• Network: Showtime
  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 2, 2011
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
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  1. Negative: 81 out of 878

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  1. Feb 12, 2012
    While it does take a few episodes to get interesting but the show is really good. The plot is a little predictable at times though, A huge flaw imo. However there is a lot of action through out the season and the acting is great. A must watch show imo.
  2. Jun 24, 2014
    An amazing first season and it should have been the final season. It would have been the best one season show ever, but it still ended great. Best new show in a while
  3. Oct 2, 2011
    I'll admit, I wasn't planning to watch "Homeland" at all. Since 9/11, few television shows have treated the subject of national security with subtlety, insight, or the slightest hint of moral complexity, preferring a lobotomized patriotism that flattens characters into stick figures, stories into lessons, and ideas into platitudes. Given that Showtime's new offering didn't strain very hard to distinguish its title from ABC's egregious "Homeland Security," I assumed it would offer more of the same, though with better production values. I ended up watching the pilot because of Damian Lewis, not just because he's talented but because he tends to choose challenging, interesting projects. And "Homeland" does indeed look as though it may stand comparison with "Life" and "Band of Brothers." At the center of the series is a profound and pressing question: is a rescued American POW the same man he was before? Or has he become a traitor of the deadliest sort, repudiating American values just as he becomes a national symbol of them? It's a question that is both ingenious as a plot device and profoundly important, affecting countries and communities such as the armed forces, as well as the soldier's friends, family, and the man himself. And, so far, it remains a real question, because, on "Homeland," no character's judgment is without problems that make it at least slightly untrustworthy, so no one who claims to know the truth actually does. Thrilling stuff! And the series does indeed have Showtime's customary polish, starting with excellent acting by principals and walk-ons alike. Lewis's depiction of surface calm and subterranean chaos is, as expected, mesmerizing; he can do more with a single cheek muscle than most actors can with an extended soliloquy. I was almost as pleased not to recognize Claire Danes as an unstable CIA expert, a smart, edgy performance that perfectly balances strength and weakness. My only quibble, so far, is with a few minor plot details that seem improbable--and, for all I know, these will turn out to be clever bits of misdirection intended to fool the likes of me. Otherwise, if the series maintains the energy and intelligence of the pilot, it should appeal to a large, enthusiastic audience. Expand
  4. Dec 20, 2012
    FLAWLESS! It was easily one of the best series of 2011. It had a very strong direction, over the top performances, great writing and brilliant twists and turns.
  5. Jan 20, 2012
    Homeland has everything, great acting, writing, directing and interesting story telling. It's the first show I've seen in awhile that can hold a candle to the best shows currently on television: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Justified. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are brilliant, Homeland is brilliant.
  6. Nov 17, 2013
    Despite all the inaccuracies a lot of people have tried to point out, I still feel that the first season of Homeland was one of the best inaugural season on TV in years. Claire Danes' portrayal of the bipolar CIA agent is exceptional and all I can think of right now is "how the hell is she not a bigger star???" Because she should be. As long as the writers and producers keep the story tight and smart (don't mind the haters), Homeland will definitely be a classic! Expand
  7. Apr 13, 2014
    From the creators of 24, comes the thriller Homeland, a show that is much edgier than 24, but lacks the action we've come to expect from this team of writers. What this show lacks in action, it more than makes up for with an intriguing look inside the mysterious CIA.

    It's no secret that the CIA is the spy agency in America, that seems to have a hand in everything, but what exactly do
    they do and how do they do it? Can they arrest people? Do they carry guns? Are they really spies? These are all questions answered by the show Homeland, an edge of your seat thriller, that takes you deep inside the inner workings of the most mysterious government organization the world has ever known.

    Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA analyst, working in Iraq, when one of her contacts tells her that an American prisoner of war has been turned by Al-Qaeda. 6 months later, an American POW is discovered during a raid on an Al-Qaeda compound. The Marine discovered, Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) comes home to his family, after 8 years, to a heroes welcome, and everyone sees him as such, everyone except for Carrie.

    Mathison is immediately suspicious of Brody and puts her career on the line by deciding to stick to the man like glue, she even goes so far as to start a sexual relationship with him, in order to stay close to him. Brody is suffering from a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder, which leads him to do some very strange things. The big question is, whether he's acting this way because he's a terrorist or because he's been damaged by his time in captivity.

    I've never been a big Claire Danes fan, because she has a habit of being eccentric and way over the top, but quite ingeniously, the writers use her weaknesses as an actress as a strength for Carrie. Mathison is eccentric, over the top, and unconventional, it's what makes her a terrific agent and very entertaining to watch.

