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User Reviews

  1. Apr 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This series was amazing in all points. Every single second of the whole entire show was intriguing, except the final 5 minutes or so, Arthur dies. I got into the show a little late after the last episode aired, and i heard the finale was suppose to be epic and shocking, it was definitely shocking because the whole entire series built up to a peaceful land, Albion, a happy place where everyone is equal and in union, but the writers decided to kill Arthur off, before there was any change in the world. This finale seams to want to have a comic ending, where it ends with the characters moving from entrapment to freedom, Merlin gaining stronger powers, Arthur learning his secret, Albion; all of this seems to happen or will probably happen, but the show tries to keep that comic ending and creates a world awaiting for Arthur's return, knowing that Arthur will always be ready to save the world, leaving the world free. In my opinion, if they wanted a comic ending they should have just let Arthur go back to Camelot and create Albion on his own, create a world where everyone is equal and happy, fulfill the destiny that the show has built for him in each episode; instead he dies, his destiny is incomplete, and the show ends, unfulfilled. I enjoy that the writers created a show's finale, I admire that, shows should end, not by being cancelled, but by the writers choice, but the writers ended the show badly, breaking the promise that they made through each episode in each season. the finale's beginning is good, a major battle, merlin fully realized as a warlock etc., but the finale's finale is the part where this show is completely ruined. Expand

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