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  1. Jul 16, 2013
    Discovery Channel has gone downhill, no doubt. No longer are its shows about informing the public of some historical event but have been reduced to mere infotainment in order to be sold to an even larger public hungry to introduce a little excitement in their empty lives. However, every now and then a show that catches your attention comes along because the people on it seem human and the subject matter is interesting. The Colony is such a show. Although it is no doubt partially staged, it isn't any less entertaining because of it.

    The Colony focuses on a group of (volunteer) survivors who are placed in an "abandoned" warehouse where they have been asked to live for two months, being forced to scavenge for technology and food and occasionally put through the test by hired actors in the form of traders, marauders and refugees. Each episode focuses on a few "tests" and they mostly involve building some kind of apparatus that will help them become more self-sufficient.

    You need to take this show with a grain of salt as this show will constantly challenge your ability to suspend disbelief. Many times will you sit through an episode realising that there is no way that could not have been staged or that they did not receive outside help. On the other hand, some of the reactions seem very genuine especially early on in the show.

    Fans of post-apocalyptic themed TV-series and movies will be entertained. People seeking genuine reality TV will not. As one person on IMDB put it, the people on it are 60% actors and 40% real people, I'd say that's about right.

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