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Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Summary: In creator Rosemary Wells's own words, she explains the show's goal:"Max and Ruby celebrates the relationship between Ruby and her younger brother, Max, and the universal nature of sibling relationships. It's as common an experience to many childhoods as Band-aids and birthdays. And what makes the relationship in the series compelling is that I've added salt and pepper to it, instead of sugar."The residents of the show's universe are all rabbits which children (and even adults!) will find quite adorable. The superb animation appears to have been done on computer (not three dimensional, though) and the artwork itself is very, very well done. The characters' expressions, especially Max's mischievous look, and behaviors are worth watching!Interestingly, we never see the parents of Max and Ruby, making it look like they live by themselves in a big house. This has come under criticism by many parents. However, their neighbor-grandmother and other adults do make frequent appearances.Rosemary Wells has created many books and shows, such as Timothy Goes to School among others.CastMax. An enthusiastic and determined three-year-old who speaks no more than a few words each show. Often at odds with his sister mainly because she doesn't understand him or doesn't want him to do some certain things (such as making noises). He tends to get things his way at the end, though!Ruby. Max's seven-year-old sister, a very smart, goal-oriented and responsible (albeit bossy) young lady. Almost in every episode, Ruby is frustrated by Max getting into messes or disobeying her, but she displays a tremendous amount of patience while she tries to set him straight.Grandma. Grandmother of Max and Ruby, she lives next-door and often pays them a visit, or vice versa. A classic grandmother both in personality and appearance: kind-hearted, generous, crow's feet, and a sweet smile.Louise. Best friend of Ruby's, they have a lot of things in common, including being related to curious little boys. Louise is in Bunny Scouts along with Ruby and Valerie.Morris. Louise's cousin who is a year or so younger than Max. Appears in very few episodes. (Thanks, Kerry & her daughter for pointing out that Morris is a cousin, not a brother of Louise's.)Valerie. Another friend of Ruby's as well as Louise's. She wears glasses and is an intelligent, funny girl. She's also in the Bunny Scouts.Martha. One of Ruby's friends and a Bunny Scout, although she appeared in only two episodes or so. Didn't speak...

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Network: Nickelodeon
Genre(s): Animation, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5