• Network: Showtime
  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 2, 2011
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
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Universal acclaim- based on 876 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 81 out of 876

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  1. Oct 28, 2011
    All I can say is, I watched 3 or 4 episodes of this and I was hoping it would pick up a little more but no it didn't so I stopped watching it it's to obvious that everyone is acting it's just bad acting and boring stuff the only entertainment in this is the Anna form V lol who plays the wife of the turncoat anyway that's it .
  2. Oct 31, 2011
    This show has a good story and can be thrilling at some points I'll give it that, but I think that's as far as I'm willing to go. What bothers me most is the character Carrie Mathison, I refuse to believe that the CIA would ever hire her let a lone she is America's best chance. In each show she somehow finds the need to complain about something like my boss isn't giving me any support, or the government isn't giving me enough power, or I need drugs for my health which I keep secret, etc. I do want to see if Nick Brody has been turned, and I do want to see him caught if he has but I simply can't see Carrie Mathison being the person to save the day. That's my verdict. Expand
  3. Dec 29, 2011
    From my analysis the show is a decent premise with bad acting & not altogether the best casting and writing, but it does do well in managing to flesh out and use to their advantage American post 9/11 paranoia.
  4. Oct 29, 2012
    It's the worst tv-show I ve seen by far. The characters are cliche, over reacted performances, the scenario is full of stereotypes. Same **** again and again for classic Americans. The whole thing is annoying, you cannot stand to like anyone even the little kids of Brody. The plot seems a bit predictable (1st season) and nothing really happens... I admit I did watch the whole season though... But it felt very problematic. Disappointed. Expand
  5. Dec 24, 2012
    Americans like me who lived/worked in an arab/muslim world would find it very hard to relate to this show. The Drama Homeland took an extremely delicate, serious and fundemantel problem facing the American/Arab/Islamic world, and transformed it into a silly and sad cowboys and indians circus show.

    There are over 1.6 Billion! muslim in the world and for those like me who actually know
    arabs and muslims can share the frustration on how such an incredibely real world issue is sadly portrayed through the show's cast and crew. We have a lot to tell the muslims and they have a lot to tell us and they don't all speak in bombs language...

    On the other hand, what in the world is wrong with our homeland security...?? honestly!? are we really that silly and incapable?
  6. Aug 9, 2013
    Yes, I know it's fiction but it doesn't seem remotely realistic. I hope we really don't have emotionally challenged nymphomaniacs in the upper ranks of US security.
  7. Dec 12, 2013
    It's really too bad there is so much profit motivation in continuing a series that it runs off the rails. The acting on this show is pretty good. But it is also too bad that the writer's didn't just do a modicum of research into what real covert agents actually do. Actually, Carrie's character is some kind of hybrid between an analyst and a covert operative. They are two entirely different branches of the CIA. And her boss. He's so stupid, the CIA would have tossed his application for employment in the nearest round file. But she is far more believable than Brody. He started out unbelievable and has only become more so as the series has worn on. Drama is all about the willing suspension of disbelief. The only way you could do that is to have swallowed those two bottles of pill that Carrie did in her half-hearted (not nearly enough for lethality) suicide attempt on the episode I watched (Season 2, Ep. 3). I have really wanted to like this, (I'm a great fan of REALISTIC spy stories) but it is becoming more difficult to watch each time. Clare Danes is a fine actress and Damian Lewis is a good actor as well and likewise Mandy Patinkin. They deserve better material (Maybe not the boss!) Expand
  8. Dec 24, 2011
    Flawed premise. This show is based on a flawed premise. The type of situations that take place in Homeland would have you believe that highly organized Muslim terrorists are sneaking around every corner of the country. The episodes are well acted with some nice moments as far as character goes. The characters are interesting. The main problem with the show is the plot. It's incredibly frustrating to have a show operate on such an obvious and silly premise. It's almost as if Homeland was penned by Homeland Security to make you look under your bed for terrorists. It does nothing to dispel stereotypes but only adds to them and uses them to influence the audience's suspicion of one of the main characters.

