• Network: VH1
  • Series Premiere Date: Jul 15, 2007
Season #: 1, 2, 3
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Summary: Fans of the '80s pop metal band Poison won't want to miss this Flavor of Love-style VH1 reality show as the frontman Bret Michaels sets off on a determined search for a mate. Michaels needs a woman who can handle his rockstar lifestyle--someone who won't get jealous of his main mistress: music. Bret will design challenges to test each girls' ability to handle every aspect of his life. The women that rock his world will be given VIP passes and will be allowed to stay in his house. The others will be sent home until in the end when one lucky lady will be a true Rock Star Girlfriend.
Network: VH1
Genre(s): Reality, Game Show
Creators: Mark Cronin, Cris Abrego
Seasons: 1, 2, 3
Cast Credit
Melissa Contestant
Kimberly Contestant
Ashley Contestant
Stephanie Contestant
Jessica Contestant
Kelly Contestant
Lauren Contestant
Nikki Contestant
Bret Michaels Himself
Marcia Contestant
Megan Hauserman Contestant
Jennifer Contestant
Brittaney Starr Contestant
Brittanya OCampo Contestant
Courtney Van Dusen Contestant
Angelique Morgan Contestant
Kristy Joe Muller Contestant
Jessica Kinni Contestant
Destiney Moore Contestant
Brandi Mahon Contestant
Dallas Harrison Contestant
Brandi Cunningham Contestant
Lacey Conner Contestant
Raven Contestant
Cindy Steedle Contestant
Heather Chadwell Contestant
Inna Dimitrenko Contestant
Farrah Sinclair Contestant
Beverly Palmer Contestant
Gia Contestant
Natasha Contestant
Meredith Contestant
Niki Kuskey Contestant
Sara Wilson Contestant
Aubry Fisher Contestant
Missi Chancey Contestant
Jackye Migliaccio Contestant
Ambre Lake Contestant
Peyton Turner Contestant
Catherine Brown (II) Contestant
Korie Hutchinson Contestant
Ashley Dingess Contestant
Daisy DeLaHoya Contestant
Roxy Collins Contestant
Erin Martin Contestant
Jes Rickleff Contestant
Bonnie Contestant
Erin Shattuck Contestant
Faith Rorrer Contestant
Krista (II) Contestant
Kristia Krueger Contestant
Magdalena Widz Contestant
Mia Tidwell Contestant
Pam McGarvey Contestant
Samantha Weisberg Contestant
Tamara Witmer Contestant
Tawny Amber Contestant
Tiffany Carmona Contestant
Constandina Savvenas Contestant
Kelsey Lee Contestant
Maria Bock Contestant
Megan Tomczak Contestant
Mindy Hall (II) Contestant
Samantha Contestant
Heather Mariscal Contestant
Marciela Contestant
Taya Parker Contestant
Jamie Contestant
Kami Contestant