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Summary: Making Fiends, created by Amy Winfrey, started as a web cartoon in 2003. The show is about Charlotte and Vendetta. They attend a gloomy school in the town of Clamburg. And that's about all they have in common. Charlotte loves singing, puppies, hugs and, most of all, her new best friend Vendetta. Vendetta prefers clams, magazines and devising new ways to destroy Charlotte. With her vicious band of homemade fiends, Vendetta works tirelessly to rid her beloved grey and gloomy Clamburg of Charlotte's bright and shiny threat. Unfortunately for Vendetta, Charlotte doesn't seem to notice, and happily turns each new fiend into a new friend. Amy Winfrey voices the main character Charlotte, Aglaia Mortcheva voices Vendetta, and Peter Merryman voices Mr. Milk and Grudge, Vendetta's giant hamster. The show is directed by Dave Wasson, who previously worked on Time Squad and The Buzz on Maggie. Characters: Vendetta is a very important little girl. Because of Vendetta, an entire town of people live quiet, cautious lives. Nobody says anything or does anything that might displease Vendetta. Because when Vendetta is angry, she makes fiends. Vendetta goes to school everyday... not because she has a desire to learn anything, but to instill horror into the hearts of all the other children. She spends her time reading magazines, eating clams, beef jerky and grape punch, and plotting ever more horrible fiends. Charlotte is a cheerful girl who is oblivious to all that is bad and mean in the world, Charlotte wants nothing more than to be good friends with Vendetta and her fiends. She is friendly and outgoing and not at all aware that Vendetta hates her. Charlotte loves to pretend to be things like postage stamps or cheese. She celebrates obscure holidays with gusto. She knows many, many songs and loves to sing. She likes everyone and everything in the world except strawberries and moose. Grudge is a large hamster fiend who is almost always at Vendetta's side. He is loyal to Vendetta and suspicious of everybody else. Grudge assists Vendetta in all her fiendish plots, but his great strength combined with his clumsy nature occasionally cause problems. He speaks only in grunts. Buttons is Charlotte's pet hamster. He likes peanuts and buttons. He's scared of giant cats, large hamsters, small frogs and everything else that Vendetta has ever made. Much to Button's terror, Charlotte thinks that every fiend would be a perfect friend for Buttons and insists on introducing...

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Network: Nicktoons Network , Nicktoons Networks
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation
Seasons: 1, 2
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Peter Merryman Grudge
Aglaia Mortcheva Vendetta
Amy Winfrey Charlotte