• Network: CBS
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 19, 2005
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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  1. Reviewed by: Alan Sepinwall
    Sep 24, 2013
    There are a number of annoying little things, and a few big ones, sprinkled throughout these two [opening] episodes, but they get the biggest thing of all absolutely right: the Mother.
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  1. Dec 8, 2012
  2. Apr 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I just finished the season and back to rewrite my review. Obviously it ain't good. From 2/10 I dropped it to 0/10.

    Season 9 drags out the story of 2 days over 22 EPISODES, and tops all the laziness and crappy plots by slapping the viewers in the face as well at the end of it with an abysmal finale.

    It had by now become a repeat of the same things with reference to past "glories" and funny moments of the show, with an overly tiring constant comparison of characters how they were and how they are, and pretty much nothing more than a desperate need to make it as many seasons as possible rather than as long as it should be.

    Side note, the characters haven't evolved THAT much either, so pin pointing out all the little things just to make them important is even more tiring. And, by the last episode, we find out they haven't evolved at all. So, boring, tiring AND a slap to the face (like I already said)!!!

    You want to talk about a real tiring drag? We get 22 episodes all showing hour by hour the last day/s before the wedding. You want to talk about lazy? We get a double-length finale to wrap up the story of 3-4 years after that and conclude the plot. Lame. This shows how desperate they were to drag this out as much as they could, and how little they cared to be creative with it as well.

    I sat and saw 8 entire damn seasons leading to this? This is ridiculous.

    After episode 12-13 around, it starts to pick up a little, it gets just a "ted" better. By episode 22, it has gone up and down but gradually got better, with some really wonderful moments included which were ALL the ones with the mother and Barney and Robin. Nothing too special, but it was ok. Then the last episode rolls in, and OH, MY, GOD.

    1) Barney and Robin break up for the most idiotic reason on planet earth! It simply doesn't fit even when they SAY that they broke up (reference to their banging and high-fiving each other about it). Lame, lazy, and one retarded way to break them up when clearly they still have fun together, chemistry and fit together. Convenient bs for an even more bs ending.

    2) Barney hasn't changed after all. Sooo, all the sentimental "progress" and "life and character changes" he went through he actually didn't go through. And we are, after this, meant to believe that he found the love of his life in his daughter and actually changed to be a good father? Sorry, don't buy it. 3 years down the track he will be the same **** again. That is exactly the feeling they create by this point.

    3) Robin starts to believe Ted was the one she was meant to be with? Seriously? Even on her wedding? So the fact that she actually was in love with Barney and they were a perfect match for each other is bs as well? No, she simply didn't fit with Ted, not in a million years. They were two opposites and good for a fling, but not for a life-changing-altering relationship.

    4) The mother. The only person that could bring a fresh smile for a happy ending, and they kill her off? Literally! How drunk are they? Any more convenient bs and I will have to puke.

    5) Ted, the worst of all. Hang up on Robin after all these years.... STILL??? MOVE THE FK ON DUDE! They don't mix and match, they don't fit, they don't work together, and above all, he met the perfect woman for HIM. Seriously, we get a woman that thinks and acts like him, falls for him and he for her from the go, have everything to be a perfect fit between them, build her up for 8 seasons and the idea of a one true love, and then we just kill her off? LOL. And after meeting such a person, being with them for what I calculated about 10yrs, Ted is STILL hung up over Robin? Wha? Convenient unrealistic bs. If he had met a woman like that, no other woman would EVER be good enough, much less have feelings for a mediocre by comparison relationship he once had. Biggest douchebag in the world.

    What, did the writers have some lame crush on a female friend of theirs and this is their way to tell them "no matter how much we don't fit, we will be together in the end..... because... you know.... love.... exception to everything..." LOL. Again, just a convenient word to them to excuse their lame writing.

    And what, they justified it all with "she has been dead for 6 years"?
    And his little fk-tart kids sat and listened to the story of "Who I Banged Before Your Mother", and couldn't care less about it (we are talking about their dead mother, lol) and go on to route for their father to chase his life long crush, which apparently he didn't get over even when he was with their mother, instead of getting up and slapping him over the head? What a douche, and what a bunch of tarts.
    He probably poisoned her and sat by her in hospital smiling and planning how to get his kids on board with his boner.

    They also placed the importance of the stupid lame blue horn story over the whole plot on the yellow umbrella by the end too. lol. I hope they are happy with themselves. They should be slapped for such laziness.

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  3. Mar 1, 2013
    The characters are just getting old. Jokes are old. And the story is not moving like in previous seasons. They just have to bring to stopThe characters are just getting old. Jokes are old. And the story is not moving like in previous seasons. They just have to bring to stop soon. The writer should do better and not write just to please the stupid fans who don't know any better. Full Review »