. Each episode is so tense and thrilling that you are left craving for more. The writing is top notch and the acting is sensational from Claire Danes and Damian Lewis with Rupert Friend and Mandy Patinkin providing solid support Expand
  3. Jun 24, 2014
    The show is still great, but it begins to fall apart in this season. Way too much romance and no enough plot development to get this show going, but it is still good
  4. Jan 4, 2014
    It deserves an 8 as an averaging result of a 10 of the first half of this season and a 6 of the second half. The first half is as effective as the Season 1 as a character study and as a thriller. But the second half is a mess, it doesn't keep you very engaged, the story unfolds without showing anything new nor very interesting.
  5. Jan 4, 2014
    Just watched this for the 1st time. What a crock. Complete nonsense. If it was a Disney show I could buy it, but this is what passes for drama these days????
    Utter nonsensical garbage.
  6. Dec 22, 2013
    Just watched the whole season and have to say booooo. The majority of the 12 episodes is about the teenage daughter that whines and complains. Dont understand why the writers made this 13 year old such a part of this particular season. And a brain tarted cia agent is just ridicolous script writing Proves that only the great shows have great second seasons. Anyone can write and make a great first season because you have all the time in the world but a second season has to be made in 12 months, its a stress test for the show writers/creators and they are no good and blew it as shown in this season. Come on people, if you think this is 96/100 television you are bored and easily impressed. I loved season one but this one was hard for me to complete with all the other shows and movies being released. But for this particular show and season to score 96/100 blows my mind. NO GOOD Expand
  7. Nov 17, 2013
    Many people were definitely frustrated during the whole first season and so was I. Constantly. And this season offers the best storyline anyone could've hoped for knowing how high the expectations have been since the show first premiered. Season 2 deals with more complicated matters, especially Brody's political career. I know many smart-ass out there fell that the show is nothing like real intelligence, but last time I checked, I watch (fictional) TV shows for the sake of entertainment. If I wanted to learn something real, I'd go watch a documentary or read a book or go teach myself. And the season finale! Totally didn't see it coming! Expand
  8. Sep 16, 2013
    Cómo la web me pide un mínimo de 150 caracteres, y necesito hacer el review para poder tenerla archivada en mi perfil, pues suelto este rollo y mi votación es de 8. Un saludo.
  9. Aug 31, 2013
    Carrie Mathison is my bro. Honestly, the strongest and balls-to-the-wall most well-acted and realised female character in the history of television. This show constantly plays cat-and -mouse with sense and plausibility but it always finds a way to reset the game higher, even while it loops back to plot points we thought were resolved for once and for all. I don't know how many seasons they can realistically get out of this, but season one and two are dynamite, urm make that C-4... barrels of it. I'm not quite done s2 but hey.... Stay with it, doubters, it'll take you places! I rarely give out 10's, this gets a 10. Expand
  10. Aug 15, 2013
    When I first started watching Homeland, I was inclined to believe it was overhyped...I was dead wrong in that presumption by the time I got to season 2, which beat out an impossible standard by such a far distance I'm ashamed to say I judged it so harshly from the very beginning.
    I'll cut this review very short, for fear of giving something away, and just state that the second season of
    Homeland takes the most jaw dropping turn in events I've ever seen from a television show, just when you begin to think it's all over. Expand
  11. Jun 19, 2013
    This season was good but no where near as good as season 1. You have the same ingredients as season 1 but this year went a bit overboard. Good but hoping season 3 is as good as season 1, but the way season 2 ended, not sure if it will be able to do it.
  12. May 12, 2013
    It's not about what you people like, dislike, or want for the show. It is about what the critics want to see, what the writers want to write, and what will make money. And that is why many of you people aren't and will never write for the critics side. And who in their right mind compares this show to Breaking Bad? Different network, story, actors, and goal. If ratings were based on all you trolls, no tv series would survive. Move on. Expand
  13. Apr 5, 2013
    Solid season.First half was excellent with incredibly orchestrated tension and uncertainty.The second half fell flat on the other hand with illogical,unrealisitic plot points and ridiculous situations.Still a very good show and an enjoyable season with good acting,directing,and solid writing.Season 1 was superior but season 2 is still worth checking out. I give it a 7.7/10 overall.
  14. Mar 25, 2013
    Convoluted, far fetched and frankly boring. Pleased to see the user score is lower than that for Walking Dead, but the critics' rating is ludicrously generous.