    All in all
    Homeland is a huge letdown
  9. Nov 19, 2012
    I hate shows like this. Characters are well-acted, and it's an adequate portrayal of how messed up home lives can be, but the whole show makes me angry. The "good guys" are all bumbling idiots, who mess up every single thing they touch through lack of interdepartmental communication, secrets being held by those in power, and moles inside the agencies. The "bad guys," however, are perfectly synchronized, all-powerful, and able to get away with everything. Claire Danes' character is seemingly sabotaged at every single turn by almost everyone (including herself). Every time she gets close, it gets taken away, over and over and over and over and over. It's the TV equivalent of that person you knew who used to drive their car 5 feet forward every time you reached for the door handle. The first few times can be forgiven, but enough is enough. This may be the perfect example of how government agencies really work, but it makes for insanely aggravating and frustrating television. I don't watch TV to be annoyed. I will not be tuning in for any further seasons. Expand
  10. Oct 3, 2012
    Somewhat interesting, but the main character is not believable. An American prisoner of war turned terrorist and then back again, and then back again ... No thank you. Damian Lewis is great, though, Claire Dnaes not so much.
  11. Sep 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If it wasn't for the main character/protagonist, this show would be wonderful. Unfortunately, because half of the episode always focuses on her, I can't recommend this show in good conscience. The lead character ("Carrie Mathison") has actions that are so poorly thought out that she wouldn't last 5 seconds in an actual CIA environment, and I know this without even working in government.

    You know it's a bad sign when you root for the main character to get machine-gunned.
  12. Oct 6, 2011
    If you are able to suspend belief that a blonde girl can walk around Baghdad, sorry, a CIA intelligence blonde girl , in the midst of the insurgency, then, this is the movie for you. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad where each detail is intricately woven then you will be disappointed . This is an American show for an American audience.
  13. Oct 26, 2011
    Homeland is just bad.
    A CIA agent convinced that a man is a terrorist without any proof convinces another CIA agent with the most stupid thing ever seen. If you're a patriotic american that's your show. If you're a person looking for a good show then you'll dislike this.
  14. Jan 5, 2012
    Oh my gosh, why did I let myself get sucked into this program! I agree that it's not as "24" as one might expect from the title or commercials, but that's only because NOTHING EVER HAPPENS! It's not because this show is realistic or anything. There are still seriously preposterous plot lines going on here, they just travel in circles and dead ends with no payout for the viewer. This is not high art - you aren't going to learn anything about human existence from this show. It's just a series of dramatic episodes with a whole lot of climax and no resolution. The season finale was the biggest disappointment of all. That said, Claire Danes is a fantastic actress. It's worth watching an episode just to see that quality of acting on television, but don't let yourself get sucked into the plot, hoping for any conclusion. Expand
  15. nom
    Dec 3, 2011
    Very disappointing. Some of the acting, many of the characters and most of the plot lack believability. Worst of all though, episode after episode goes by without much of import happening, and the shows end up committing the cardinal sin of being boring. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis do find their moments to shine though.
  16. Oct 4, 2012
    So, I hear that this little show is critically acclaimed--Wow, I think. It's won an Emmy AND a Golden Globe for best drama series, during it's FIRST season! So, I think--this show is a MUST see. Well, over the course of 4 days, I plow through all 12 episodes of the first season, and I NEVER want to revisit this show again. The storytelling was slow and sloppy to the point at which it never really hooked me--and I seriously look for these things in a TV show. There's no real plausibility in what happens throughout the show. I find it very difficult to believe that people love this show and would award it over what Breaking Bad did in the 4th season. I just don't get it. Expand
  17. Jul 26, 2013
    Holy terrible show, seriously, it's BAD, the story tries to be complex, but it's stupid. This show takes itself way too seriously, I'd rather watch 24, at least that show had a stupid plot, but it didn't take itself too seriously...
    I don't get this show, I really don't.....
  18. Oct 12, 2014
    Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1 Need moar Danaz!!1

  19. Jan 18, 2013
    So many unbelievable elements mostly revolving around Carrie Mathison's character (bi-polar CIA agent who leaves windows WIDE OPEN in her house with SURVEILLANCE monitors and documents photos in PLAIN VIEW from any would be passer by). She continually goes rogue, gets caught only to have superiors ultimately look the other way. As a protagonist, good luck feeling sympathetic for her!

