• Network: MTV
  • Series Premiere Date: May 6, 2002
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Summary: TAILDATERS is the first show that follows you on a dream date while "Backseat Daters" (your friends and family who really know you best) spy on your every move and add instant onscreen commentary from the TAILDATERS stakeout bus, a television studio on wheels. TAILDATERS takes the dating show to the next level as friends and family pop onscreen to tell you what their dater is really thinking or what secrets they may be hiding… not written, graphic ‘pop-ups' made up by producers. SYNOPSIS: A first date between highly energized singles is provocative television. What distinguishes TAILDATERS from any other show is how it blends exhibitionism with voyeurism so that everyone in America can join the fun… and not just young singles. TAILDATERS is an exciting, fresh reality based format with a broad demographic appeal. TAILDATERS is the first dating show that includes Backseat Daters – people who know the participants best. On each TAILDATERS date that we follow, there will be two Backseat Daters per participant. A Backseat Dater could be anyone from an opinionated ex-boyfriend, to a sex-crazed sorority sister, to an over-protective father. TAILDATERS uses a technologically advanced studio on wheels to follow a series of blind dates on location. Every date is broadcast live on a closed circuit monitor to the participant's outspoken friends and family who add instant commentary. TAILDATERS is the first dating show where the raucous and unexpected humor springs not just from the outgoing singles themselves, but also from people watching the date just like you are. The audience is constantly entertained by the Backseat Daters. In each episode, TAILDATERS will follow 2 dates (that's 4 daters and 8 Backseat Daters) in a new and exciting format that will leave the audience, friends, and family waiting right until the end to see which dates will go well and which dates don't. WHAT MAKES TAILDATERS SO FRESH: Everyone in America can be on this show, either on a date or as part of someone else's. In traditional dating shows, only single people can vie to be participants. Instant commentary, criticism and suggestions from participants out spoken friends and family – the people who know them best. People, and not graphics, are the ‘pop-ups'. TAILDATERS is all-inclusive – we feature straight and gay couples and people from every ethnic background. The TAILDATERS studio on wheels. A unique and experienced creative...


Network: MTV
Genre(s): Reality
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4