Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Summary: Robotech is the critically acclaimed animated series about mankind's first contact with warring alien races, and the use of alien technology to defend Earth. The series was broken into three chapters, The Macross Saga, The Robotech Masters, and The New Generation. Released in 1985, Robotech was the first anime (Japanese animation) series that many fans had seen, and is often accredited as the cause of the anime fandom that continues to grow today in the United States. COMMON TERMS Robotechnology Refers to technological systems that operate using protoculture. Veritech Refers to a series of personal war-machines that can change their configuration between at least two modes. Destroid Refers to a series of personal war-machines similar to Veritechs, but are limited to one configuration (usually somewhat humanoid). Mecha Refers to the generic term for any personal war-machine used. Battloid Refers to the generic term form any mecha with/in a "humanoid" form. Zor's Battlefortress Also known as the SDF-1. The Tiresian scientist Zor (angry over what the Robotech Masters had done to the Invid), destroyed all of the Tiresian data and production facilities for the creation of protoculture; except for the last remaining protoculture production matrix that he hid aboard the SDF-1. He was critically injured in an Invid attack. His final attack was to have the SDF-1 abandoned and set on a course that would eventually take it to Earth. Flower of Life Refers to a plant that was native to the Invid homeworld before it was defoliated by the Zentraedi acting on orders from the Robotech Masters. The plant is as essential to the survival of the Invid as flowers are essential to the survival of bees. The Invid use it for both survival and evolutionary purposes. Protoculture Refers to a substance derived from the the flower of life. It is used as the main source of power for the majority of the technology scene in the series. Alien Races Tiresian The Tiresian scientist Zor was given the secrets of creating protoculture during a first contact mission with the Invid ruler - the Regis. From their homeworld of Tirol, the Tiresians built an entire empire based on protoculture and robotechnology. At some point the Tiresian rulers (the Robotech Masters) decided that they should have exclusive control over protoculture, and ordered the Zentraedi to defoliate the Invid homeworld of Optera. Zentraedi The Zentraedi race...


Network: Syndicated , Other
Genre(s): Animation, Drama, Science Fiction
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
Cast Credit
Michael Sorich Sparks
Greg Finley Henry J. Gloval, Anatole Leonard
Eddie Frierson Lynn Kyle
Melora Harte Musica
Melanie MacQueen Lisa Hayes, Marlene
Iona Morris Claudia Grant
Lara Cody Kim Young, Jason
Barbara Goodson Marie Crystal, Sera
Edie Mirman Nova Satori, Miriya
Kerrigan Mahan Sean Philips
Robert V. Barron Admiral Donald Hayes
Mike Reynolds Dolza
Tom Wyner Jonathan Wolf
Robert Axelrod Rico
Wendee Lee Vanessa Leeds
Rebecca Forstadt Lynn Minmei
Paul St. Peter Zor Prime, Corg
Richard Epcar Ben Dixon, William "Lunk" Benovich, Grel
Steve Kramer Angelo Dante
Tony Oliver Rick Hunter
Cam Clarke Lance "Lancer" Belmont, Max Sterling
Melissa Newman Dana Sterling
Alexandra Kenworthy The Regis, Azonia
Dan Woren Roy Fokker
David Millbern Louie Nichols
J. Jay Smith (Voice Of The Narrator)
Gregory Snegoff Khyron, Scott Bernard, Alan Fredricks
Robin Lee Sammie Porter
Larry Abraham Bowie Grant
Mary Cobb Annie "Mint" LaBelle
Bill Capeze Robotech Masters, Konda
Susie London Rook Bartley
Ted Layman Exedore
Frank Catalano Rand, Bobby, Dennis Brown
Tony Clay Breetai
Michael McConnaghie Rolf Emerson