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  • Series Premiere Date: Dec 2, 2009
Season #: 1, 2, 3
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  • Summary: Actor Steven Seagal dons his deputy hat in this reality series set in New Orleans. For almost twenty years, Seagal has worked off and on as a deputy for the Jefferson Parish County Sheriff's Office.
  • Genre(s): Reality

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  1. Oct 7, 2010
    As a Police officer for over 30 years and of those 22 years on a SWAT/RAPID Response team and Police instructor, here is what I thought of theAs a Police officer for over 30 years and of those 22 years on a SWAT/RAPID Response team and Police instructor, here is what I thought of the season two opener. I know they are trying to show the "Human aspect" of the show but even when the head on accident occoured any officer who have any time on (Mr. Seagal 22 years) would not be walking around in a somewhat daze once they saw the people in the vehicles. Everyone was alive and only one guy (the suspected drunk) was even injured at all. "Real" police officers see a heck of alot worse then that and it does not really even bother them after awhile. I can understand being kind and helpful to the victims but they all looked like they were watching a horror movie.....Man up guys ! NOW the part that was very poor Officer Safety! You have a driver in a pick-up you are trying to stop for a traffic violation, turns into a minor chase and you get him out of the vehicle and handcuff him and place him under arrest for traffic violation, fleeing and eluding and open alcohol......here is where someone could get killed.....You then think he has been drinking so you UN-Handcuff him at the scene and field test him! Even after he has said he did 5 years in prison and is not going back! Guys how about taking the already arrested offender back to the Police station and do the DWI field testing there. This way if he starts to act up he is already in the lock-up area and cannot escape. Once you un-handcuff someone at the scene you are just ASKING for a foot pursuit, fight and maybe a officer loosing his life if the guy disarms one of you. Forget about the TV fans for a minute and think "Tactics"! My last thought is this. I know this is for TV and they don't want the "Star" getting hurt which I understand but....they alway have a wolfpack with him at every call! I have never seen so many guys at one call in my life for the most minor things! You see them at domestics with 6 to 8 officers, the "Hundreds" that I have been on most of the time its you and your partner even during arrests. Once in awhile more will show up if you are calling for back-up. It looks like they have a whole shift driving around with him "just in case". I know alot of Police Officers who watch this and most laugh. If you want it gritty and real then get someone to give you some tactical thoughts maybe before and after each filming. With just a little bit of work this show could really be "Real". Thank you, Darkops Expand