  15. Mar 22, 2013
    These critics are insane. Homeland Season 2 was a parody of Season 1, which lost a huge amount of credibility in the finale as it is. It insults the viewer's intelligence. And this ridiculous, over-wrought romance? Danes is intolerable with her twitches, tics and overdone moues. And really, I never thought anyone could make the amazing Damian Lewis overact, but this show has achieved that dubious distinction. Season 1 led us to believe that this was a show with credibility & depth. Now we know it was a con. Expand
  16. Mar 17, 2013
    Season One was great, but Season Two was just plain awful. Almost all good shows jump the shark at some point, but this one went bad in a hurry. So sorry to see this show get all sorts of "24" stupid (circa Seasons 5 thru 8) so quickly.
  17. Mar 1, 2013
    Homeland season 2 is just as jingoistic and far fetched as season 1. The female lead (Carrie)'s increasingly unbalanced shrieking about a cartoon villain named "abu nazir" (yes, he's got brown skin and a beard must be a terr'ist) might seem normal to those fed on a daily diet of American government fearmongering and propaganda but to anybody else it's obviously hysterical and absurd. Virtually nothing comes as a surprise when you realise that Carrie is never wrong about anything it's just a matter of time before anyone who doubts her is proved a fool, and the point is driven home hard that we should spend a lot more time and money on blowing people up and sacrificing liberty in the name of security. Like so many other series these days, the lazy writers can't be bothered to think of a way to engineer any believable moments of tension so they rely almost entirely on people behaving like complete idiots to move the plot forward. In this respect it's about one step up from the Walking Dead. Having said all that, the painfully awkward and unrealistic romance sections are at least vaguely watchable on a human level, and the part of Brody, the male lead, is generally well acted, at least in comparison with the rest of these 1-dimensional caricatures. Expand
  18. Feb 24, 2013
    This show is increasingly implausible with the most ridiculous plot contrivances I had to give up halfway through episode two as it had just got too silly for words. Honestly I cannot believe the positive reviews this is getting. Two great leads are totally wasted.
  19. Feb 10, 2013
    It's sad to watch a bold show in a free decline like Homeland.
    After a great debut season (that had its flaws when somebody comes back from death without explanation), the second it's a huge disaster, with comical plot turns that are so predictable and useless that you could watch just 5 episodes to have a full appreciation of the entire season.
  20. Feb 10, 2013
    Overall, homeland is a great series to watch, the acting can't be better and the thrill makes you want to watch the next episode after the other.
    But, lots of propaganda though throughout the movie, lots of bad image to the Arabs. For instance, first episode, half of it shot in Beirut, Lebanon is totally false. I have been to the country many times, through their airports, and it has
    nothing to do with how it was portrayed in the episode. Their airport is very modern, their city, Beirut, is one of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world, and it's because it is very developed. Expand
  21. Feb 1, 2013
    Homeland is the best show I've ever seen.Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it does! And the acting on this show (especially Q&A)proves they deserve all the awards.
  22. Jan 17, 2013
    Season 2 delivers at times to much obvious plot twists which ruins the experience slightly. The acting is still good. Some parts of the show needs to be developed more. It feel like it takes leaps at times that aren't congruent. The show is still that good though. Watch it.
  23. Jan 17, 2013
    I don't like agreeing with the comments about Clare Danes bad acting as I've only seen her in this role, and the character she plays is very difficult which doesn't really help her. The other brilliant characters and acting of the other members of the cast, mixed with a storyline full of suspense and originality, makes this show one of the best on TV right now. One of the best things about this show for me, is the fact that you are never left on a cliffhanger you can foresee, the show takes you past the point where you think its going to leave you and dumps you off further down the road with 5 more questions and an extra 20BPM tacked onto your pulse. Expand
  24. Jan 14, 2013
    Excellent First half of the season, the second part is strong, but adapts cliche's, weak plot points with a conclusion that's filled with unsatisfactory results .