    Danes is paired with Damien Lewis who is just out of this world, leading to multiple awards and nominations. I've only seen Lewis playing bit parts in movies, but similar to Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, he's one of these guys, who comes out of nowhere to land the perfect role. Nicholas Brody is one of the most complicated and intriguing characters I've ever seen and it's his chemistry with Danes that really makes this show as good as it is.

    It's rare for me to give a perfect rating, especially to a TV show, but the creators have taken the action and excitement of 24 and put it into a cable show, where they can get away with anything. It's edgier and extremely hard hitting, even though the action has been scaled back. 24 was about an impulsive man, who would do anything to stop terrorism, but Homeland, takes that same storyline and shows you what goes into discovering these acts of violence before they become a down to the second event, requiring the intervention of a Jack Bauer. It is smart, emotional, and will have you craving more. I literally watched the first two seasons in a week an a half, you'd think I'd have gotten sick of it by now, but all I want is for season three to be released, because this show really is that good.
  8. Nov 14, 2011
    You know, this is easily the best new show on. And perhaps the best thing that Showtime has ever aired. Maybe even including the movies. Because everything works out here. Last year the best new show was Boardwalk Empire on HBO. Now Showtime has tooken that delightful spot with Homeland. I am more than impressed.
  9. Aug 20, 2012
    The word "Masterpiece" does Homeland and Claire Danes no justice. Homeland is one of the best dramas ever made, delivering amazing writing, stellar acting, and the right amount of suspense and intrigue to keep you hooked.
  10. Jul 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What a rollercoaster ride. This show reminds me (in a good way) of 24. Carrie does some things that defy belief. Of course the reason she is so good and so bad relates to her mental illness. Expand
  11. Jan 13, 2012
    Absolutely brilliant. One hour of my life that I am happy to be spend on TV. The entire cast is fantastic and Claire Danes is an amazing lead. This should be a hit at the Emmys.
  12. Feb 21, 2012
    The premise of the show may not appeal to everyone on paper, but it's hard not to get hooked after watching the first episode (regardless of your taste preference), which is exactly what happened to me. This is probably the best TV series I've watched since the first season of "Damages". The writing is absolutely brilliant, the plot moves at a fast pace and the cast is terrific (Claire Danes was the biggest surprise!). Most of the characters are flawed in some way. However, the writers tell the story from so many different perspective, that it's almost impossible to describe anyone as "good" or "bad". The actors really did an amazing job of depicting these very complex characters. I'm wondering how they'll ever be able to top the first season! Expand
  13. Sep 17, 2012
    What started out as a very, very good thriller has morphed into a brilliant character study between the show's two leads. The most refreshing aspect is that it's not afraid to criticize where criticism is due with depth and complexity, and of course Claire Danes is just phenomenal. Certainly one of the best series on television today.
  14. Feb 12, 2012
    A dazzling debut for what was unquestionably the breakthrough show of 2011. Clare Danes is superb in a leading role as Carrie Mathison, a CIA operative who suspects that a returning american prisoner of war, portrayed by Damian Lewis, has been turned and is part of a plan to unleash a terrorist attack on America. Lewis is great but Danes is the star of the show. Mandy Patinkin is also fantastic as Saul Berenson. The story was an interesting one to say the least and I wondered how this series would play out because the issue of National Security is one which has ranged from complex to perplexed! 24 challenged it head on and soared to almighty heights so it comes as no surprise that head-honcho Howard Gordon was part of the set-up of Homeland. The writing is tremendous and you can't under-estimate how much detail has gone into every little inch of the show. Each episode is a stand-alone however they all play crucial parts in unraveling the overall theme of the show. The acting is of the highest quality but Clare Danes steals the show entirely, she just oozed class! The pilot episode is exhilarating and will easily have you hooked, eagerly anticipating the next episode. Most episodes are excellent and executed perfectly particularly the Pilot, The Weekend, Crossfire and Marine One. These all lead to a spectacular season finale which brings this dynamite drama to a memorable close leaving things perfectly poised for the much anticipated second season. Expand
  15. Oct 15, 2011
    When I read the first descriptions of this series, my first thoughts were "Oh my god, no." and "How stupid could a plot become?". I was wrong, as far as I can say at this time. What I have seen so far is well written, well acted, well cast, mostly thrilling and sufficiently credible. The only problem is that my gut feeling suggests that from here on it can only go one of two ways with nothing in between: Excellence or disaster. The creators either manage to pull it off all the way and make it stick without big holes in it, or it will fall apart horribly and implode upon itself.
    Considering where the base for the series was taken from, this is no surprise, since it is an expectable result of any such storyline transplantation without regard for the cultural environment of the original source.
