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  1. Jun 7, 2013
    By the time The Simpsons eleventh season was completed it became clear the writers were beginning to run short of ideas. The intelligent social commentary and satire of pop culture was gradually being replaced by episodes in which the family found themselves involved in increasingly bizarre antics.

    Episodes such as E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt) and Saddlesore Galactica certainly had their
    funny moments but lacked that special something the show previously delivered in every single episode. There are still signs of what it is capable of in Beyond Blunderdome, Behind the Laughter and Treehouse of Horrors X (possibly my favourite of all the Halloween specials) but there very few episodes that could be considered amongst the best The Simpsons has offered. Expand
  2. Nov 21, 2012
    Although quite humorous from time to time, season 11 is not a very satisfying one. It contains some pure bad episodes- Take my Wife Sleaze, Saddlescore Galactica, Missionary Impossible and Kill the Alligator and Run are atrocious in my opinion. Season 11 confirmed any suspicions the fans had about the decline of quality and bad jokes from season 10. I dont really have a favourite episodes from this season. Many of them have great potential at first - like The Mansion Family, Guess who's Coming to Criticize Dinner, Eight MIsbehaving, Little Big Mom- but end up being very dissapointing. Little Big Mom features one of my favourite Homer quotes : ''AHH! Stupid sexy Flanders!!'' Collapse

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