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  • Summary: Many people wonder if we are alone in the universe. A group of experts in UFO Hunters is determined to find evidence of extraterrestrial life. Each week the experts travel to different sites where there is rumored to have been a UFO incident and try to separate fact from fantasy.
  • Genre(s): Science Fiction, Documentary, Science
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  1. Mar 29, 2013
    Better then Billy Meier, David Icke or other obvious fake liar crap, but still far away from not being a perfect investigative series about this phenomenon. I believe in E.T. life forms, because the size of our universe, the number of suns and planets within the habitable zone of those suns. Most scientist would say that chances are high we are not alone. Have they ever visited us? I am not sure. The problem is there are too many liars, attention seekers, lunatics forging fake videos, documents, photographies etc. I only take about 2 or 3 videos seriously, these are mostly the NASA tapes. Anyways this show is just biased. One of the investigators is a "true" UFO believer who present his wild idead as fact more and more often during the show's progress. STAY OBJECTIVE is a key to investigate, well basically anything. I can not take this show 100% seriously, but there are some interesting and well investigated cases! Expand
  2. Jan 9, 2011
    Expect no evidence, facts, or scientific inquiry in this show. History channel now longer has any quality standards.

    They allow any
    tinfoil-hat wearing lunatics to host shows like this where unqualified morons (Oops, I mean "experts" with no degrees in anything and no knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, or any factual fields) say "I think aliens are real!"

    It's sad that the history channel has degraded to an amount where instead of featuring factual historical events it features nut-cases and paranormal tabloid-level programs.