  16. Dec 13, 2012
    At first I was pretty skeptical to watch this series, I thought it was still a series that dealt with terrorism again, the American house superhero who will save the world against the evil Arabs, but I was surprised by the quality of the acting in particular Claire Daines & Damian Lewis and especially the originality of the script
  17. Apr 2, 2012
    I was truly speechless when i saw this show. Claire Danes is terrific, her performance just compelling and magnificent and should get the Emmy this year. It is quite atmospheric, subtle and one of a kind. Epic. One of the best shows ever, the best show of 2011. Period!
  18. Dec 14, 2012
    This first season is remarkably well done, with amazing acting, great dialogue, and a interesting plot that is very original. Though slow at times, there was a constant stream of plot twists, and the season finale had my heart beating with all the suspense. Watch it.
  19. May 26, 2012
    An excellent show which exemplifies suspense and thriller from real life problems and situations in our real world...................
  20. Jun 19, 2013
    This was a great show and great season, Homeland Season 1. This, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire are easliy the best shows on TV. Wondeful and a must watch. Keep you on th edge of your seat.
  21. Aug 30, 2013
    Mature, ingenious and thrilling show that makes you think about an actual subject. It is also a great and really emotional study of character (Carrie and Brody) that makes you feel sympathy for the "bad" guy and also to want him down when you are in Carrie's shoes. One of the best shows in actual TV and probably the best of the year along with "Breaking Bad".
  22. Jul 21, 2014
    Somehow i came a bit late to this because of the CIA / homeland security / american patriotism - angle, but especially the first season is just brilliant with some very chilling moments and none of the **** i somehow expected. Must watch for everyone really.
  23. Dec 31, 2011
    Great show, That's all I can say about it, to me it is the best new show of the year, even though it faced strong competition, with the likes of Boss and The killing, among others. Claire Danes stands out as a very convincing schizophrenic ****
  24. Oct 2, 2011
    I watched the pilot for this show online, and I have never seen anything like it before. It is truly brilliant and Claire Danes is one of the greatest actresses alive.
  25. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Growing tension keeps you focused on every single detail, plus very convincing performances of the two main characters. This is an excellent TV series, one of those that makes people go to bed with something to think about. Expand
  26. Nov 28, 2012
    My dad got me into this show and its so good brody gets the babes and there are so many twists this season not gonna spoil it but ya watch this show its awesome
  27. Jun 17, 2012
    An Incredible show that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire season. The Lead performances are Emmy worthy. Without question this is the best new show on television. There really is no reason not to like it.
  28. Sep 10, 2012
    The best new show of 2011-2012. Fantastic! Claire Danes and Damian Lewis have amazing acting abilities and the teenage daughter actress is really good. Will tune in for season 2.
  29. Oct 22, 2013
    I was worried that the new season was a little bit boring, but after a couple of great reveals, it is heating up to be just as explosive as previous seasons. Well done Carrie, you are enthralling
  30. Dec 26, 2011
    amazing, simply amazing. i must say, i was put off from watching this for a while, mainly because i didnt want to watch some "america is the greatest country on the planet who can police the world" and "all Muslims and terrorist and should all be sent to gitmo" tv show. but after hearing so many people praise it i finally gave in, and im glad i did. i dont want to get into too much detail, but the show is incredibly entertaining sure there are some parts that you just need to accept and it can be a little slow but other parts of the show will make your heart really pump. great acting, writing and directing. highly recommend it. Expand
  31. Oct 9, 2011
    Everyone has said enough I believe; I do not need to say much more than Homeland is high quality stuff, with some superb performances from some superb actors. Damien Lewis+Claire Danes+Mandy Pantinkin=Acting heaven. Even the kids are great.. Go watch it.
  32. Jan 11, 2012
    Just finished watching the season finale and was blown away at how good this show was. Best show of the year for me so far (although I haven't got to Breaking Bad or Boardwalk Empire on my DVR yet). This definitely kept me squirming on my couch. I look forward to season 2.
  33. Jan 13, 2012
    Combines with Breaking Bad as the 2 best drama series on television.
  34. Oct 4, 2013
    Intoxicating television eclipsed only by Breaking Bad in how well each character is drawn and acted. The situations are just believable enough to keep us on the edge our seats for the next episode. I do think choosing to blow up Langley came very close to jumping the shark. Excited for season 3.
  35. Oct 7, 2011
    This is the one to watch for 2011-2012. Gripping story line, excellent actors and a perfectly matched soundtrack. Think Eyes Wide Shut plonking piano but miles better and utterly relevant. Am ready for the next episode and cant wait to see where this goes. V's Anna showing a bit of breast too, what would would Diana make of that!
  36. Nov 25, 2011
    The theme was not that promising, i'm really surprised how amazing homeland is. 50 minutes? Looks 15! YES, that attractive. Love Claire Danes and her character.
