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  • Starring: Adam Hart-Davis, Hermione Cockburn, Jamie Darling
  • Summary: Welcome to the What the Ancients Did For Us guide at TV.com.
    Adam Hart-Davis, one of the nation's favourite television presenters, returns to our screens this autumn, with a major new 9-part series, What The Past Did For Us.As anchorman for the show, Adam leads us through the history of
    inventions, while rebuilding and testing some of his favourites in the studio.Published to accompany the series, this book is an entertainingly written history of ancient cultures that captures Adam's own enthusiasm for the subject.From the Egyptians to the Romans, the Babylonians to the Arabs, we embark upon an epic history of the world, looking at some of the great legacies left to us by ancient cultures.From the Chinese inventors who came up with the mariner's compass, paper money and gunpowder, to the Ancient Indians who, according to Einstein 'taught us how to count' as well as giving us the 12-month calendar year and 7-day week, Adam uncovers the most influential developments of each of the great civilisations of the past.Adam Hart-Davis is known for his popular series What the Victorians Did For Us and Local Heroes. He is a prolific author, whose books include The World's Stupidest Inventions; What the Tudors and Stuarts Did For Us; Henry Winstanley and the Eddystone Lighthouse, and has been used recently by Inland Revenue in their latest ad campaign.Adam writes a regular column on inventions and science for the Radio Times and is a team leader on Radio 4's science quiz show Inspiration! Expand
  • Genre(s): Movie/Mini-Series, News/Documentary, Documentary
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