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  • Summary: Sadie Hawthorne is a high school student and an aspiring naturalist who loves to study and observe animals and their behavior in their natural environment. So, with magnifying glass in one hand and lip-gloss in the other, Sadie's out to prove that being smart is the new cool. Her desire to study and observe is not limited to animals as she attempts to analyze human beings the same way. Sadie soon discovers that this is difficult because behaviorally, we are all unpredictable. Good thing she has two best friends that are there to help out.Sadie Hawthorne's life is a weird and wonderful place, full of freaks of nature. Sadie's dream is to one day go to the rainforest to study bugs and fungus and weird microbes that devour the entire towns, but until then she'll be making her own personal field guide to life.Theme Song
    Sadie (voiceover for Season 1): I'm Sadie and I'm amazed by...everything wild animals, bugs, and even the wilder people in my own life. Guess it just comes...naturally.Sadie (voiceover for Season 2): Hey, I'm Sadie. My life is filled with all kinds of weird creatures, from best friends to impulsive brothers. Somehow they all fit together, naturally.If I could choose a world for me It'd be open, big, and free
    I'd pick a place Not like the rest, Not like the rest,
    It'd be best
    My world. My place. My friends. I run to you when no one's there. (No one's there)
    And others stare.
    There will be, naturally.
    Performed by Angie Grant
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Kids, Science
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