  37. Mar 1, 2012
    First of all, i believe if a show gets on Showtime, It must be good, example A, Dexter. This is no exception. the premise is an American POW is found and freed. The CIA is noticing that threats are rising and an agent assumes its the POW. I dont want to get anymore in detail but the story is excellent and never really stops leaving you at the end of each episode wanting more. The only other shows that had me this way are; Dexter, 24, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad (I watch a lot of TV, don't judge me). This has become one of my favorite new shows and I say you must watch the first episode, after that you'll be hooked. Expand
  38. Oct 20, 2011
    Great acting, great directing, great suspense, great show without any patriotic **** very promising! Before watching the show I felt sorry for Claire Danes featuring in a TV show, but this might actually jump-start a comeback of her movie career.
  39. Dec 31, 2012
    The First Season of Homeland provided us a good dose of drama and political thriller. With and excellent performance of Claire Danes, who plays a CIA agent with bipolar problems, Homeland is the most interesting show of 2011. Although it may seem for moments very slow, it never lost its direction.
  40. Feb 25, 2012
    An absolutely spectacular show which keeps you hooked. Definitely one of my favourite series. Each episode was very engaging. Watch this if you like Dexter and Breaking Bad.
  41. Mar 9, 2012
    I have enjoyed every episode thus far and hope it gets even better. The plot is great and the twists are even better. The acting is very impressive and the whole cast fits perfectly in their roles. I don't know if another show could ever top the level of intensity and suspense that this show brings to the tube. Very well written and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Well done. Can't wait to see more Expand
  42. Jul 1, 2013
    Although Season 3 is yet to release (3 more months!) I can say for sure after catching up on Season 1 & 2 that show is one of the greatest TV shows to date. The first episode starts with a bang and really reels you in, I'd compare it to the addictivity of Breaking Bad. The whole first and second season carve deep and memorable stories in your head that will last a long time. Some parts of the show make you almost feel connected to the characters and their struggle, the characters are so believable. I loved this show to its core and cannot wait for Season 3 to air, you should catch up on this show as well, you won't regret it! Expand
  43. Oct 18, 2011
    The show is good. My problem is with Metacritics deeply flawed system of rating entire seasons based on the reviews of only the the first episode. They need a per episode rating and then a cumulative rating based on all of the episodes after the season ends. For a site like this, you'd think it would be a no brainer.
  44. Oct 13, 2011
    Sin dudas hasta lo que se puedo de la serie pinta para ser uno de los mejores (si no el mejor) estreno del año, muy buen guion, buenos diálogos, excelentes actuaciones, y como si esto fuera poco uno se regocija la vista viendo a Claire Danes, que mas se puede pedir?
  45. Dec 21, 2011
    Great 2011 final. Good balance in characters. Real suspense, exactly what we would have expected from the beginning. And special reward to Brody's daughter who brings the emotion. The way it was moving at the beginning, I wouldn't have though I would take that pleasure in the end.
  46. May 23, 2014
    This is undoubtedly one of the best dramas ever put to television. There are no 'bit-players' in terms of characters, everyone is equally important even if they don't have as much screen time as the leads. This balance means that you will remember each character, no matter how insignificant they might seem. The show will reward you for paying attention. This is not a propaganda piece, there are no 'good guys' as both sides play dirty. A fantastic dramatisation of post 9/11 paranoia and the people at the centre of it. Expand
  47. Jul 27, 2014
    A great, suspenseful espionage thriller. Homeland will leave you wondering at every turn what happens next? Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are quite simply amazing, Damian in particular is spectacular playing a U.S Marine returning from Iraq who is suspected to have turned against his country. It's an unforgettable ride that will leave you hooked from start to finish.
  48. Dec 18, 2011
    Having just watched the entire first season, I must say that I am impressed. The show danced past the inevitable revelation of Brody's truth into truly surprising territory. The writing was consistently good, and Carrie had a rather tumultuous arc. Contrary to the insipid negative user reviews here, her flaw is not that she has a drug problem. This show has characters that exist, that feel, that make bold decisions. Do not trust the negative reviews, as these people probably didn't give the show a fair shake -- look at the reviews' submission dates. The acting is classy, so good in fact that I have no idea how the characters will enter season 2. I'm usually good at pegging that sort of stuff, but Homeland is so good that I really have no idea. If you haven't seen it, watch it now. Expand
  49. Oct 9, 2011
    I have been hooked on it since the first episode. Homeland is one to keep you on the edge of your seat, and I wish my Sunday nights would come sooner.
