• Network: The CW
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 9, 2010
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

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  1. Reviewed by: Tanner Stransky
    Sep 26, 2011
    It's out- there, but what would you expect from a show that regularly features truth serums, kill chips, and faked deaths?
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  1. Mar 2, 2014
    While the show definitely takes on a bit of a different feel, it retains the great characters, develops them further, and is maybe more emotionally driven than the first season. About two-thirds into season one there was a minor dip in the quality of the story telling but season two continues to push through and doesn't dip any further. There is still mediocre special effects but that's what you get with cable so I don't hold that against it. It doesn't impact the show negatively at all. Overall, season two keeps the sexy spy thriller show at a high level and keeps you wanting more. Full Review »
  2. Oct 17, 2013
    I'd say that this is the most underrated show on TV ever! I wouldn't even venture on the sexism and racism that I hear online about why the ratings of Nikita don't soar even if it's filled with the best effects, best scenes, and the deepest of human emotions. YES! The best thing about Nikita is how we judge her judgements. Watching the show since it started, it is still the best TV show ever! For me. Full Review »
  3. Jul 13, 2012
    Nikita is crazy action fun. Sure, it's not as well plotted and acted as other action shows like 24, but Nikita does deliver an enjoyable, fun show. Also, overlook the fact that Nikita is on The CW. No vapid twentysomething women on this show. Full Review »