• Network: HBO
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 7, 2008
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 158 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 27 out of 158

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  1. Jun 13, 2012
    There are still too many characters to care about. This is what season 4 suffered from. I think they need to slow down a little bit and cut the number of storylines because the show has become too fast paced.
  2. Jun 13, 2012
    An utterly unwatchable episode, filled with cheesy dialogue, recycled plot twists, and tired characters that no amount of gratuitous nudity on the part of the comely cast can overcome.
  3. Jun 11, 2012
    Great first episode, opening new story lines and solving past ones, this could be one the best seasons yet love the new characters and I cant wait for the rest of the season
  4. Jun 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Probably a better season opener than S4, but still too many characters and background characters have too much screen time. The show continues to be plagued by plot and characterization inconsistencies. Dialogue, in particular, was cringe worthy. I expect more from HBO. Expand
  5. Jun 23, 2012
    This Show is based off a really good series of books. Season one was fantastic in sticking to the storyline. Now 4 seasons later in season 5 i use the therm "based" loosely. The Series has strayed from the original storyline and flew off in it's own direction. I'm NOT happy about it and don't wish to continue watching something that has gone so far from the original story. If you have seen the show but not read the books, don't read past book one. Expand
  6. Jul 30, 2012
    As the Vampire fad grows bigger, of course HBO would capitalize on it and make some money. But like all Vampire shows these days that are always centered around sex, albeit a lot more graphic. True Blood is yet just another generic show obviously brought on by the likes of Twilight. It seems the glory days of Vampire scenario storytelling is over, as mislead teenagers watch more and more of this garbage and don't know any better. Expand
  7. Aug 18, 2012
    I had such high hopes for this series. The books were good, although a little "light" on storyline.
    The first season of Trueblood was pretty good. I could even handle when they made Tara black and working in the bar, Lafayette didn't get killed, and other deviations from the story line---to some extent.
    Then things got a little over the top with the sick goriness of the Maynaad. Then a
    little more with last seasons witch, really what the heck was that. Now this season----this is disgusting. The writers seem to have no imagination with this Lilith and only want to shock with blood and disgusting behavior.
    This series is sinking FAST.

    If you want to save it, return somewhat to the story line. We want the STORY !!!!!
    Throw a little romance back in. Possibly bring in the were tiger. Bring back some of Sookie's family relational issues. Focus on the things that made the books so popular.

    This is disgusting. I can't believe the author ""sold out" like this.
  8. Jun 25, 2012
    i watched most of seasons 1-3, then gave up because the show became unwatchable. i recently tuned in for the first 30 minutes of season 5 episode 1 and its just brutal. the writing is non-existent. the cast is HUGE and keeping them interesting through side-plots that eventually converge is impossible, especially for these talentless writers. nothing but naked dudes and the occasional naked babe clearly geared toward the female demographic. ultra-left HBO tries to stay racy and "edgy" by ridiculing the christian right, and making almost every character gay or bi, or sticking dubya's severed head on a stake. again, no story, no plot, just a crappy soap opera. HBO is really heading downhill w/ shows like this.

