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  • Summary: Welcome to the Hollow Tree --- the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends guide at TV.com. Have a spiderific day, and be good to bugs.Congratulations to Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, now a Gemini award winner in the category of Best Original Music Score for an Animated Program or Series forWelcome to the Hollow Tree --- the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends guide at TV.com. Have a spiderific day, and be good to bugs.Congratulations to Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, now a Gemini award winner in the category of Best Original Music Score for an Animated Program or Series for the special "The Prince, The Princess and the Bee."This exciting animated adventure is based on books written and illustrated by David Kirk. The introductory movie, "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids," is set during the first days of spring, when Miss Spider and Holley welcome five new additions to the family --- Snowdrop, Pansy, Wiggle, Spinner, and Squirt. Trouble arises when the precocious Squirt sets out on his own to return a chicken egg to its owner, forcing Miss Spider and Holley to embark on a dangerous journey to return him to safety.Filled with stellar CGI animation, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is a release that children will want to revisit again and again. With fascinating and touching plots, superb instrumental and vocal music, viewers will want to return often to the Hollow Tree.Looking to watch Miss Spider and all of her friends? Currently, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is seen in the United States only on Noggin, a sub-network of Nick Jr. Noggin only carries the first season of the program, however, many episodes from the second season are available on DVD. In Canada, Miss Spider can be seen on Treehouse TV currently. Treehouse TV has all episodes of the program. Miss Spider has also aired in Canada on Teletoon. For those in the U.K., you can currently catch the program on Five.Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is a production of Nelvana / Corus Entertainment, the Canadian company that brings viewers Franklin, Little Bear and more recently, Jacob Two-Two.
    Opening Theme(Squirt: Yeah!)(Dragon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.)(Shimmer: Ha ha ha ha ha.)(Squirt: Coming through!)(Bounce: Yeah!)Spiders are spinning away in the trees(Squirt: Woo hoo! Yeah!)Buggies are bouncing and riding the breeze(Bounce: Woo hoo hoo!)
    (Squirt: Bugs away!)Gliding through the sky
    We're flying high
    The fun we hatch, in Sunny Patch
    To the hollow tree, a family
    On wings and strings
    And floaty things
    Coming home for hugs(Bounce: Wah-ha-ha!)Be good to bugs.
    Character BiographiesMiss Spider - Miss Spider is the nicest biggie in Sunny Patch. Together with her husband Holley, she raised a family and adopted three more bugs. Miss Spider is very kind and generous and never goes back on her word. She has many friends such as her husband, Holley, the red ants, Ted and Ned and the queen bee, Beetrice. She's even nice to Spiderus, who once tried to become her husband and is normally mean to everyone else. Miss Spider was adopted as a young spiderling when she lost her family. Thus, she has a special concern for orphans. Miss Spider is a fruit spider and would never eat any other insect. Miss Spider does, however, greatly enjoy chanterelle mushrooms. Miss Spider is voiced by Kristin Davis, who is known for her roles in programs such as General Hospital and Melrose Place.Holley Spider - Holley, is Miss Spider's husband and a great help to her. He enjoys playing with his children and is always patient. Like Miss Spider, he is very kind, although he also possesses great caution and wisdom. He is often seen playing a guitar that is made of spider webs and is crafted from wood bark and oak. Overall, he is very adoring and a loving buggie. His voice actor is Robert Smith, whose work can also be heard in programs such as JoJo's Circus and Rolie Polie Olie.Grandma Betty Beetle - Betty Beetle is Miss Spider's "Mom." She found Miss Spider out and alone when she was very young and adopted her. Betty Beetle is warm and kind, just like Miss Spider. She's a good Grandma to all of Miss Spider's little buglets. Barbara Budd is the voice of Betty Beetle. She can also be seen in Stunt Dawgs and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.Uncle Gus - Uncle Gus has a somewhat country way of speaking. He is wise and knows about many things, such as astronomy. Uncle Gus is voiced by Peter Oldring, who has done voices for Pelswick, among other programs.Squirt - Squirt is green and is often seen wearing a pink and green cap. He is one of five spider children who live in the Hollow Tree. Squirt