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  1. Dec 31, 2010
    It's horrible to see what has become of one of the greatest TV shows. It was one of the funniest ever TV shows and one of the greatest, without a doubt. But now? Its nothing more than a pale shadow of its former self. The jokes aren't funny anymore, the characters are just annoying charicatures of their former selves. Homer just overplays the idiotic father routine, Lisa the whiny annoying outcast who has to be different, Marge the annoying nagging sterotypical housewife, Bart the mischevous child and Maggie the baby who STILL DOESNT SPEAK! The episodes just rehash storylines (they had Bart almost get married twice within one season) and are barely in continuity with one another. And the worst thing? They know they've gone crap, so instead of sorting themselves out they just stunt cast. Its not funny so they try to distract the viewers with guest appearances from Glee and a Twilight copy which is worse than the actual movie. Fox was flogging a dead horse five years ago, now they're commiting necrophilia.
    R.I.P The Simpsons. I hope you get your true end soon

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