    look to breaking bad, justified, or person of interest for clever writing and quality acting.
  9. Sep 4, 2012
    Horrible unwatchable garbage. I have been a fan since the first season and it felt like I was watching a totally different show. Poor writing, poor direction. Jumbled story lines. Just flat out bad.
  10. Jul 26, 2012
    Really liked season 1, loved season 2, thought season 3 was okay. Got rid of HBO so I missed season 4. Picking back up in season 5 with the aid of my girlfriend's recap, it seems that I wasn't missing anything. Way too many storylines going on with virtually none of them being compelling. Previous seasons stuck to a handful of plot points and fleshed them out nicely (done especially well with the Maryann arc). Now there are just plain too many supernatural orders and none of the mystery and nuance that made the first two seasons great. Expand
  11. Jul 27, 2012
    Season 5 still has a decent main story line, but everything else is unenjoyable. I find myself playing with my iPAD during every scene not involving Bill, Eric, and Russell. The acting seems to have gotten worse this season and they have tried to make up for it with unnecessary nudity. This show won't last much longer if something doesn't change.
  12. Jun 12, 2012
    best supernatural tv show ive ever seen...!
    so far 3 epi have been aired.... and it feels like ive seen soo much every thing is in perfect order the fight ,the kidnapping, the arrows, the creature, the suspense...
    everything is brilliant...!
  13. Aug 27, 2012
    Season 5 is far better than season 4 and is one of my favourite seasons yet. Though their were too much story lines to follow, this season was jaw-dropping, action packed and contained some of the best episodes in the series! I can't wait for Season 6
  14. Jul 10, 2012
    True blood was funny and entertaining , but now all of this things are gone . It's boring and way too serious . Moreover the acting never be so bad .Oh yeah i almost forget it ,am i the only one who wants to see sookie die in a horrible way ? :)
  15. Jul 15, 2012
    The fifth season of True Blood is a mixed bag. While new character Roman is a clearly bad dude, the story focuses more on previous series villain Russel. Without the format the series is known for (seasonal villains and all), it's hard to really compare this season with the rest. Lafayette's brujo magic and the Vampire Authority are probably the weakest stories the series has seen yet, though. It seems like this season's quality lies with Sam and Luna's story, where shifters are hunted down by Obama mask clad rednecks. The only way Blood can bring back quality is by letting a couple of the supporting characters finally die. Too much time is wasted by letting characters stand around. I still have hope in the future of this show. Collapse
  16. Sep 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The writers created too much chaos and too little for the audience to latch onto and care about. I don Expand
  17. Aug 19, 2012
    Too much wacky religion stuff this year. We want more character interaction like previous seasons. Looks like a stretch for air time this year. Too much Lilith.
  18. Aug 27, 2012
    This season of Trueblood SUCKED (and not in the good way). Emptiness, that's what I feel right now after watching the season finale. They could have fit those story arcs in maybe half the season but dragged it waaaayyyy out. If the Bill ending of this season would have been in the middle of the season, and carried on from there, THEN it would have been a good season. Utterly disappointed.
  19. Aug 28, 2012
    After watching this whole season disappointedly, I kind of regret spending my time on it. I enjoy the books and this storyline is getting way away from the books. There are too many irrelevant characters creating too many different stories that don't make much sense at all. Religion and politics? No thanks, lets enjoy the guilty pleasure for what it is - a vampire romance. Haha.
  20. Sep 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So, in my honest opinion, this season sucked so much! I've seen every single episode of the series and compared to the other seasons, it was just crapola. I found this to be a season of nonstop religion and quite honestly, we get enough of that crammed down our throats through the media and religious bigots coming to our door everyday. Lilith needs to go. Yesterday. When Lilith goes and Bill returns to normal, then I will be happy. It was a bad idea to bring religion into this show... the ratings will show that. Expand
  21. Dec 20, 2013
    Season five barely works. The story is too far-fetched and even the musical score, that is overplayed throughout, makes the entire thing seem laughable. The only reason this fifth season is able to pass the test is that it's such a guilty pleasure to watch. Everything is flawed here, but it's worth it only because we want to see what happens to the characters we know and love. I'll admit that the final minute or two of the season finale is worth sticking around for as well. Expand
  22. Jun 10, 2012
    A very enjoyable first episode, a lot of story arcs were set up for this season and I can't wait to see them fleshed out. Some story arcs were a bit weaker (Steve Newlin, what the hell?) than others, but I'm sure they will be explained and unfold nicely.
  23. Aug 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am so tired of all those story lines that is never connected in anyway and that dam lock-down is driving my nuts. I love the books and the fact that the characters stays in the same storyline and that it actually follows true to a great ending but this series it has become one of the most annoying one I have ever seen. HBO easily create beautiful thing but this is just pitiful Expand
  24. Aug 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am also a fan of an original book. Although it knew that it is the talk that TV series differs from an original book, the talk flies here and there too much, and this episode cannot be understood. I would like to see two persons' talk, Sukie and Eric, more. Expand
  25. Aug 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love this show. The characters remain relatable (despite their supernatural nature) and the main storylines are still very exciting. I would, however, get rid of half of the plots (eg. The whole Iraq story was silly, completely devoid - I couldn't care less about Terry's future). It was poorly developed and solved. So Terry killed a guy that we only knew for 4 eps - so what?

    I'm glad Tara is fun now and not a pain-in-the-ass victim.

    Regarding Bill, at first I was a little skeptical about his religious fanatism. The whole authority thing was weird. It was a bit unexpected, but it turned out to be surprisingly good. I love that the show isn't that predictable.

    All in all, this year's round of eps was close to perfect.
  26. Sep 8, 2012
    True Blood has gotten better and better with each season. While Season 4 was not my favorite, I think Season 5 was great. Not only focused on the vampire aspect but also new plots. This show is not your typical "vampire" show. I am not interested in any of the others, like Twilight, but have loved True Blood from the very start. Season 5 did get a little confusing at times but overall was the best so far. Another HBO hit! Expand
  27. Sep 10, 2012
    If they killed off some main characters, this show really needs to that not only because some of those storylines that i dont care about, but we need to know if the producers are brave enuff to do that. Loved if they had killed off bill at the end of this season. Overall, the storyline was slow, the finale was good but i expected more for a true blood season finale. will watch season 6 but if they dont right it on a good path quickly, i will not watch it. Expand
  28. Oct 10, 2013
    Mediocre and messy. Season five was such a let down for two thirds of the season. It felt like it deviated from the actual story it was trying to tell. Too many characters and too many plot lines. I ALMOST gave up on True Blood but having been a fan of it since 2008 I couldn't. It definitely improves in the last three episodes!
  29. Oct 19, 2013
    this whole season was as bad as the fourth season was, but this season had a good ending that I did not give up yet of true blood despite being bad and annoyng.
  30. Aug 19, 2014
    Season five works. The story is too far-fetched and even the musical score, that is overplayed throughout, makes the entire thing seem laughable, but this fifth season is able to pass the test in that it's such a guilty pleasure to watch. Everything is flawed here, but it's worth it because we want to see what happens to the characters we know and love, which isn't necessarily a bad thing when you're talking about a show like True Blood. The final minute or two of the season finale is worth sticking around for as well. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 14
  2. Negative: 1 out of 14
  1. Reviewed by: Ken Tucker
    Jun 14, 2012
    What starts out lean and mean can grow flabby and sentimental, and flaws can turn into handsome plot twists. Which is one reason to just bite down hard and go with the show.
  2. Reviewed by: Phillip Maciak
    Jun 11, 2012
    True Blood has never been a show with a conscience, so it's awkward watching it try to get one in a hurry.
  3. Reviewed by: Dan Fienberg
    Jun 11, 2012
    The first four episodes of Season 5 find True Blood at its most directionless and meandering.