  50. Oct 19, 2011
    I happen to turn to Showtime just as the pilot was airing so i figured i would give it a chance since there was a lot of hype about it and that Mandy Patinkin is in it. The acting is very well done and the storyline is not to complicated to understand. After i saw the second episode, i am now hooked. I love it so much i just created an account on here so i could tell you this. Homeland = 5 stars! Expand
  51. Oct 19, 2011
    Cast and plot are functional and highly likeable. Claire Danes continues to succeed every week to create a character that seems to be coherent and peculiar at the same time. Series has proven early to be both suspenseful and satisfying making it one of the best psychological dramas this fall.
  52. Nov 6, 2011
    Homeland plays at the pace of a well thought out plot, terrorism by numbers, reveiled to the viewer on a need to know basis. I too am a huge fan of Breaking Bad, but I believe Homeland is right on par with it's masterclass in storytelling.
  53. Mar 9, 2012
    Great, suspenseful, and realistic show.
  54. Jan 18, 2012
    Nothing like any other TV show we have ever seen. Suspense, Thrill, simply great Entertainment. The Characters slowly unveiling their motives and of course the big question: Is he the suspected one???
  55. Feb 15, 2012
    Wow. This show was exactly what I expected and not what I expected at the same time. The cast is so on it. The storytelling is inspired. That's hard to do with the number of shows that have tackled this genre. Love it.
  56. Feb 28, 2012
    Claire Danes as a bi-polar CIA agent with intelligence regarding a possible terrorist plot and Mandy Patinkin as her boss. Her legitimacy falls apart when she develops romantic feelings for the soldier she believes to have been "turned."
  57. Mar 7, 2012
    Uau você perde o fôlego com essa grande série merecido o globo de ouro e forte candidata a desbancar mad men.Claire Danes está soberba nesta personagem.Grandes atuações, personagens e roteiro.Perfeito.
  58. Mar 27, 2012
    I'm not usually interested in American gung-ho crime drama, but I somehow got hooked by this one! I do love Damien Lewis, and he's excellent in this. It's probably the quality of the acting that makes this more palatable than other, similar shows. The mid-season twist is perhaps predictable, but you feel all the more satisfied for working it out a few episodes in advance. Planning to finish the season soon! Expand
  59. Nov 15, 2012
    Smart, action packed, well written. Every episode is another twist and turn into the depths of the underground world of espionage, deceit, and terrorism. The characters are well developed, and coupled with great story telling make this show my number one favorite on television right now.
  60. Jan 17, 2013
    I was apprehensive about Homeland before watching it as there are a lot of similar shows that try to tackle the 'Homeland Security' plot and fail miserably. However, after forcing myself to watch it didn't take long before I was hooked - Homeland does a very good job at building the suspense from a very early point and hasn't eased up since. The characters personal story lines are a bit disappointing to me, but the general originality and 'pressure cooker' atmosphere of the main plot more than make up. Expand
  61. Sep 7, 2014
    Série muito bem escrita e conduzida, não fiquei surpresa quando vi que passava originalmente na Showtime, que tem emitido séries de altíssima qualidade.
  62. Jan 25, 2014
    What started as your usual 9/11-related story about good guys vs bad guys, quickly evolved into one of the most realistic TV shows about intelligence world. Packed with a dynamic story and wonderful actors it goes into right direction so far (3rd season).
  63. Mar 9, 2012
    Far more fascinating than I would have expected, the writing and acting here is really incredible and the show does a great job of building atmosphere in the small moments while also painting a fairly complicated big picture: we're constantly left in doubt as to whether Carrie's hunch about Damien is correct, even as an audience we (or at least I) tend to become less sure as the show goes on. And then further doubt is cast that we're correct in going in the "not terrorist" direction. Watching the penultimate episode now, I'm not unsure, and that's quite a feat for a show to pull off for so many episodes. He seems like a very decent guy, yet I could also imagine him blowing up Congress: how messed up is that? Expand
  64. Nov 24, 2011
    Best new show on television this year. Great spy thriller. Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin are both excellent. Kind of weird mixture of 24 and Nurse Jackie.
