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  1. Feb 17, 2014
    Even though this show was produced on a budget, the communication of emotion, character individuality and overarching story development episode-to-episode were more than solid. As a visual communications professional I especially appreciated the gorgeous way the backgrounds were rendered; that detail was consistently one of my favorites. Lastly, there were parts that were downright hilarious! Ridiculous often times, I quickly found I could overlook that detail. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Full Review »
  2. Mar 23, 2014
    If Sailor Moon was only another anime series it couldn't have reached the recognition, popularity and its pop culture status around the world and one of the main banners on anime and the magical girl genre.
    A series that took the magical girls genre inspired by Bewitched and created by Mahou Tsukai Sally and added the action and heroism of super sentai series like Power Rangers, with its own visual and storytelling style where a very rich cast of girls with their own personalities appealed to people around the world.
    The sum of action, romance, comedy and drama is well made and balanced making a good and simple pleasure to watch and follow the story of these common girls that became pretty looking heroines despite the use and creation of its own formulas and cliches that many anime and non anime series have followed as an example in the magical girls genre since then.
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