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  • Series Premiere Date: Dec 1, 2010
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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  1. Dec 29, 2012
    Current rating 0/10 - I just found out that this show is rigged! I just heard that Dave Hester is suing the producers of Storage Wars forCurrent rating 0/10 - I just found out that this show is rigged! I just heard that Dave Hester is suing the producers of Storage Wars for planting interesting items in the lockers prior to the show and he was fired from the show for informing management he was not comfortable participating in this illegal and unethical rigging and being wrongfully dismissed from his contract for the new season as a result. If this show is a fiction then it is a pointless waste of time. If I want fantasy fiction I'll watch Doctor Who, not a rigged reality TV show. I mean I know the part where they are being interviewed about how they are feeling is scripted, but I imagined them just going over how they were feeling at the point while reviewing the film footage, I can live with that, but not outright lies about the storage units to be rigged with great items put in them at the start. If this show is not authentic it goes from being a great show to being a complete waste of time to watch. The alleged legal case document copy on RadarOnline.com (Los Angeles Superior Court - CASE 8C497151 filed on Dec 11, 2012) of Dave Hesters lawsuit also alleges that the show paid a certain female cast member to have surgery (presumably Brandi) to "increase her sex appeal". I do not support women altering their bodies with surgery for aesthetic purposes (unless they are disfigured in an accident or something), I believe that natural women are beautiful and it is degrading to women to encourage them have breast implants, etc. to "improve their sex appeal" so that would be reason alone for a 0/10 score for the show. I think I'm gonna stop watching this show now. In the words of Bubba from the Texas Storage Wars spin-off, Storage Wars producers, when I hear you rigged the show and fired Dave for revealing it, and encourages a female member of the cast to have surgery to improve her sex appeal -- "It hurts my heart!"
    *************************************************************************************************************** Original rating 10/10: One of the few reality TV shows I've actually watched (others being American Idol and stuff like that). This show is all about the anticipation of finding out what is inside the storage unit and who is going to make money and who is going to lose money, especially after that Jerk Dave Hester bids everyone up. Really why can't these idiots work cooperatively. I mean Dave is after high-end stuff, Barry is after collectable items, Brandi and Jarrod are after low-end stuff. Just give low-end lockers to Jarrod, high-end to Dave, collectables to Barry and when the locker contains all or a combination then go all out for bidding wars. But then again I guess the show couldn't be called Storage Wars if it was like that then could it? -- Lol. And the conflicts add extra flare to the show. Barry is also an interesting character, I enjoy his lame puns and quirky humor.
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