  65. Dec 4, 2012
    A tense, dramatic and impressively acted first season of a wonderful series. The plot moves slow and yet you don't really care because Homeland manages to keep things interesting. There are some chapters, when Carrie and Brody "meet" that are a little bit weird (I find hard to see a relaxed, talkative Carrie something normal or natural), but the ending of the season is so good that you forget about it. In both 1x11 and 1x12 Claire Danes gives a performance out of this world and Brody becomes more and more human. 1x12 is simply unbelievable. The best thing I've seen in a very long time. Expand
  66. Nov 8, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First couple of episodes, was not sold on it but I am a big Damian Lewis fan and the leading lady definitely intrigued me. I can safely say after six episodes into the series it is absolutely brilliant. Must watch for anyone who enjoys that sort of "24" conspiracy vibe, but also enjoys a slower pace, not all blown action, but instead very strong character development. Expand
  67. Dec 23, 2011
    Best new show of 2011. Season one of Homeland is the equivalent of an intensely engaging 12 hour movie (12 episodes), if that were even possible. The plot is superb, without becoming overly confusing or over the top. It stays true to its basis in reality and works in the most elegant way imaginable. You may think you have the characters figured out, and then out of nowhere, BAM, didn't see that coming at all. It basically makes you feel dumb for falling for the predictable outcome, but in the most rewarding way possible (if that makes any sense at all). Almost every detail, be it major or minor, in every episode is crucial to the advancement of the plot, and as a viewer you get rewarded for paying attention throughout the season (especially in the final 2 episodes). Speaking of, I was convinced that the creators of Homeland had backed themselves into a corner in terms of coming up with a way to transition into a Season 2, but god damn.... I couldn't have been any more pleased in how the last 2 episodes played out. S1's ending promises another fantastic season with S2. Homeland surprises me in the same way that the excellent Breaking Bad does with its unpredictability. Overall, amazing show. If you invest your time and attention into Homeland S1, as a viewer you will be rewarded in the final episodes and feel that you couldn't have spent 12 hours of your life any better with any other current TV show. Expand
  68. Dec 1, 2011
    A show about a CIA agent trying to stop a terrorist attack? Not exactly original but the show does it very well. I was drawn to the show after seeing such good reviews, and decided to give it a chance since most of Showtimes series are very good.

    And i was not disappointed. The pacing is excellent, closer to that of a movie than tv show. The first season isn't over, and more has been
    revealed than most shows do in multiple seasons.

    The question I have is what will happen with subsequent seasons. At this pace, the main story of whether Brody is turned or not will be concluded by the end of season one, unless there is another twist, which is very possible. I just hope they do not change Brody into a "good guy" because then the show loses it's main source of momentum and will become very cliche.

    If you are looking for a well-acted, fast paced, high quality series, look no further. After getting past the generic first half of the pilot, the true source of this show's intrigue is revealed, and it becomes hard to look away...
  69. Nov 6, 2011
    I was hooked after the first show. Really liked Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers and Life. He does a great job in Homeland as does Claire Danes. Great show, highly recommend!
  70. Nov 7, 2011
    Through thorough character development and truly piquing twists, Homeland has established itself as a very good--not excellent, but certainly fascinating--psychological thriller worth giving a shot. But if you don't enjoy the pilot, I'd suggest throwing in the towel: it's a terrific pilot which ably lays the foundation for the show, so if you don't like it, I'd suggest moving on to Hell on Wheels. While the whole cast shines, Claire Danes puts on an exhibition as to how one plays a functional and highly analytical eccentric. . Danes's character, however, is somewhat over-shadowed by her co-star, "Brody," the P.O.W. whom she suspects has joined al-Qaeada. For what it's worth, This Poli. Sci. grad student is particularly impressed with Homeland's ability to remain fascinating--I wouldn't miss an episode--without excessively pushing the envelope beyond the limits of credulity (cf: 24). Moreover, and in spite of formulaic overarching counterterrorism plot and short- to medium-term story arc, definite factors which could have been detrimental to its sustainability in general. However, in my opinion, the show's most genius aspect rests on the terrifically rich topic area and the wide latitude afforded to its terrific writers given the public's interest but absence of knowledge of the subject's clandestine ins and outs. Moreover, its short- to medium-term storyline may be about whether a P.O.W. has "fipped" and joined the 'dark side', the focus has been on Abu Nazir, the show's bin Laden, whose actions bolster Homeland's chance at remaining a top notch show. Despite myriad reasons as to why the show could have foundered, it's remained engrossing and the actors have continued to improve as the season progresses. Highly recommended, even if it's not comparable to a show like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or obviously the Wire. But no need to set the bar needlessly high: this is one of the best dramas on TV today. Expand
  71. Nov 9, 2011
    This show is really good in terms of acting,plot and direction.Sergeant Brody(POW) is rescued by the CIA and receives a hero's welcome.But,Brody's homecoming raises the stakes for many people,his wife who has moved on with the sergeant's best friend,the Military 's PR sees a chance to use Brody's image,An ambitious CIA deputy director,A bipolar CIA agent who sees him as a National security threat.
    Is there a reason why Brody wasn't killed as a POW??..What is Brody planning for his homeland??..constitutes the rest of the plot.Homeland is an emotionally rewarding TV experience which is hard to come by.
