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  1. Jun 18, 2012
    Even better than the last, the bounty hunters are awesome especially Cad Bane and the story about the Zillo Beast is cool!! Very good season with lots of action!
  2. Nov 22, 2012
    All the minor improvements they made definently added up for a better season but it was still flawed. I liked how they removed all the stupid dialogue (terrible jokes) that the first season had, It brought down the show imo and I am glad they have very little in this season. I like how the season actually has a continuous plot instead of numerous stories told over 1 to 3 episodes from different POVs. As for the negatives - I hated how they made Bane out to be the main villain for the season when he only appeared in like 4-5 episodes and then he was gone, That was sort of annoying. It's not that I liked him as a character, I actually through he was pretty weak as a character, but it's annoying to be mislead like that. Also, There really was no villain for this season, It varies from episode to episode and that is annoying as well. I firmly believe that a good villain makes the show and lack of one definently hurts this show. The season finale was quite awful as well and ended the season on a poor note. Overall, The minor improvements make the show better but there is still a ton of room for improvement. Expand
  3. Feb 27, 2013
    Star Wars: the Clone Wars is a show that definitely deserves a watch (as it's good) it's second series is better than it's first, developing characters and plots. This series mostly has great episodes, a couple being mediocre and a couple being very good. The highlight of this series is the Geonosian "Saga", it shows off epic, story driven war scenes and develops the character: Ashoka Tano very well. This series grabs the stuff from the first series and makes it better and more exciting; although there are a couple mediocre episodes Star Wars: the Clone Wars season 2 should definitely be viewed by Star Wars fans and people flicking through their channels on the T.V as it's great! So I rate this series... 8.1/10! Expand

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