is a fun-loving sort who is somewhat independent at times. However, he often has a lot of fun playing with his many siblings. Squirt is full of energy and drive. He often dreams of flying like his winged adopted siblings, but usually has to settle for surfing a web. The voice of Squirt, Scott Beaudin, can also be heard as Peep in Peep and the Big Wide World and Fox in the most recent episodes of Franklin.Shimmer - She is a bright-pink jewel beetle and the oldest female of the siblings. She likes to fly very high up in the air with Dragon and likes to play flying games. Shimmer lost her mother and father when she was a young buggie. She was blown away in a storm and was never sure what happened to them. Shimmer's quest to find her parents was the subject of the feature-length special The Prince, the Princess and the Bee. Shimmer's voice actress is Rebecca Brenner.Bounce - He is a blue bedbug who loves to hop around with his brothers and sisters. Bounce's best friend is Dragon because they both found each other before Miss Spider asked them to come into their family. Both Bounce and Dragon never knew their parents, but they believe that they were possibly eaten by a big owl named Hoot. Bounce misses his family a lot but he also likes his new family, The Spider Family. Bounce is very fond of eating. He also is very young and is rarely shy to voice is opinion. He is also highly energetic and very "happy-go-lucky." Bounce is rarely upset or shy. Julie Lemieux, the voice of Bounce, is a very prolific voice actress who can also be heard in JoJo's Circus, the recent CGI Care Bears features, Pelswick and many other programs.Dragon - He is a purple dragonfly who loves to fly around with his sister, Shimmer. Dragon has many friends such as Squirt, Shimmer and his best buggie pal, Bounce. Dragon is an excellent flier, capable of beating his wings thirty times per second. Dragon once considered flying away with an air show, but decided to stay with his family. Something of a rebel at times, Dragon can often be bossy. He will also sometimes do things that may not be entirely right, but he is usually a fairly nice bug. Mitchell Eisner provides the voice of Dragon. He is Rabbit in the most recent season of Franklin and also Ka-Chung in The Save-Ums.Wiggle - He is a little bluish colored spider who kind of looks a bit like a blueberry. He always wears his watermelon cap and carries little watermelon balls right beside his waist. Wiggle is very caring who likes to play with Squirt and Spinner. Wiggle usually likes to explore Sunny Patch with Spinner while his family is away doing something else. Wiggle is generally soft-spoken. He is also very nervous and sometimes easily scared. Wiggle has a creative side and is revealed to be something of an artist in "Wiggle's Squiggles." In the first season of the program, he is never seen web-surfer, but in the second season, Squirt helps him to learn how. Wiggle's voice actor, Marc McMulkin, is Bear in the most recent season of Franklin. He also voices Noah on Jacob Two-Two.Spinner - Spinner wears glasses and is rather intelligent. He is also very good at spinning webs. Once not a very good athlete, his brother Dragon helped him to play sports such as basketberry. He is generally kind and he likes to scavenge other objects such as berries, leaves and other sophisticated things. Spinner has inherited his father's talent for music and likes to play soft songs on the violin. In the first season of the program, Spinner is voiced by Austin Di Iulio. He was also the voice of Skeebo on the first season of JoJo's Circus and Timothy on Timothy Goes to School. Cameron Ansell takes on the role in the second season. He is the most recent voice of Arthur on Arthur and is Noodle on The Save-Ums.Pansy - Pansy is one of the two six-year-old twin girls. Although she loves her twin sister Snowdrop, she wants to be seen as her own spider. But when it comes down to it, she and Snowdrop are a dynamic duo. They are a good team. They do everything better together. Pansy is a tomboy, a natural athlete. She is the most coordinated of our bug pack. She can get herself out of practically any sticky situation. Because of her natural ability she takes chances. Chances she shouldn't always take. When Pansy gets in trouble, it's usually Snowdrop that comes to her rescue. Pansy loves to be at the center of attention. She's very competitive and doesn't like it when someone can do something better than she can. She can surf circles around Squirt, which irritates him royally. Pansy is not very good at weaving webs, a talent that her brother Snowdrop possesses. Aaryn Doyle, the voice of Pansy, also voices Foo on The Save-Ums.Snowdrop - Snowdrop is pansy's six year old twin. Where Pansy is all about the physical, Snowdrop is about the cerebral. She is a dreamer, an inventor and a budding scientist. Snowdrop is a keen observer of