  72. Dec 3, 2011
    I started watching this show because they promoted the first episode for free through youtube. It was an interesting pilot episode, but didn't seem to have much hope as a series. I've been extremely impressed with the way the writers were able to take a seemingly dead end storyline and keep it alive without loose ends hanging everywhere. After about 5 or 6 episodes Homeland really blossoms into the best show of its kind since 24. Expand
  73. Nov 28, 2011
    This is a wonderful new show. The writers do an excellent job creating complex, flawed and conflicted characters that you cannot help but to relate and fall in love with. The acting is excellent and I am sure will receive nods for best actor, actress and supporting actors with Mandy Patinkin a lock for best supporting actor. However, the story line is a little too fanciful and at times the writers have allowed their message, desire to create twists and agenda to outweigh a cohesive story line. For instance Brody returns home and struggles with the adjustment to normalcy after the prisoner of war lifestyle. However, we find out later Brody was befriended and turned over a 3 year period where no torture occurred. His regression before returning home is a large gap in reality. The show is riddled with these gaps which forces the watcher to disengaged from critical thinking and embrace the creative side of the brain. That being said we all watch this show to escape reality anyways so why not make it a little more fun! Expand
  74. Dec 8, 2011
    I'm hooked. Such a refreshing mix of non-cliches, not done-time-and-time-again outcomes, flawed heroes, high emotion, great acting and serious topic(s). A series that really, for once, makes me look forward to what next week's episode might bring. The beginning was a little slow, with just enough of the interesting stuff to keep me tuning in ... and so glad I did, as almost every episode since has left me shaking my head, yet satisfied, yet still wanting more. This is great TV. Expand
  75. Dec 19, 2011
    What an incredible series!!! I hated that i had to wait a week for a new episode and now i have to wait almost a year for the new season. It is pretty easy to see that the few negative comments had to have come from people who don't enjoy great television. This is a must see and needs to be renewed for at least 10 more seasons!!!
  76. Jan 5, 2012
    Finally, a great show with the best actors yet on TV. This is an example of taking an intriguing story to the highest level possible. I am hooked and wish that is was on more often. Cudos to the producers, directors, writers, actors and Showtime for creating such a masterpiece.
  77. Jan 20, 2012
    With strong performances all around, this series is one of the best dramas on TV right now. Great story telling and really engaging shots. Its only fault is the lacking special effects that only occur a couple of times. Other than this....excellent.
  78. Feb 8, 2012
    Alas, with the start of the new year, brought with it a season finale with a cliffhanger. Homeland, the hit new TV series has intrigued me from before the airing of the first episode. Much anticipated, the hype surrounding this show has certainly been fulfilled with the intriguing story of Sargent Brody. This is certainly a series to watch. The plot for this show is one unlike I have seen for some time, the adventure that we are taken on through each episode left me quite exhausted, yet at the same time exhilarated. What would they have install for us next week. Would we finally find out where Brody's and Tom Walker (Brody's Marine friend) true allegiances lie. Are they American soldiers undercover, or have they really been turned. I will not ruin the story for those that have not yet seen this show, as I know how I hate it when people do the same to me. So if you do not want to know any details, look away now.

    There was however a few things with this show that I didn't feel were necessary to the overall plot. Carrie Mathison the lead role in this show, has some sort of Bi-polar mental disease. Which is somewhat useful in her OCD freak-out in which she maps out Abu Nazir's timeline. I feel that the whole relapse into psychosis is rather unnecessary, as the main character is in essence shut out of helping the CIA in any capacity what so ever. However, the fact that she had a job at the CIA, without them knowing about her situation, is a little unbelievable, considering the employer. Similarly her involvement with Brody seems a little odd, and again how the worlds most intelligent, intelligence agency, did not know she was illegally surveying Brody's house, is quite beyond me. Clearly Carrie Mathison is one character that does bug me, however if this is the only problem I have with this show, then that is okay with me. The season finale is by far my favourite episode, although when is a season finale not good, everything comes together here and any problems I thought I had with the show were dispelled. The finale itself has you wondering about allegiances once again, and just when you think you have it figured, something quite unexpected happens and you are left baffled once again. I cannot wait for season 2, supposedly airing in October. I have a feeling as to what might happen yet in typical Homeland style, chances are I've got it all wrong. I will let you know if my theory is fulfilled come the end of Season 2. Lets hope Carrie can shake her illness and be back to bring down Nazir.
  79. Feb 13, 2012
    Great show. Well acted and unpredictable. You will care about the characters. Best show all year. I can't wait for the second season. Give it a chance, you'll be rewarded.
  80. Mar 16, 2012
    Not your typical suspense thriller type of TV shows, the cast of this show is almost impeccable, especially Claire Danes and Damian Lewis! WOW!!
