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  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 12, 1993
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3
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  • Starring: Jeff Conaway, Jerry Doyle, Peter Jurasik
  • Summary: In the year 2018, mankind is colonizing the oceans and exploiting their resources, establishing small undersea farming, mining, and manufacturing communities. But with the newfound potential comes old-fashioned conflict and the United Earth Oceans Organization (U.E.O.) assigns the submarine, seaQuest, DSV, led by Captain Nathan Bridger to keep the underwater peace and generally patrol the planet's final frontier. Amongst the crew is a teenage genius, Lucas Wolenczak, and Darwin, the intelligent dolphin, who thanks to Lucas's inventions can understand human speech and whose speech can be translated in to English. In the show's third season, the crew was thrust forward ten years prompting the show's title to change to seaQuest, 2032. A new captain, Oliver Hudson was at the helm as Captain Nathan Bridger retired. FILMING LOCATION:seaQuest was filmed on location in Los Angeles, California, USA for the first season and in Orlando, Florida, USA for the second and third seasons. Expand
  • Genre(s): Drama, Science Fiction
  • Creator: J. Michael Straczynski
  • Show Type: Ended
  • Season 1 premiere date: Sep 12, 1993
  • Episode Length: 60
  • Air Time: 08:00 PM
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  1. Reviewed by: David Hiltbrand
    Jun 26, 2013
    They should have spent less of that budget on computer graphics, scale models and sets—and more on the writing. This is drab melodrama.
  2. Reviewed by: Richard Zoglin
    Jul 2, 2013
    The marvel is that anyone is still watching after the plodding premiere episode. ... Succeeding episodes have been better, mainly because they have emphasized the show's homespun attractions. One is a talking dolphin named Darwin... The other is a Star Trek-like combination of imaginative sci-fi story lines and the cozy ethos of Wagon Train.
  3. Reviewed by: Ken Tucker
    Jun 10, 2013
    So far, seaQuest hasn't achieved the kind of nuttily intricate, oddball- festooned plots that make the [Star] Trek shows objects of cult adoration.
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  1. Aug 18, 2012
    Todo y las limitaciones de su efectos especiales es de agradecer una serie de ciencia ficción marina, ubicada en el futuro, en el que los límites marinos son la nueva distribución mundial. Buenos actores y divertida la intervención del delfín. Expand