I'm With Her : Season 1

  • Network: ABC
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 23, 2003
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Summary: Writer Chris Henchy's real life marriage to Brooke Shields is the inspiration for this fresh romantic comedy: He's an average guy living with a woman who can't even pick up their dry cleaning without being asked for an autograph! Which means he's got plenty of funny stories to bring to this series about a high school teacher who falls for a movie star. On the day that would change his life, delightful young everyman Patrick Owen is drinking his mid-morning latte when he's bitten by love. Literally. The gnashing jaws belong to Monroe, the easily-excited puppy of movie star Alexandra Young. When she tries to apologize – and when Patrick recognizes her famous face – he's awestruck, dumbstruck, and so very charming. Alex sets her sights on Patrick, but he's unprepared for the add-ons that come with this little flirtation. His anonymity and privacy go up in the flash of a hundred paparazzi cameras. And he's an overnight sensation with his young male students, for reasons that have nothing to do with his brilliant classroom banter. All of which makes him wonder if it's possible to find true love in the hot spotlight of the media. From the producers of Smallville comes a unique look at a guy dating out of his league. Way out of his league. This comedy proves nice guys don't always finish last. Sometimes they go the distance. ABC Broadcast History September 2003 - April 2004 .... Tuesdays 8:30 PM Special Presentations November 27, 2003 - Thursday 11:30 AM CTV Broadcast History (Canada) September 2003 - April 2004 .... Tuesdays 8:30 PM


Network: ABC
Genre(s): Comedy
Seasons: 1
Cast Credit
David Sutcliffe Patrick Owen
Teri Polo Alexandra Young
Rhea Seehorn Cheri Baldzikowski
Danny Comden Stevie Hanson