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  • Summary: The Sundance channel brings Costello to TV with a new talk show featuring mainly musicians as guests.
  • Genre(s): Documentary, Music
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  1. Positive: 12 out of 13
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  1. There are a few occasions when Clinton, a politician used to rolling right over interviewers to get his message out, finds himself speaking at the same time as Costello, but it's only noticeable because the host is for the most part the most self-effacing of interviewers.
  2. Reviewed by: James Poniewozik
    Interspersed with cover songs, Spectacle is an engaging showcase for a curious mind.
  3. The best moments in Wednesday night's chat between Elvis Costello and Elton John, which are good enough to recommend the show for fans of both men, serve up small but sparkling musical pleasures.
  4. I like the serious, gimmick-free approach of the show.
  5. Insightful, smart and lyrical, Spectacle soars when so much of cable TV seems intent on locating the most distressing nadir of human culture.
  6. Costello (who has subbed for David Letterman) makes a fine host--a bit reverential at times, but never as pious as, say, James Lipton can become over at the similarly configured "Inside the Actors Studio."
  7. Reviewed by: Randee Dawn
    Alas, the program has little direction and almost no flow.

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  1. Sep 18, 2010
    This series is a must see for music lovers. Elvis manages to capture the true essence and genius of every artist he interviews. The performances are amazing. Elvis has a rare ability as a musician to draw out fellow musicians and articulate their influences and the magic that is their art. The intimate connection he allows us to share with these incredibly talented artists is unrivaled in any other forum I have seen. Hopefully we will see many seasons that will open even more singers and songwriters to their appreciative fans. Expand

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