Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Summary: Based on one of the most beloved toylines of the 1980's, My Little Pony started out as a couple of animated specials and a feature film before finally becoming a cartoon series. Its various incarnations told the adventures of the little ponies and all of their friends as they lived in the beautiful Dream Valley. There were literally dozens of ponies of all different colors and they were divided into Earth ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasus ponies. All were fundamentally magical beings and each had a small picture on her back that reflected her name or personality. The ponies' most cherished friend is Megan, a young girl of about 13 who was brought to Ponyland to help them in their darkest hour. She continued to visit her friends and often served as leader when trouble struck. Eventually, her younger brother Danny (probably 11) and sister Molly (around 9) met the ponies, and the three of them came to stay in Ponyland for extended visits. There were many different beings who lived in Ponyland besides the ponies. Those who were seen most frequently were Spike (a baby dragon), the Moochick (an absent-minded magician), the Bushwoolies (multicolored fur balls who all seemed to act as one) and the Grundles (friendly troll creatures who tunneled underground). They were always willing to lend a hand when a lesson needed to be learned or villains threatened Dream Valley. The show featured original songs and lessons about teamwork, love, kindness, and bravery. The stories began as 15-minute episodes, but eventually they were expanded into multi-part 15-minute episodes. These were shown alongside other cartoons in a half-hour block titled "My Little Pony and Friends" which included The Moon Dreamers and The Potato Head Kids before being given their own half-hour time slot. In 1992 the Disney Channel would create a new series featuring brand-new ponies with a more preteen spin on the storylines called My Little Pony Tales, which is featured in this guide as Season 3. The Disney Channel would continue to show these episodes for many years in syndication.


Network: Syndicated , Other
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
Cast Credit
Ginny McSwain Megan
Bettina Bush Star
Frank Welkner Grundle, Bushwoolie #3
Danny DeVito Grundle King
Rhea Perlman Reeka
Laura Dean Sundance
Tony Randall Moochick
Nancy Cartwright Star
Tress MacNeille Star
Russi Taylor Voice Of Morning Glory, Rosedust, Skunk, Bushwoolie [As: Russie Taylor]
Jeannie Elias Star
Cloris Leachman Hydia
Tammy Anderson Megan
Madeline Kahn Draggle
Ron Taylor Star
Paul Williams Rep
Paul Dobson Star
Melanie Gaffin Star
Susan Blu Lofty, Paradise, Bushwoolie, Pluma
Adam Carl Star
Sarah Partridge Wind Whistler
Scott Menville Danny
Ken Sansom Star
Sandy Duncan Firefly
Terence McGovern Star
Roger C. Carmel Mulligan
Peter Cullen Grundle, Ahgg, Captian Crabnasty
Liz Georges Star
Anne Marie McEvoy (Voice)
Alice Playten Baby Lickety Split, Bushwoolie #1
Laura Harris Bright Eyes
Carol Goodheart Star
Fran Brill Star
Robbie Lee Baby Quackers
Judy Strangis Star
Skip Hinnant Star
B.J. Ward Star
Tammy Grimes Katrina
Charlie Adler Spike, Woodland Creatures
Katie Leigh Fizzy, Baby Sundance
Renae Jacobs Star
Marilyn Lightstone Star
Keri Houlihan Molly
Victor Caroli Star
Catherine Cavadini North Star
Ellen Gerstell Magic Star
Sherry Lynn Galaxy
Tabitha St. Germain Star
Elizabeth Frazer Star
Jon Bauman Smooze
Jill Wayne Shady, Baby Lofty
Laurel Page Sweet Stuff
Sheryl Bernstien Buttons, Woodland Creatures
Lani Groves Star
Yilanda Brica Lee Lewis Star
Lyn Lipton Star
Gerrianne Raphael Star
Ullanda McCullough Star
Brigetta Dau Star
Michaell Bell (III) Grundle
Joey Carmen Star
Jenifer Darling Star
Robin Kaugman Star
Clive Revil Star
Niel Ross Star
Melanie Gallin Star