  81. Mar 17, 2012
    Note: This review is based on a week-long viewing of whole series 1 of "Homeland". Here is my very personal view on the program. As depicted in the series, the CIA is incapable of making correct (logical) deductions from the information they collect. Politicians see war as campaign tactics. Soldiers are either killing machines or gormless pawns. "Homeland" is either the most vivid and topical description of America at war or the least captivating series about the American war machine ever made. The characters are all against fiction. By that I mean, they all lack the extraordinary yarn within the fabric of who they are that makes the audience want to spend 44 minutes with them. I won't even mention the caricature of Middle Easterners who are either sex-addict oil-princes or omnipotent brainwashing terrorists! This is of course if you view the story of a POW Marine turned terrorist as a poor depiction of American war (paranoid) machine.

    However, if you view this as a study of America at war (with all its implications), then the characters are not only credible: they are flesh-and-bone bores just like you and I. The CIA's inefficiency in the show becomes a plausible reflection of the the intelligence services' shortcomings. The politicians are no longer ambitious liars but mirrors of all candidates to a public office.

    The series asks the audience to choose between those two conflicting views. And I, for one, think that is the real raison d'etre of this overhyped show. Hence no score. It's not a series, it's a conceptual juggle.
  82. May 31, 2012
    Let me just say this, any negative review given by a user, I believe, must have been by either an adolescent boy, or an action junkie, because after looking for a series to watch after I have finished Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, almost finished Dexter and Game of Thrones, Homeland rates up there with all of them. This is television at it's riveting best. Honestly, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are an acting spectacle to behold. And throw Mandy Patinkin into to mix.....well you just cannot take your eyes off this drama. I started at episode 1 and marathoned it all the way to episode 7 in the first day. There may not be very much blowing up and shooting up of things, but I challenge you, watch until the end of episode 3 and you just cannot stop. So damn compelling! Expand
  83. Oct 27, 2012
    To say that "Homeland" Is Epic Is simply an understatement. Unexpected plot twist, Intense Scenes and a Great Story!! To say the least, Brilliant and Compelling!
  84. Nov 28, 2012
    There's a reason this show has won so many Emmy awards. The topic of terrorists and attacks on countries is a sensitive topic since 9/11 happened. The way this show describes terrorists is a way that has never been created before. Great TV show with nothing negative to it.
  85. Dec 3, 2012
    One of the best shows on tv currently. The actors and the plot are so well written, the actors are incredibly talented, and the storyline always keeps you on your toes.
  86. Dec 20, 2012
    Unbelievable! I can't count on one hand tv series that I've followed. Homeland is near the top of that small list with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. I thought this show might have a similar feel to The West Wing. Remember how damn clever and witty the dialogue was. I felt Homeland would try to show-off, dazzle us with clever banter, make us feel like we are in the exclusive club of the people who "get it". I assumed wrong. The show is Impressive because it's authenticity. Character development is amazing. I feel like I know them. I love that Homeland isn't biased or one sided. Good and evil, right or wrong are so clear cut right? It depends from your vantage point. Expand
  87. Dec 23, 2012
    Simply amazing. Best show in years, not just because of it's complexity and subtlety that is demanded for any show to reach it's whole potential, but also because of the great actors that make it come true. Homeland is an astounding success and everyone should be watching it!
  88. Jan 21, 2013
    I love the plot of the show and most of all the roles played by great actors who deserve all the glory for roles. I don't think that the story is out there and can show a real visual of how the government is capable of catching terrorist with this great action packed thriller
  89. Jan 31, 2013
    Claire Danes se mostra uma atriz perfeita durante essa temporada e o enredo todo tão envolvente que impossível tirar os olhos da tela, todo o drama politico e o poder envolvente da força da Carrie roubam a cena
  90. Mar 5, 2013
    This show is one of the best I have ever seen. Its absolutely thrilling from the first to the last second, there are almost no weak episodes, and you just can't stop watching it. I strongly recommend to watch this show if you are interested in good and thrilling entertainment. This show needs no explosions and so on. It just needs the actors it has. That's it. 10 out of 10
  91. Dec 14, 2013
    the first episode iwasn't sur if i will complete the season but now i cant imagine myself witout homeland really a great TV show i can say one of the best Great Job Showtime also Dexter :D

Universal acclaim - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 28
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 28
  3. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. Reviewed by: Mark A. Perigard
    Oct 3, 2011
    What seems like a straightforward question--Is Nick a traitor to his country?--might be the most devilishly complicated thing to answer, and definitely worth pursuing in this complex show.
  2. Reviewed by: Glenn Garvin
    Oct 3, 2011
    Homeland is an absolutely riveting immersion in the paranoia and burnout of America after a decade of the war on terrorism.
  3. Reviewed by: Jonathan Storm
    Oct 3, 2011
    It's no lie to say you don't get this sort of stylish and challenging stuff very frequently on TV, adult subject matter treated maturely in a series that makes you squirm and think.