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  1. Aug 16, 2013
    Based upon the real life experiences of creator Felicia Day, The Guild is a web series that focuses on a group of MMORPG players known as The Knights of Good. To be honest if you don't know what that last sentence means this probably isn't going to be for you but any gamers out there should find plenty to enjoy.

    This first season certainly isn't without its flaws with the pacing for
    example being a little uneven at times. Thank's to its snappy dialogue and cast of unique characters however it acts as a perfect demonstration of what this type of series can offer, namely something a little bit different, that would never see the light of day amongst all the crime procedurals and reality TV on network television. Expand
  2. Feb 22, 2013
    Despite pioneering the web-series, The Guild fails to bring any real entertainment; though it has its charm. While gamers like myself can get a moderate amount of enjoyment from this series, most others will skip it and move on to watching other viral stuff on Youtube. Felicia Day is a web-icon, and a pretty cool gal, but The Guild is simply not good. The best aspects of the show are the characters. They're well written, enjoyable and goofy. However, the writing tends to be the worst aspect. Dialogue can last forever without actually progressing the story or having anything amusing to say. In fact, I'd say over half of the conversations characters have are drawn-out, awkward scenes. The acting is surprisingly good. The protagonist along with her crew of nerdy friends are believable for the most part. Even though The Guild is mediocre at best, it's still great for a web-series. I've seen much, much worse. Then again, many better Youtube channels have sprouted since The Guild's initial release. There are tons of web-series out there now, and most blow The Guild out of the water. If you're a gamer, check this series out. If you're not a gamer, stay away from this awkward, often choppy series and watch whatever's viral on Youtube. Expand

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