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  • Starring: Joel Hodgson, J. Elvis Weinstein, Trace Beaulieu
  • Summary: This is a show about an evil experiment where a guy is trapped on a satellite and is forced to watch bad films. He is forced to do this by Mad Scientists, who want to find a movie so bad that they can inflict it on the world and take over. We see the movie with the subject (Joel or later Mike) and his robot pals Crow and Servo, in silhouette at the bottom of the screen making jokes and wisecracks during the movie.Episodes: 197 color episodes, 9 specials, 1 unaired pilot, and 3 direct-to-video releases.
    Production Company: Best Brains, Inc. MST3K Broadcast History 1988-1989 -- KTMA TV 23, Minneapolis, MN 1989-1991 -- The Comedy Channel
    1991-1996 -- Comedy Central 1997-1999 -- Sci-Fi Channel MST3K Syndication History MST3K was in syndication for only one year: from September 1995 to September 1996. During this time, several episodes from seasons 2, 3, and 4 aired on local network affiliate stations. MST3K Re-Run History After production of new episodes ended in 1999, Sci-Fi Channel continued to show re-runs of MST3K on Saturday mornings for several years. They stopped showing reruns in early 2004, with the last one airing on 1/31/04. MST3K commercially available episodes
    On DVD: 20 episodes from seasons 1-6, 3 episodes from season 8, 1 episode from season 9, 4 episodes from season 10.
    On VHS: 21 episodes from seasons 1-6, 1 episode from season 9, 3 episodes from season 10. See episode guide for exactly which episodes are available.
    "MST3K: The Movie": is available on VHS only. The DVD has been out of print for years. A new updated version was released in May 2008.MST3K Marathons
    1991- 1st Annual Turkey Day marathon (30 hours)
    Theme: Dr. Forrester is trying to take over the world by forcing 30 hours of the world's worst films upon the earth. Meanwhile, Frank is trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.
    1992- 2nd Annual Turkey Day marathon (30.5 hours)
    Theme: Dr. Forrester is force-feeding Frank 30 turkeys, each one dressed in the of a bad movie.
    1993- 3rd Annual Turkey Day marathon (32 hours)
    Hosted by MST3000 fans at a Halloween party with by Debbie Tobin.
    1994- 4th Annual Turkey Day marathon (28 hours)
    Hosted by Adam West.
    1995- 5th Annual Turkey Day marathon (14.5 hours)
    Theme: Dr. Forrester must try to take over the world while entertaining guests that Frank invited for Thanksgiving.MST3K Conventions
    1989 - "1st MiSTy Confab". Featured stand up from the show's cast, a showing of the never-aired pilot, and a display of some props.
    1992 - "MST Alive". Live riffing of the film World Without End at the Downtown Theater in Minneapolis. Also short intro pieces featuring Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank.
    1994 - "Conventio-Con-Expo-Fest-a-Rama". Featured prop museum, merchandise sale, viewing rooms that showed all episodes from seasons 1-5, keynote session featuring Q and A from the shows writers and cast, speeches by Beverly Garland, David Worth, and John Humphries, and autograph session, and a live riffing of the film This Island Earth, and a costume ball. 1996 - "Conventio-Con II: Electric Boogaloo". Featured a keynote session with the entire show's cast (including Trace Beaulieu, who had recently announced his departure from the show and Bill Corbett, who had just joined the cast), a celebrity panel with Kim Cattrall, Russel Johnson (TV's Professor), and Rex Reason, there were showings of scenes cut from MST3K: The Movie, as well as a showing of the short Assignment: Venezuela, there was a Doom competition where fans could play against Mike, and a shopping spree with Bridget Jones and Mary Jo Pehl.MST3K Awards and Award Nominations
    1992-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series.
    1993-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Writing in a Comedy Series. 1993-Awarded 1993 Peabody Award for Outstanding Programming.
    1994-Nominated for the following Cable ACE Awards: Art Direction in a Comedy Series, Best Comedy Series, Best Writing in a Comedy Series. 1994-Nominated for Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Music or Variety Program. 1995-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series. 1995-Nominated for Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Music or Variety Program. 1996-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series. 1997-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series.
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Science Fiction
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  1. Jan 6, 2012
    Mysytery Science Theatre constantly made me cry with laughter! One of the funniest, if not THE funniest series I've ever seen! And as I have to make 150 characters for Metacritic to show this message... Expand
  2. Sep 7, 2014
    The most clever comedy I have ever seen. Before internet reviewers like Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Sins, this was the show to watch to make fun of crappy movies. Sometimes there were gaps of boring commentary, but you have to give these guys props for finding something to say throughout the whole duration of the film. A good majority of the time you will be laughing hysterically despite those small hiccups. You will instantly fall in love with Joel and the bots (Tom Servo and Crooooow!) along with the goofy side characters such as the mad scientists and side robots Gypsy and Cambot. And although some characters had to be switched mid-season including the host Joel Henderson to Mike Nelson, they still do an awesome job with their roles. There are skits in between segments that are a sometimes a bit odd, but they can be funny and clever. Commentary on the movie is comic and in many instances intelligently humorous. A plethora of pop culture and historical references are thrown around with great wit. MST3K is available on Netflix and Youtube for free. You have no excuse to skip it! (My suggestion: "Manos the Hands of Fate" is a great starter) Expand