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  1. Reviewed by: Adam Carlson
    Jun 4, 2013
    This season, pesky plot points get spun in fruitful new directions.
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  1. Sep 23, 2014
    OW my eyes!!!! I don't want to see two dudes kissing again. GROSS Otherwise good stories with the expectedly poor supernatural "research" of similar shows.

    Season 3 has needlessly sexualize characters whose actors have reached the age of majority.
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  2. May 30, 2014
    I loved the first 2 seasons but this is getting too rediculous. There's no way they've not had a high enough budget to come up with better effects that you could take more seriously. The show is all over the place with campy cheesy effects and writing. It's practically bathing in it.

    The thing that was campy with the first two seasons was the title. And that's really it. But now this season they've decided to throw everything at you being as cheesy and times cliched. It's just not my cup of tea anymore. I cannot recommend if you liked the previous seasons.
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  3. Jun 22, 2013
    Really the best scripted show on MTV, though it could do without some of the cheesy effects. Overall solid acting and story. The actors have begun to show some real potential and talent. Full Review »