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  • Summary: Forrest MacNeil (Andrew Daly) reviews life experiences such as addiction, racism, or the prom.
  • Genre(s): Comedy
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 10
  2. Negative: 1 out of 10
  1. Reviewed by: Alan Sepinwall
    Mar 6, 2014
    [By the third episode] Review revealed itself to be something much more complicated, dark, and brilliant, in which the weight of all these viewer requests begins to take a horrific toll on Forrest's life.
  2. Reviewed by: Erik Adams
    Mar 5, 2014
    Fitting for a star whose improvised podcast appearances frequently turn down dark alleyways, Review really gets going when it digs deep into horrible behavior.
  3. 80
    Review is more of an experience than a statement; if you ask yourself, "What's the point?" you'll probably never get an answer, and you'll miss out on the agonizing pleasure of this most unusual series, which imports a style of TV comedy that was perfected in the United Kingdom and its far-flung colonies, and somehow Americanizes it without snuffing its daft spark.
  4. Reviewed by: Clark Collis
    Mar 14, 2014
    On this sporadically hilarious show, Andy Daly carries over the uptight persona he used to great effect on Eastbound & Down to the role of TV presenter Forrest MacNeil, who every week reviews and grades different experiences. [21 Mar 2014, p.58]
  5. Reviewed by: Rob Owen
    Mar 5, 2014
    The recurring gag is the absurdity of nerdy Forrest reviewing often illegal/immoral activities, and it’s a pretty good joke in the early episodes. It remains to be seen if that joke holds up or grows tiresome over time.
  6. Reviewed by: Brian Tallerico
    Feb 27, 2014
    It takes a few episodes to really click but the third episode screened, "Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes" has a twisted brilliance even in its very premise.
  7. Reviewed by: Matt Roush
    Mar 6, 2014
    Forrest gives two of these pointless segments a one-half star rating, and that's being generous.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 4
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 4
  3. Negative: 1 out of 4
  1. May 22, 2014
    Wow, what an adventure this show is! Reviews have always been a part of the media world we live in. But what about life? Is it any good? Well, if this show is any indication, it's pretty crazy (but in a good way!) Andrew Daly and Megan Stevenson drive this short-arc long-arc story about a man with an indomitable quest to review life experiences. It's funny, poignant, and extremely well-acted. Enjoy this short 9-episode show. I guarantee you will. Expand
  2. Jul 11, 2014
    Although it seems like "just" a parody of reality tv (e.g. Nathan For You, which is a really good show, btw), it's actually an Adult Swim-style character study of the destruction of the host's life due to his commitment to their job. It's also really, really funny, employing Arrested Development-style continuity to great effect. What I like about the show is that it's really funny, but doesn't travel down a road quite as dark or completely absurd as some of the things you see on Adult Swim. I actually really cared about the main character (who, despite all his flaws, is a pretty likeable guy) after watching the show, and I'm glad the show didn't overly rely on the suffering of the main character for humor. Expand
  3. Mar 10, 2014
    If you enjoy anything anything Andy Daly has been on (his wacky characters on Comedy Bang! Bang! in particular) you will most likely love this show. Andy is one of the funniest guys out there and this show fits perfectly with his crazy humor. Expand
  4. Mar 8, 2014
    Couldn't make it through the first episode. It's got an incredibly predictable plot for each situation and then throws in over the top gags to attempt to balance it out. Expand