  25. Jan 13, 2013
    Comparing this to Breaking bad is a travesty. The acting is just too over the top from Claire Danes. The story is terribly unbelievable. I'm still not really sure what her role in the CIA is was, because the characters all over the map. Besides the fact that there is no way she would be even IN the CIA. There is way too much incorrect information in the show for me. I LOVE THE PREMISE. But the execution is awful, with far too many holes. I'd like to think the US government isn't this stupid, otherwise we'd all be dead by now. Expand
  26. Jan 12, 2013
    As a very dedicated Emmys fan, I really like to go all out, insanity wise, and watch every episode of the current season of every show up for the comedy and drama awards. I did so last year, with this show, season one, and sure, I was impressed. Definitely more so than my personal all-time fav Breaking Bad's fourth season (which seems camp compared to its fifth), and I'm glad it won in Sept. But this season is all but impressive, especially in terms of the standards that it set for itself last year. I really hope in its already confirmed third season the bar the raised. More than hope even, but I suppose some things aren't really meant for anything more than two or three cheap tricks and three months of fun. A one hit wonder, if you will. Anyways, I will be disappointed to tears if this season is nominated for anything, even something as trivial as a meaningless technical award and wins. Was last season worth all the awards? Sure. This season? Absolutely not. Calling it anything over a one or two would be an outright lie. Expand
  27. Jan 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If I could I'd give this 7.5, but I can't, so an 8 it is.

    Homeland is good, the acting very good. However, there have been a lot of weak points in both seasons. In season 2, the weak points include cheap, soapy plot points like the car crash, unbelievable developments, like Carrie conveniently being effectively back in the CIA in episode 1 and Brody texting to Nazir in the middle of a top secret operation, and just a general lack of the excellence that can put it into the top tier.
  28. Dec 31, 2012
    More interesting, a best screenplay and much more adrenaline turns Homeland return in the most expected show of 2012. Claire Danes gives us a lesson of acting. This show is growing constantly.
  29. Dec 31, 2012
    Homeland is one of the stronger shows on TV at the moment. The second season takes a few episodes to finds its groove again and suffers throughout from instances of Carrie's hotheadedness and inability to follow orders. I really struggle to believe that such a liability would be employed by the CIA, but hey it's just TV.

    The events of the first episode The Smile are just about as
    contrived as possible to bring Carrie, who finished the previous season having electroshock therapy, back into the fold at the Langley. Once Carrie is back, the momentum of the show shifts hugely, one of two shifts in this season, as evidence comes to light that Brody is a terrorist and more importantly that Carrie's theories were correct. Considering the events of the first season and also Carrie's flirtation with suicide in State of Independence, this is a pretty major change in direction for the show as Carrie is no longer alone and frustrated and receives the support (and apologies) of Saul and Estes. The second change in momentum is perhaps even greater and brings Brody into the CIA operation to target Abu Nazir. These shifts keep the show fresh and intriguing and both are delivered in true dramatic Homeland style. The episode Q&A features some great scenes between Carrie and Brody, delivered with great intensity by Claire Danes and Damien Lewis. Even following Brody's switch, the writers manage to retain a sense of distrust and ambiguity over Brody's actions to drive the show forward. He clearly gets away with one act of terrorism during the final episodes but is he responsible for another?

    Carrie's health demons play less of a role this time around, instead her relationship with Brody picks up a few gears and there are certainly shades of Romeo and Juliet, as two star crossed lovers who can never truly be together. Mandy Patinkin's understated Saul is one of my most favourite characters on TV.

    Steering into 24 territory (unsurprising considering the show's writers), the season ends with a big bang in the fantastic finale The Choice with major consequences for all the major characters.
  30. Dec 30, 2012
    This is a shockingly overrated series. The plot is utterly, ridiculously beyond any shadow of credibility, with the shifts in character loyalties and incessant hints at hidden agendas a never-ending bore, and an absolutely hilarious, shockingly shallow take on the secret-service and analyst work (and I am saying this as one who, apparently, happens to know a lot more about it than the screenwriters). I should conclude that not in this world, nor in any alternative universe, would a whack-job such as the Claire Danes character pass the tests and clearances to land a secret service field job (this has nothing to do with the actress being horribly miscast, rather with how the part is written), and that on any sane planet, this show would be dropped by the audiences after Season 1 at the latest. I was hoping it would improve with time, or that the critics were right this time, but had to drop it after four episodes as a complete waste of time. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 21
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 21
  3. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. Reviewed by: Tom Gliatto
    Oct 4, 2012
    The show hasn't lost its clever agility at building pressure-cooker suspense and then lobbing in a surprise. [8 Oct 2012, p.55]
  2. Reviewed by: Tim Goodman
    Oct 1, 2012
    Homeland is as riveting and addictive as when we last saw it, kicking off with no lull in the pulse-pounding action.
  3. Reviewed by: Robert Lloyd
    Sep 28, 2012
    Given the extravagances of the plot and the characters, that it feels plausibly seated in the real world is a testament to everyone involved in its production. But it is especially due to the actors.