    Too bad HBO doesn't have a Terrorism show!
  20. Nov 21, 2011
    Completely unbelievable, the pilot offers a young, blond girl in Baghdad -- without her face covered -- that is so lame. The acting is subpar and there's too much English spoken which makes it more unrealistic that it needs to be. Has a cheap television look to it, probably shot on subpar digital equipment. If you expect something along the lines of the seminal 24, Homeland will leave you very, very disappointed. Expand
  21. Dec 21, 2011
    After hearing both good and bad reviews about Homeland, I decided to give it a try. After watching the entire series thus far, I found that everything about this show was predictable and poorly done. While Claire Danes has been great in her role, her performance wasn't enough to make this show even tolerable.
  22. Nov 6, 2011
    I don't want to write a review, but this show is so bad it should be on CBS. One only has to watch for fifteen minutes before complete frustration sets in. A viewer who has (a) served in the military or CIA (b) knows someone who has (c) has read at least a single book on the subject, or (d) is not a **** moron in general, will realize how idiotic this show treats such sensitive but extremely serious and formal subject matter. I'd love to say more, but I don't feel like devoting my time to nonsense. I'm sorry that critics like this. Very disappointing. It just goes to show that even the experts can be wrong now and again. Expand
  23. Jan 15, 2012
    there is 1 true story for those who are unable to sleep. it is such a boring and slow moving story that you fall asleep almost after 10 minutes of the episode. not sure why such a slow slow movie...the plot is dull and the acting are bad. normally when i see the rating was set so high from the reviews, thought it was an exciting crime suspense thrilling show; to my utter disappointment this show is so slow that they spell out every details of the spying of the naval sergeant that just came back etc Expand
  24. Mar 29, 2012
    Really, no critic thought this was even a mediocre show? It shows how flawed an aggregate system like metacritic can be when this is the highest rated TV show. This is at best a middling network drama. At worst a pretty deplorable ensemble of unbelievable characters and ridiculous storylines. For some reason I watched the entire season, and not once did I even consider the whodunnit elements of the plot. I was totally uninterested. I'm a sucker for the cliche bi-polar hard drinking protagonist but even that wasn't enough for me to care about Claire Danes' character by the end. The whole soldier coming home dynamic also made no sense and was carried out so poorly. pretty awful show. Expand
  25. Dec 22, 2012
    The reason this show is bad is that it is completely unrealistically full of plot holes and giant unrealistic mistakes. Oh I'll just send a text message to a terrorist half way around the world from the room where they are running the operation to kill him, he'll get the text message 1 second before we pull the trigger, which is enough time for him to get into a vehicle and then we won't be able to locate him. Yep, completely believable. The terrorists also have an assault team that can take down 7 armed agents in a small store except no one hears the gun fight or calls the police - totally unbelievable. I really have no idea how this show is getting such great reviews. They just throw in all sorts of other unlikely problems like the 2 kids running over a lady in their car, or an alcoholic disabled veteran who is figuring the entire secret terrorist plot out faster than the CIA. Your IQ must be below 70 if you find this show in anyway plausible or enjoyable. There are some interesting moments, but the improbability of the crap that they expect the viewer to buy into is too much. You just sit there the whole time thinking, "this would never happen." It might be ok, but they're trying to pass this show off as realistic. It is not. Expand
  26. Oct 28, 2011
    I don't understand how the critics can give this show universal acclaim! It is dull and poorly scripted with lazy character development. The main female character is just a ball of cliches; wow, an agent with a drug problem who's promiscuous but great at her job who goes home and throws herself around her crummy apartment. Amazing, however did you come up with such an original and compelling character? Expand
  27. Jan 31, 2012
    Completely unbelievable characters and plot twists. If a marine turns because of 60 civilian casualties there wouldn't be anybody left in the US Forces... Watch Generation Kill instead!