the world around her. She is a marvelous engineer and craftsbug. Her webs are masterpieces and she already has a reputation in sunny patch for their delicate intricacy. She's the first to put together an acorn shell buggy for the annual sunny patch go-cart race. Her best pal and sister pansy is sure to race it to victory. Moving at her own pace, Snowdrop is a kid who easily gets lost in reverie, stopping every step to marvel at a flower unfolding or cloud changing shape or to collect tidbits for her next invention. She often lags behind the family and her sister Pansy always keeps a watchful eye out for her. There isn't much that can ruffle snowdrop's blissful nature. She has a very, very long fuse. But when Snowdrop blows, she blows and all the other kids run for cover. Snowdrop's voice, Alexandra Lai, is also the voice of Dori the Glow Grub on The Save-Ums.Spiderus - He is a spider, but unlike Miss Spider and her family, he's carnivorous. Spiderus is oftentimes something of a troublemaker, but with the help of Miss Spider and others, he's slowly learning kindness. Spiderus is married to Spindella.Profilic, acclaimed voice actor Tony Jay, who provided the voice of Spiderus, was nominated for both a daytime Emmy award and an Annie award for his work on this role. Unfortunately, he passed away in August, 2006. The status of the character in future episodes is unknown at this time.Spindella - Unlike Spiderus, Spindella is usually kind and sweet-natured. She met Spiderus and the two of them fell in love at first sight. Kristina Nicoll, the voice of Spindella, also voices Motherboard on the show Cyberchase.Ted and Ned - The laziest ants you'll ever find. Hive insects hardly, Ted and Ned are always looking for free food or anything else they can get someone to give them as a handout. Ted and Ned are pretty freewheeling and look for any excuse they can find to take it easy. They love comfort and don't like work. Ted is voiced by Philip Williams (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Pippi Longstocking) while Ned is voiced by Jonathan Wilson (Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs and Atomic Betty.)Snake - There are actually many snakes that inhabit Sunny Patch, but to date, they have all looked the same and been voiced by the same voice actress, Alison Sealy-Smith. The snakes will sometimes attack and eat bugs, so they generally try to keep a wide berth of them. However, some others snakes are perfectly safe and wouldn't hurt anyone. Since the bugs don't generally know which or which, they stay cautious by trying to avoid them all. Snake is voiced by Alison Sealy-Smith, of Birdz and This is Wonderland.Beetrice - Beetrice is the royal bee brigade. As the Queen Bee, she is somewhat authoritarian in nature, but she's also a very nice and kindly individual to be around. Queen Beetrice has many bee young including her most recent charge, Princess Honey in The Prince, the Princess and The Bee. This regal bug is voiced by Catherine Gallant. Her television roles include Flying Rhino Junior High and X-Men.Princess Honey - A real handful! Honey may be newborn, but she can already speak and possesses a fierce independent streak. Honey knows that she's a princess and feels that she should be able to do what she wants. She's learning, though, that even princesses don't get everything they want. Princess Honey went on a high-flying adventure in The Prince, the Princess and the Bee. It is not yet known if she will be seen in any other episodes of the program. Isabel de Carteret, the voice of honey, has a recurring role on the new Nelvana CGI animated series Jane and the Dragon.Snack - A young ladybug. He's a friend to Miss Spider's little buglets, but isn't seen all that often. He also attend school with them. Snack's voice actor is unknown.Lil Sis - Apparently the sister of Snack. She attends a dancing forbidden
    Location, Location, LocationSunny Patch --- The general area where the characters featured in this series live and play.The Hollow Tree / Cozy Hole --- The Cozy Hole is located within the Hollow Tree. This is where Miss Spider, Holley and all their little buglets live. It's a nice, snug, warm place.Dribbly Dell --- A large field with room for activities, concerts and much more. The Dribbly Dell is home to the Dribbly Dell Singers.The Taddy Puddle --- A fun place for water activities and other fun. The Taddy Puddlers basketball team plays near here. There is also sailing at the puddle.Aphid Avenue --- A thoroughfare within Sunny Patch. A new playground was built here recently.The Snakey Woods --- A dangerous area inhabited by snakes and other dangerous creatures. Most bugs in Sunny Patch avoid this place if at all possible.Mushroom Glen --- A beautiful, faraway kingdom featured in The Prince, the Princess and the Bee. Phraseology*bugs --- General-purpose replacement used in words such as "cowboys" --- i.e. "cowboys" to "cowbugs."