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  1. Feb 4, 2013
    This far into the series and one of the main characters doesn't even have a background yet, until the fans clamored and exclaimed about the quality of the story line nobody had even died in a supposed "Great War" which is blatantly one sided. No villains in the series can stay villains, at the rate they're going even Orochimaru will probably end up being a tragically misunderstood bad guy or something like that. I could go on and on with everything wrong with the show, but it'd just make me sound like one of the thousands of people who just hate on it for the sake of hating it, which I'm not. It's just unfortunate that the show has so much wasted potential, in all honesty the world of Naruto is so rich that they really don't have a need for filler yet they poor it on at every opportunity. It just seems like Kishimoto's rushing it for no reason, nothings known about the clans of Konoha, with maybe 2 or 3 members even having been seen so far from each outside of the Uchiha which get entirely too much emphasis. One of the supposed 3 great clans of Dojutsu users hasn't even had any development yet, had they made use of all the potential story elements and arcs this show could have RIGHTFULLY been one of the big 3, but if this keeps up I can realistically seeing it going the way of Bleach and getting taken off the air. Collapse

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