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  1. Dec 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. The show's introductory theme is awful. It puts me off every single episode. It's shoddily designed, with an otherwise good soundtrack. That problem aside; the show DOES have me coming back for more. The show sees Anna Silk playing 'Bo' the Succubus. The Pilot tells the story of how she discovers that her powers derive from the fact that she is actually a 'Fae' (read; supernatural being) that has the power to wield seduction as a weapon. She thrives off 'sexual energy' with it she is stronger than human, without it she is weaker than human. Together this dynamic makes her a slightly more interesting female protagonist.

    The world she discovers upon realising her true heritage, is split in two; the Fae world is divided into the Light Fae and the Dark Fae. These reasonably unimaginatively named factions act like Mafia families that take care of their own and rival each other. Bo, choosing not to take part in the seemingly unethical practices of both, becomes the first 'unaligned' Fae. This gives her (for some reason) a political presence of a third faction and her gang quickly become respected entities. As The characters develop, the abilities of each grow to compliment each other in an impressive manner, which continually allows the the show to blend magic and mystery with politics and intrigue with a dash of character development.

    The show isn't afraid of sexuality (and rightly so given the main character) and the love triangle that surrounds her is a bisexual one. She first falls for the Werewolf ('Wolf Shifter') Dyson, and later the Human Doctor, Lauren. This dynamic doesn't go away. Ever. (At least it hasn't in the early episodes of Season 4). At first the dynamic is fresh and relatively rare in mainstream TV, yet they manage to kill off it's sensuality by never letting the love triangle develop properly.

    The shows main issues lie in it's writing. It seems to be written by someone who watched too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the 90's cool one liners were awesome- but in the 2010's we know better. Seeing a woman look badass is great, but the one liners kill the action. The writing has the potential to be very intelligent- the character Trick, the Bloodking in particular has a fantastic history. The dynamics between The Ash and The Morrigan too could be very strong. Yet the show tends to shy away from intelligent humour and prefers
    to go for boob shots, corny plot twists and cheesy one liners. Because of this, it can't reach the levels of Being Human (UK version) or Misfits(UK version)- which are both supremely underrated, and can't keep up with the strength of Supernatural, Vampire Diaries or even the new 'The Originals'.
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  2. Jan 17, 2013
    This is a review on the two first episodes of season 3:

    Its still entertaining. Its not the best show out there but a given every week. Its
    This is a review on the two first episodes of season 3:

    Its still entertaining. Its not the best show out there but a given every week. Its just fun entertainment. Bo, is still Bo. It feel like they want Kenzi take a bigger role of the "Action" then earlier. Some characters feel phased out and others take on very different roles!
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