*buggy --- General-purpose replacement for words such "anybody," "somebody" and "everybody."buglets --- Bug children --- i.e., all of Miss Spider's young charges.basketberry --- A sport played essentially in the same manner as basketball, but with a berry instead of a ball and a web for a net. "Swish! Nothing but web!"soccerberry --- Like basketberry, this sport is played with a berry instead of a ball.Spiderific! --- Commonly used term for "terrific," "awesome," etc.Jumping Junebugs --- A common exclamation.Bugs Away! --- Commonly shouted when about to engage in some fun activity.Bugging Out --- Freaking out, getting overly excited, etc.lice cream --- Characters on this show don't eat ice cream, they eat "lice cream." Flavors include "roachy road," "nutty buggy" and "butterfly pecan.""I only have eight legs." --- a common quip. A way of saying that there's only so much one can do at one time.cry buggie - In the story, "Cry Buggie," Dragon told Squirt that big bugs don't cry and that those that do who aren't really young are just "cry buggies." Squirt learned, however, that it's important to express your feelings.Sky Chiefs - This is a game sometimes played by Dragon and Shimmer. On their wings, they pretend to be chiefs of the sky. In "Captain Sunny Patch", Squirt got tired of this and dressed up as a superhero who became known as Captain Sunny Patch.Mayfly Day! - an expression of distress. Instead of shouting Mayday!, characters on this program shout Mayfly Day instead.Bug-a-Boo: "Bug-a-Boo Day" is the name in Sunny Patch for a holiday similar to Halloween. Bug-a-boo can also be used to mean a hullabaloo or a commotion.Bug Scouts: A sort of combination Girl / Boy Scout Group. All of Miss Spider's buglets are a member of this organization and Shelley the snail is as well.Honey-Bug: A term of endearment.Hold Your Horseflies: Used instead of "Hold your horses!" meaning "slow down."
    Miss Spider merchandise is currently available in stores and books and home video are now available. The following home video releases are currently available or coming soon (DVD only unless otherwise noted):
    Giddy-Up Bugs (Upcoming)
    It's My Party (Upcoming)
    The Prince, the Princess and the Bee (Special)
    Captain Sunny Patch
    Happy Heartwood Day
    All Pupa'ed Out (DVD + VHS)
    A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch (DVD + VHS)
    Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (Special)Note that while the DVDs featuring show stories are titled by a specific story, each generally features eight stories from the program.
    Keep an eye on the episode guide for details about Miss Spider book releases.Book releases not based on any known television story:
    Miss Spider's ABC (1998) --- Readers learn about the alphabet as the bugs put together a surprise birthday for Miss Spider. Pre-television-seriesLittle Miss Spider (1999) --- Little Miss Spider finds herself all alone after hatching. She searches desperately for her mother and discovers that her Mom can be the person who loves her best. Pre-television-seriesLittle Miss Spider's Christmas Wish (2001) --- Little Miss Spider, having no siblings, wishes for a friend to play with on Christmas Eve. Pre-television-seriesBusy Buggy Day! (2005) --- A large board-book. This story follows a day in the life of Miss Spider.Miss Spider's Family Album (2005) --- Tabbed board-book provides a basic introduction to Miss Spider and her family for younger readers. Oh Boy, It's Bounce! (2005) --- All about the bedbug Bounce. Discusses his energetic personality, favorite things, his relationship to his family and more.Spotlight on Shimmer! (2005) --- All about the jewel beetle Shimmer. Discusses her family, favorite things, personality and more.Surf with Squirt (2005) --- "Follow Squirt as he surfs the web to all the places he loves in Sunny Patch!" After School Rules (2006) --- The kids have trouble deciding whether to play basketberry or soccerberry after school. Picture reader with 24 flash cards.Miss Spider's Lift-the-Flaps ABC (2006) --- Lift-the-flap book provides a special way for kids to learn the alphabet. Miss Spider's Lift-the-Flaps 123 (2006) --- Does the same thing for numbers that the "ABCs" book does for letters. Miss Spider's New Car Reader (2006) --- Scholastic Level 2 Reader version of Miss Spider's New Car, in which Miss Spider and Holley search for the perfect vehicle. Story is pre-television series. Miss Spider's Lift-the-Flaps 123 (2006) --- Does the same thing for numbers that the "ABCs" book does for letters. Miss Spider's Tea Party Reader (2006) --- Scholastic Level 2 Reader version of Miss Spider's Tea Party, in which Miss Spider hosts a tea party, but finds guests reluctant to come. Story is pre-television series.
  • Genre(s): Animation, Kids

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