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  1. Dec 17, 2010
    I have been a frequent viewer since the Kilborn years. I liked Stewart for the most part. The show lost its surreal Kilborn humor. The show has slowly transformed into something that should be renamed The Stewart Show. Stewart has become such a dominating presence on the show. There are fewer segments where a supporting "news reporter" has his own little segment. More and more frequently, Stewart has to be part of each of the supporting casts segments, playing the straight man. Stewart is now in almost every minute of the show. Stewart can be very funny, but he also has some very funny comedians that don't have very much exposure. Larry Wilmore, John Hodgman, Jason Jones and Assiv Mandvi are very very funny. After 9/11/01, there were jarring attempts at serious interviews. And these interviews are still a common feature, maybe as much as every other broadcast. When he interviews a serious guest, Stewart does a very poor job. (Stewart does a poor job of interviewing anyone, be they serious or humorous.)The guest has very little opportunity to speak. Stewart will dominate the conversation, if its a conversation at all. Stewart will try to express what he thinks the guest thinks. Its very frustrating to listen to Stewart stumble through his paraphrasing when the guest could easily speak for themselves. Stewart is desperate to prove that he has done his research and read the book and understands the topic. But Stewart is woefully inarticulate. His frantic effort to demonstrate his grasp of the issues has the opposite effect. Women are still a very small visible minority in this show. I still watch the show, but mostly because I am waiting for the Colbert Report. Lately I find myself channel surfing more and more than sit through this nightly grind. Collapse

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