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Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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Summary: The MMC (also known as the New Mickey Mouse Club) was a show that aired on the Disney Channel in 1989 and ended its run in 1995. Matt Cassella had a knack for casting incredible talent; singing, dancing, acting, etc. More than a few of the cast members went on to be big stars (Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Zachary Jaydon, Rhona Bennett, Tony Lucca, Ryan Gosling, etc.). The show spawned the music group "The Party," in 1990. "The Party" was comprised of 5 of the original 1989 cast members. DeeDee Mango, Albert Fields, Damon Pampolina, Tiffani Hale & Chasen Hampton had their biggest single with a cover of Dokken's song "In My Dreams." In 1993, the entire cast from Season 5 released an album called MMC and toured the country in support of the record. Season 6, which first aired in 1993, saw the addition of some of today's more famous Mouseketeers including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling & Christina Aguilera. When executives decided to cancel the show in 1995, one of the biggest reasons given was because they didn't think the younger, new cast members could hold the show on their own. The popularity of the show prompted the cable channel E! to do a "True Hollywood Story" on the cast, but unfortunately many of the cast were not able to be or willing to be interviewed. There have been countless rumors of a new incarnation of the show or a MMC reunion, but nothing has firmed up as of now.


Network: Disney , Disney Channel
Genre(s): Variety Shows, Reality, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Cast Credit
Keri Russell Herself (Seasons 4-6)
Rhona Bennett Herself (Seasons 4-7)
Braden Danner Himself (Season 1)
Britney Spears Herself (Seasons 6-7)
Justin Timberlake Himself (Seasons 6-7)
Brandy Brown Herself (Seasons 1-3)
Fred Newman Himself (Seasons 1-6)
Ricky Luna Himself (Seasons 3-7)
Marc Worden Himself (Seasons 3-7)
Ryan Gosling Himself (Seasons 6-7)
Mowava Pryor Herself (Seasons 1-3)
Dale Godboldo Himself (Seaons 4-7)
Tony Lucca Himself (Seasons 4-7)
Terri Eoff Herself (Seasons 4-6)
Nikki DeLoach Herself (Seasons 6-7)
Christina Aguilera Herself
Mylin Herself (Seasons 3-5)
Joshua Ackerman Himself
JC Chasez Himself (Seasons 4-7)
Chase Hampton Himself (Seasons 1-4, 7)
Lindsey Alley Herself
Nita Booth Herself (Seasons 4-7)
Blain Carson Himself (Seasons 4-5)
Tasha Danner Herself (Seasons 4-5)
T.J. Fantini Himself (Seasons 6-7)
Albert Fields Himself (Seasons 1-4)
Roque Herring Herself (Seasons 1-2)
David Kater Himself (Season 1)
Tate Lynche Himself (Seasons 6-7)
Deedee Magno Herself (Seasons 1-4)
Jennifer McGill Herself
Terra McNair Herself (Seasons 4-5)
Ilana Miller Herself (Seasons 3-7)
Jason Minor Himself (Seasons 3-5)
Matt Morris Himself (Seasons 4-7)
Kevin Osgood Himself (Seasons 2-5)
Damon Pampolina Himself (Seasons 1-4)
Tiffini Hale Herself (Seasons 1-4, 7)