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  • Starring: Les Stroud
  • Summary: Survivorman follows outdoor enthusiast and survival expert Les Stroud as he is abandoned for a week in a remote location with little supplies (The supplies he is given to use depend on the scenario he is playing out. Sometimes he will play the sceneario of a stranded scuba diver on an island and other he will play a broken down car in the middle of the desert. However, he always carries his Leatherman Multi-Tool and his trusty harmonica.) While stranded in the middle of nowhere Les must document his experience by himself using 50 pounds of cameras and equipment that ranges from tripods, body strap stands, to film all the way to the cameras and the cases that hold them. Each new location presents a new set of obstacles for Les with such diverse climates as the dense, humid Costa Rican Rainforest all the way to the dry, arid environment of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. No matter where he goes he is always alone, always in danger, and always Survivorman. Expand
  • Genre(s): Reality, Action & Adventure, Science, Travel
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  1. Dec 29, 2012
    This is an excellent reality TV show that unlike most "reality TV shows" actually *IS* a reality TV show. Les Stroud is dropped off at some remote area with barely any supplies and has to survive in the wilderness for a week. He shoots all of the show footage himself with his own cameras. Unlike the not-so-reality "Survivor" where the location is always tropical, Les Stroud is dropped of in varying types of climates and locations around the world, tropical, artic, British Columbia mountains, desert, you name it, he's been there. He is usually provided with a few random items, in some episodes the items simulate what you might have on you if you survived a plain crash, ship wreck, your dog sled and dogs ran off on you, etc. Les is very knowledgeable about how to survive in the the wilderness and passes on some of his knowledge to you as he films himself doing what is necessary to survive. The film crew just flies by in a helicopter once a day to check on him but they do not land or interact with him unless he goes to make contact with him or there is some severe weather that might keep them all trapped there for more than seven days approaching, but other than that they leave him alone. Best reality TV show out there 10/10. (His later show Beyond Survival where he stays with native tribes all over the world is excellent too, I mention it here since I can't find the show to review it directly on Metacritic) Expand