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  • Series Premiere Date: Jan 26, 1994
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3
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  • Starring: Nick Jameson, Nancy Cartwright, Russi Taylor
  • Summary: The Critic is a coproduction of Gracie Films and Columbia Pictures Television. The show is created by Al Jean and Mike Reiss and executive produced by James L. Brooks, Al Jean, and Mike Reiss. The Critic is a show about the life of a down-on-his-luck film critic, named Jay Sherman, who gets no respect at home or at work. For his career, he has to review pathetic movies. His response to most of these films is "It stinks!" Other characters who round out the show are Jay's adopted parents, Eleanor and the slightly peculair Franklin, Jay's sister, Margo, his make-up lady, Doris, Vlada who owns the restaurant Jay attends, his overbearing boss, Duke Phillips, his son, Marty, and his ex-wife, Ardith, who is constantly trying to get over their marriage. The second season introduced two new characters, Jay's fiancée Alice Tompkins and her daughter, Penny. Colorful and funny antics abound. The series debuted on ABC, and had a second season on Fox. Expand
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Animation, Action & Adventure
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
  1. Reviewed by: Marvin Kitman
    Jul 12, 2013
    A smart, sophisticated and often hysterically funny adult cartoon. [17 Mar 1994]
  2. Reviewed by: David Hiltbrand
    Jun 26, 2013
    At its best, it's still several strides behind the savage, protean wit of The Simpsons, and the humor sputters when the focus is personal—detailing Sherman's dating woes or his relationship with his son.
  3. Reviewed by: Ken Tucker
    Jun 11, 2013
    The primary problem is that the show can't decide who deserves contempt more-the movies or the people who make their living reviewing them. Speaking from experience, I'd say that, for as much of a weasel as they've made Sherman out to be, he'd have been more amusing if he were even weasellier.