Miranda : Season 3

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User Reviews

  1. Nov 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers. The first episode is the stand-out of the season for me by far. Miranda Hart is at her best as she portrays Miranda trying to prove (once more) that she can hold a normal job, while Penny forcing her daughter to attend Eaters Anonymous and the improvised carol singing also prove hilarious. This episode also develops new stories in the show, as we learn Miranda's shop has gone bankrupt and the character of Michael, Miranda's new love interest, is introduced. However, following this, the show's quality goes rather downhill in my opinion, particularly if you have been an avid viewer of both seasons one and two. This I put down to three things: the consistent and all-too-familiar rehashing of previous jokes, the lack of any funny new cast, and the character of Michael. The first point is of most importance.

    Firstly, the rehashing of old jokes, phrases or even episodic stories is far too prominent in this season. For example, in the fourth episode of season one Miranda jokingly and rather funnily books a holiday at the Hamilton Lodge, a hotel across the street. Yet, this is rehashed once more in the final episode of the third season. While still funny, it does not have the same effect [especially if like me you've seen both seasons one and two over and over before]. Miranda's falling off of things or tripping over is relied upon a lot more than usual which becomes tiring and while moments like this and Penny's phrases remain such fun, we really needed some new fresh and funny material.

    Secondly, the lack of any new FUNNY one-off/prominent or even regular cast members left me as a viewer unhappy. While in previous seasons, we've had the likes of Tamara, Chris and Allison, Wallet Guy, Sandy and Amanda Barnes to name but a few, this season we had NO ONE. This accompanied by the rehashing of old phrases/jokes/stories made the show feel even more laborious. Yes, the show's main cast can cope and do provide some laughs. But, we needed a new character(s) to lift the show and interact with the regular cast to provide more story opportunities. Chris and Allison were particularly missed being involved on a more regular basis.

    Extending my point about the lack of any comedic new cast, what the producers did give us were two new characters, Miranda's new love interest Michael and Gary's new love interest Rose, and a few celebrity cameos in the form of Gary Barlow [yawn] and Raymond Blanc. Michael could have been more funny, but not as to steal the limelight from Miranda, while Rose was not intended to be funny, yet her scenes with Miranda were indeed [potato for hair anyone?]. The celebrity cameos were worthless, giving their respective episodes none or little value; Gary did not speak, while Raymond Blanc's cameo was slightly funnier (particularly his and Penny's scenes). Having a celebrity appearance also took away some of the show's realism and worth for me was there that little material that the show had to rely on celebrities to carry the episode along?

    On a more positive note, I will say that this season was still wholly funny, despite the repetition of familiar jokes/phrases/stories. The dinner party Miranda holds, along with the first episode, Miranda in the shop being half-naked again and the episode where Miranda pretends to be ill are my highlights of this season.

    To conclude, while the third season of Miranda continues to show us the funny, childish world of Miranda, the show is in desperate need of new material throughout. If you are a new viewer to Miranda [by that I mean you only saw the third season] you will enjoy this season far more than if you have watched both seasons one and two beforehand. On a final note, if the show gets a fourth season, the major problem of lacking new material needs to be rectified, perhaps with some new cast as I suggested or otherwise. Miranda does remain such fun, if not as much as in the first two seasons, for now.

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