  28. Oct 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This show has become completely unrealistic and absurd. You can't be a CIA agent and have bi-polar disorder, but if you do have it evidently you can go to the Middle East on the CIA's behalf to get intelligence for them from one of your former contacts. Revealing Carrie's disorder to her bosses killed the show after just one season. Also, what about the classified documents she had in her personal possession? She should be in prison for season 2. What a waste this show turned out to be. I watched the 1st season right after hearing about the Emmy wins. I thought if it can beat Breaking Bad, Mad Men, AND Boardwalk Empire it must be good, but I thought wrong. It WAS a very good show (not close to the 3 I just mentioned) but they turned it into the same unrealistic story 24 was. The writers & creators just play the audience for idiots while they count their money. How anyone could give this show a positive score is beyond me. I would give this show a negative score if I could. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time even getting started with it. Expand
  29. Jul 11, 2013
    I don't really like it. It's unrealistic and predictable. I don't find it addicting. This does not deserve the awards it has won, Claire Danes portrayal of a bi-polar person is very unpredictable, I have a brother who is bi-polar and he acts nothing like that
  30. Feb 6, 2013
    Love the fictional story line, however, I'd classify this as porn with the graphic bedroom scenes. Also, I guess the writer's are linguistically challenged in that the best descriptive word they seem to be able to come up with is the "F" word. Although I enjoyed the plot, I won't be purchasing season 2.
  31. Feb 15, 2013
    Horrible. Watched 8 episodes. This show is beyond boring. There's nothing that gets me coming back to it ever. The only good thing about it is all the hot women.
  32. Jul 20, 2013
    The show is slow and predictable. It relies too much on Claire Danes character unrealistic crazy moments. I have a relative with Bi-Polar disorder (which Claire Danes character has) and it is unbelievably over exaggerated. I was also in the military and the military part of the show is also VERY unrealistic. If you like quality television don't watch this.
  33. Sep 23, 2013
    First of all, I will admit that this show is great in many ways. In fact, it is great in most ways and for most of the first season I was obsessed with it. However, I absolutely refuse to support a show that essentially tricks me into thinking that it is, for the most part, non partisan. Soon enough I found that not only does the show lean to the left, it practically could not be anymore offensive than it currently is. The entire shows message is that radical Islamic terrorists are not truly villains and that the reason America is attacked is because of the "war-mongers" in political power. I am sure that this sort of thing does happen in reality, but the way "Homeland" portrays the whole scenario is inexplicably offensive. It is a vile tactic that makes the viewer want to sympathize with some of the worst scum on this planet. It truly is shameful that this show is even on television. I honestly wonder if the creators of this show actually are empathetic to the 9/11 bombers. One day, when your plane goes into a building or a bomb goes off on your bus, you aren't going to be pitying the poor suicide bomber. I could rant more about "Homeland" and its flaws but I think the message alone should be enough to deter most decent viewers. Expand
  34. Nov 9, 2013
    The overacting is enough to have you rip your hair out. The fact that a CIA agent sobs like a baby at every scene, laughable. The best scene ever was Carrie screaming, "It's not him, its not the sandman, WE DON'T HAVE THE SANDMAN!" *bursts into tears* In saying this, I am still watching it as its the best laugh I have had in ages. The sad thing is, I use to think ol' Claire was a great actress, now.... not so much. Expand
  35. Dec 11, 2013
    Really lame show. The material in the show is so far off from the truth and shameful on how they depict certain situation instead of showing something close to being real. The shows story line is boring. I recommend watching a better show. There are so many amazing shows out there.

Universal acclaim - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 28
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 28
  3. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. Reviewed by: Mark A. Perigard
    Oct 3, 2011
    What seems like a straightforward question--Is Nick a traitor to his country?--might be the most devilishly complicated thing to answer, and definitely worth pursuing in this complex show.
  2. Reviewed by: Glenn Garvin
    Oct 3, 2011
    Homeland is an absolutely riveting immersion in the paranoia and burnout of America after a decade of the war on terrorism.
  3. Reviewed by: Jonathan Storm
    Oct 3, 2011
    It's no lie to say you don't get this sort of stylish and challenging stuff very frequently on TV, adult subject matter treated maturely in a series that makes you squirm and think.