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  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 1, 2004
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3
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  • Starring: Marcel Jeannin, Cameron Ansell, Norman Groulx
  • Summary: Arthur's best friend Buster, is starring in his own series. Buster accompanies his airline pilot father as he flies the fictional latin rock group Los Viajeros on a concert tour. Catch Buster in the second season of the program, now airing weekly on PBSKids GO!Characters:Buster Baxter - He's a rabbit who loves to eat! He's a big pig, but he is a loyal friend to his best friend Arthur. Buster loves taking naps, and he isn't very good in school.Arthur Read - Buster's best friend. He is also very loyal to Buster. He wears glasses. He's an aardvark.Theme Song:Hey, Buster! Where you off too?
    What you up to?
    Buster! Where you off to now?Where you gonna be?
    Who you gonna see there?
    Let's find out whose hands we'll shake
    See the things you've done
    We can have some fun there
    Let's find out what friends we'll makeBuster! Where you off to?
    What you up to?
    Buster! Where you off to now? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)Ring around the globe
    From North Pole to South Pole
    Ridin' on horses, ferrys, trains and planes
    Hikin' bikin' swimmin' on the seashore
    He's got his camera
    And he's gonna explore
    All the neat things he's never done before. (Yeah, yeah, yeah)Hey, Buster! Where you off to?
    What you up to?
    Buster! What you up to now, now, now?
    Hey Buster! Where you off to?Info about the Theme Song:The fun starts with "Hey Buster," the catchy, original theme song, performed by musician Wyclef Jean, formerly of the acclaimed rap group The Fugees. Wyclef-known for a multicultural that transcends musical genre-performs the song with help from 3 on 3, a teenaged hip-hop group that he is producing.
    Show Music:Each episode incorporates an original song about the region or city Buster is about to visit. The songs-sung by Los Viajeros-introduce viewers to the new location, help to advance the narrative, and engage viewers. Upbeat, diverse music genres are folded into storylines as a vehicle to help introduce kids to different cultures, as well as reinforce the curriculum for viewers who are learning English through repetition, rhyme, and catchy lyrics. Original music score by award-winning Argentinean composer Claudio Ragazzi (Next Stop Wonderland, The Blue Diner).
    Books:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers released Buster's Activity Book
    in time for the series premiere, packed with 32 pages of activities that center around the series' travel theme. They also launched in Spring 2005 a 12-book series of leveled readers for children ages six to nine titled Passport to Reading, which tie into Buster's
    adventures on the show, and the people and places he encounters on his journey.
    FAQ:Q. When is this show airing? A. The show began on October 11th, 2004. You can catch it weekdays on most PBS station as part of a block called PBS Kids GO! Check local schedule listings or the official website for the exact time in your area. The program is now in its second season, thanks to the funding of such organizations as The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation and The Gill Foundation.Q. Is this show a spin-off of Arthur? A. Yes, it is. The show began from the episode of Arthur, "Postcards from Buster".Q. What is the plot of this show? A. Buster travels to various locations, making new friends and learning about their culture. He sends video postcards back home to his friends in Elwood City, many of whom appear from time-to-time on the show.Q. Who is the main character in this show? A. Buster is the star of the show, but his father Bo Baxter is also an important character. Los Viajeros --- Carlos and Mora are also central to the plot.Q. Will the original characters air?
    A. Yes, they will because Buster is going to be keeping in touch with them through via cam.Q. What ages is this show targeted at? A. This show is mainly targeted at four to eight, with a special emphasis on six to eight.First Telecast: October 11th, 2004Episodes: 50+This is a spin off series from the hit PBS Kids series Arthur.
  • Genre(s): Animation, Kids, Travel
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