Season #: 1, 2, 3, 5
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Summary: True gets the chance of a lifetime when her idol hires her as Vice President of the company's youth apparel line. Can True make it in this new, scary world? Theme Song: From my head to my toes, it's all real, and you know. Fresh and cool, it's just what I do. T-R-U-E J-A-C-K-S-O-N, V-P Workin' at a grown-up job, never really knew I could work this hard. Used to sit at home and watch tv, now I'm in an office as a new V.P. I'm always setting trends, with my two best friends. When things get out of hand, we have a plan. We're just messin' around, and we're makin' new ground, for the whole wide world to see. If you see us in town, you know what's goin' down. 'Cuz I'm the new V.P.
Network: Nickelodeon
Genre(s): Comedy, Health & Lifestyle, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 5
Cast Credit
Robbie Amell Jimmy Madigan
Keke Palmer True Jackson
Danielle Bisutti Amanda Cantwell
Ashley Argota Lulu Johnson
Matt Shively Ryan Laserbeam
Danielle Biscutti Amanda Cantwell