• Network: HBO
  • Series Premiere Date: Jun 2, 2002
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Universal acclaim- based on 762 Ratings

Summary: One of the most heralded and unique dramas on television, David Simon's Baltimore-set crime show turns its focus on that city's public school system (and education in general) for its 13-episode fourth season.

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Network: HBO
Genre(s): Drama
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cast Credit
J.D. Williams Preston "Bodie" Broadus
Reg E. Cathey Norman Wilson
Lance Reddick Cedric Daniels
Seth Gilliam Sgt. Ellis Carver
John Doman Dep. Comm. William A. Rawls
Glynn Turman Clarence Royce
Wendell Pierce Det. William "Bunk" Moreland
Aidan Gillen Councilman Thomas "Tommy" Carcetti
Amy Ryan Beatrice Russell (Episodes 14-25, Recurring Otherwise)
Robert Wisdom Howard "Bunny" Colvin
Deirdre Lovejoy Asst States Attorney Rhonda Pearlman
Andre Royo Bubbles
Domenick Lombardozzi Sgt, Thomas R. "Herc" Hauk
Corey Parker Robinson Leander Sydnor (Episodes 26-, Recurring Previously)
Clarke Peters Det. Lester Freamon
Frankie Faison Ervin Burrell
Dominic West Off. James "Jimmy" McNulty
Jim True-Frost Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski
Sonja Sohn Det. Shakima "Kima" Greggs
Michael Kenneth Williams Omar Little (Episodes 26-, Recurring Previously)
Tristan Wilds Michael
Chad L. Coleman Dennis "Cutty" Wise
Jamie Hector Marlo Stanfield
Melvin Williams Deacon