• Network: The CW
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 25, 2006
  • Season #: 1

Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 25
  2. Negative: 6 out of 25
  1. 88
    If "Runaway" is a harbinger of things to come, it, er, harbinges very well indeed!
  2. A good and likable cast combine with thoughtful writing to make this family/thriller (a new genre?) worth watching.
  3. 70
    This is an intriguing blend of The Fugitive and The O.C.: half suspense and half intergenerational melodrama.
  4. 70
    Think The Fugitive meets Beverly Hills 90210 done dark and brooding.
  5. Just two episodes in, and this series threatens to rattle down the wrong track. [6 Oct 2006, p.60]
  6. Yes, it's "Fugitive ... With Children." But "Runaway"... actually is pretty good, mostly because this family doesn't always get along.
  7. 63
    You go on the lam, and you find Laguna Beach. [2 Oct 2006, p.45]
  8. 63
    It's one of those midlevel, decently entertaining dramas you're most inclined to watch when nothing else in the time slot excites you.
  9. The real pleasure lies in the adjustment problems of a seemingly normal suburban family leading a terrifying secret life.
  10. For adults, the thing plays a little like Fox's Prison Break.
  11. "Runaway" is decent, the kind of show some might acknowledge as pretty good while saying, in the next breath, that it probably wouldn't make it.
  12. 60
    Minor but deftly done.
  13. 60
    The opening episode is solidly done and pretty entertaining. But a fifth season of "Everwood" would have been a much better fit in the time slot following "7th Heaven."
  14. If it keeps its balance and cuts back on some of the more implausible moments in the first hour, this series could be a keeper.
  15. 50
    We've seen this on-the-lam material many times before, and it offers very familiar family tensions.
  16. 40
    Runaway is neither credible nor exciting.
  17. 40
    "Runaway" is passable as far as it goes, which, despite its title, isn’t very far.
  18. Reviewed by: Phil Gallo
    As much as the direction and writing capture appropriate tension in the pilot, they allow it to go slack in the second [episode].
  19. "Runaway" is no "Everwood," which featured complex characters and an exploration of social issues. "Runaway" is far more pedestrian -- "The Fugitive" with a family -- but it may not be any better of a fit with its lead-in "7th Heaven."
  20. 38
    "Runaway" isn't offensively awful. It's passively poor.
  21. One of those series that looks great on paper but ends up less-than-thrilling on the screen.
  22. "Runaway" begs your interest (who doesn't like a road trip story, even when the Feds aren't on your tail?) before fading for lack of energy, not to mention originality.
  23. At times, things veer so far off center that running from the feds seems like a distraction from the more important story of teen romance and angst, just another annoyance like a sudden zit or a dropped call.
  24. "Runaway" is like a Frankenstein's monster stitched together from pieces of dead shows from both networks.
  25. Reviewed by: Verne Gay
    It's slow. It's dull. It's listless.

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