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  • Series Premiere Date: Aug 15, 1973
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
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  • Starring: Brian Murphy, Yootha Joyce, Richard O'Sullivan
  • Summary: Welcome to the "Man About The House" Information page at tvtome

    British hit series Man About the House is a story about young Robin Tripp who winds up wanting to move in with the lovely Chrissy Plummer and Jo. However, to live in the flat with two girls, he must convince the landlords,
    George and Mildred Roper, that he is gay. With this, a perfect comical setup that lasts us 39 episodes. The Roommates: Robin Tripp, Chrissy Plummer, & Jo The Landlords: George Roper, Mildred Roper Other People: Larry Simmonds Man About the House is good UK television, and this guide uses UK words. For American English speakers, here are the translations: flat--apartment flatmate--roommate football--soccer pub--bar< Man About the House to Three's Company: Robin Tripp-Jack Tripper Chrissy Plummer- Janet Wood Jo- Chrissy Snow George Roper- Stanley Roper Mildred Roper- Helen Roper< Larry Simmonds- Larry Dallas (Cindy, Terri, Furley, and Lana did not have original UK versions, as they were added in America only.) Useless Information: Larry (Doug Fisher) appears in 19 episodes, 20 if you count the movie. Norman Eshley played Robin's brother Norman, but then moved on tho George and Mildred playing a completely different part. Chrissy and Jo never appear on any spin-offs of Man About the House. They are never seen again. Norman Eshley appears four times during the series run, once as Ian Cross and then three times as Norman Tripp. Alison Hughes plays a girl named Linda twice in the series run. In Three's Company, Jack's girlfriend Linda appears three different times. Man About the House was 39 episodes long, a HUGE difference between Three's Company. This could be because British television fundings are smaller. Man About the House had an okay film, but Three's Company nor its spin-offs made a film. SPINOFFS George and Mildred-The Roper's have moved on to live in a small townhouse and the tables have turned, when they have landlords (the Fourmile's) and they must own up to the snoppy lords. Robin's Nest-Robin has moved on to own his own restaurant and live with his girlfriend Vicky and her father who is snooping around endlessly. He is also Robin's not-so-silent silent partner to Robin's Nest. Three's Company-American remake with John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt and Priscilla Barnes. Expand
  • Genre(s): Comedy
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