• Network: ABC
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 26, 1969
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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Summary: The Brady Bunch was first seen in September 1969, Friday nights on ABC. The series was created by Sherwood Schwartz the same person who had created Gilligan's Island, 5 years earlier. In this series, Michael Paul Brady marries Carol Ann Tyler Martin and they combine their families. Mike had three sons from a previous marriage and Carol had three daughters also from a previous marriage. Mike's previous wife had died and the fate of Carol's previous husband was never explained. However, creator Sherwood Schwartz, originally intended Carol to have been divorced, but ABC balked at that idea. So thus we have two parents (Mike and Carol),six kids (Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby & Cindy), one housekeeper (Alice), and the family dog (Tiger), all living under one roof. Thus setting the scene for one of the most popular family sitcoms of all-time. The first season revolved mainly around the family adjusting to living together. The following seasons then revolved mainly around the six kids growing up and going through puberty and childhood adolescents. Other notable characters included, Sam Franklin, who was Alice's steady boyfriend, appeared several times throughout the 5-year run. In the final season, the character of Oliver, Carol's nephew was introduced mainly to add some of the cuteness back into the show since Cindy and Bobby had outgrown that stage. The series ended it's run in 1974, but the Brady family was far from gone. Two years prior, a animated cartoon, The Brady Kids had been created and aired Saturday mornings. In 1977, a variety show, The Brady Bunch Hour was created but lasted after only a handful of episodes. In 1981, NBC decided to break apart the reunion movie, The Brady Girls Get Married into a weekly series called, The Brady Brides. That too failed. Then the Brady Bunch was revived yet again in 1988, with the CBS TV-movie, A Very Brady Christmas. The movie was the highest rated TV movie of the year and forever cemented The Brady Bunch's immortality in pop culture. To date, the last spin-off aired in 1990 as a weekly hour-long drama called, The Bradys. In 1989, most of the cast returned to their roles on an episode of the short lived, series, Day by Day. The episode was called A Very Brady Episode. Interesting enough, Christopher Daniel Barnes starred in the series and would later portray Greg in the 1995 feature film, The Brady Bunch Movie and a year later in A Very Brady Sequel. Spin-offs: The Brady Kids, The...
Network: ABC
Genre(s): Comedy
Creators: J. Michael Straczynski, Ann Donahue, Anthony E. Zuiker
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Cast Credit
Jeff Conaway Zack Allan
Jerry Doyle Michael Garibaldi
Peter Jurasik Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs Stephen Franklin
Patricia Tallman Lyta Alexander
Mary Kay Adams Na'Toth
Andreas Katsulas G'Kar
Stephen Furst Vir Cotto
Andrea Thompson Talia Winters
Claudia Christian Susan Ivanova
Julie Caitlin Brown Na'Toth
Mira Furlan Delenn
Bruce Boxleitner John Sheridan
Bill Mumy Lennier
Jeffrey Willerth Vorlon Ambassador Kosh Naranek (1994-1996), Vorlon Ambassador Ulkesh Naranek (1996)
Michael O'Hare Jeffrey Sinclair
William Petersen Dr. Gil Grissom
Marg Helgenberger Catherine Willows
George Eads Nick Stokes
Paul Guilfoyle Captain. Jim Brass
Jorja Fox Sara Sidle (Seasons 1-8, 11+)
Jon Wellner Henry Andrews
Eric Szmanda Greg Sanders (Seasons 3+)
Robert David Hall Dr. Al Robbins (Seasons 3+)
Wallace Langham David Hodges (Seasons 8+)
David Berman David Phillips (Season 10+)
Louise Lombard Sofia Curtis
Lauren Lee Smith Riley Adams
Liz Vassey Wendy Simms
Gary Dourdan Warrick Brown
Laurence Fishburne Dr. Raymond Langston
Ted Danson DB Russell
Tracy Scoggins Captain Elizabeth Lochley
Robert Reed Mike Brady
Florence Henderson Carol Brady
Barry Williams Greg Brady
Maureen McCormick Marcia Brady
Christopher Knight Peter Brady
Eve Plumb Jan Brady
Mike Lookinland Bobby Brady
Susan Olsen Cynthia "Cindy" Brady
Ann B. Davis Alice Nelson
Elisabeth Harnois Morgan Brody (Seasons 12+)
Peter Woodward Galen
Elisabeth Shue Julie Finley